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Fulfillment Techniques — Rules and Recommendations

Fulfillment of desires: theory and effective techniques

Fulfillment of desires can be easy and simple, if you know how to act correctly. We will share the most effective techniques from books and from famous trainers.

Ways to fulfill wishes

There are many ways that bring the fulfillment of your desires. All of them are based on the power of the human subconscious and the training of positive thinking.

Fulfillment Techniques - Rules and Recommendations

The most popular and effective ones are:

  1. Affirmations are positive affirmations that need to be repeated daily. Option psychological psychological training. It sets you on a wave of positive emotions and thoughts, with the result that your subconscious mind finds all sorts of ways to fulfill your desires.
  2. Visualization with a wish card. You draw or search for suitable images, paste them on the paper paper and sign with positive affirmations. During the year, all the wishes come true. Details on how to create and activate a wish card, we wrote in this article.
  3. Meditation and energy practices. There are many of them — below we will tell about one of the most effective techniques for instant fulfillment of desires.

Regardless of the method that you will use, practice daily. Develop the habit of thinking positively, and then dreams will be fulfilled as if by a wave of a magic wand.

Water glass technology

This method is presented in two variations. Technique of a glass of water offered to practice Jose Silva and Vadim Zeeland.

Fulfillment Techniques - Rules and Recommendations

How to fulfill desires according to the author’s method of “Transurfing Reality”

  1. Pour clean water into a glass. It is necessary to use distilled or spring water, the plumbing will not work.
  2. Write a wish on a piece of paper as if it had already been fulfilled. For example: «I got the position of manager in company N».
  3. Put the glass on a piece of paper. Sit and join the palms with each other, but so that they do not touch. Close your eyes.
  4. Imagine and feel between your hands a tight clot of energy, for example, in the form of a ball of fire. Visualize how it spins up and becomes more powerful.
  5. Speak out your desire aloud, and then “pour out” the fiery energy from the ball to the glass. After that, drink water and go to sleep.

Jose Silva’s way:

  1. Take a glass of clean water in your hands and hold it at the level of the solar plexus with two fingers — the thumb and index finger.
  2. Mind your desire, and then, with your eyes closed, drink half the glass of water. While taking your throats, repeat: «This is all I have to do to solve my problem.»
  3. Go to sleep, and in the morning drink the remaining water.

Important: Zeland’s method is ideal for instant fulfillment of desires. Silva’s method is also suitable to get an answer to a question that concerns you. In this case, do not make a wish, but formulate what you want to know.

For example: «Where it is better to go to work: to company N or B.»

Technique of fulfillment of desires «Fireball»

This is a meditation for fulfilling desires, which works very quickly, in just two days. It is important to choose those goals that are easily accomplished in this period.

Fulfillment Techniques - Rules and Recommendations

What do we have to do:

  1. Turn on the pleasant music and lie down so that you are as comfortable as possible. Close your eyes. Attach the left hand to the heart and the right hand to the stomach.
  2. Concentrate on breathing: take a deep breath with your nose and exhale with your mouth. Take 30-50 breaths and breaths until you feel that you are completely relaxed and let go of all emotions, both negative and positive.
  3. Apply both hands to the solar plexus area. Imagine that a fireball has appeared in this place of your body.
  4. Feel it spin up and the heat from the ball spreads all over your body. Imagine how it increases.
  5. After the ball becomes very large, formulate your desire. Mentally write it on a piece of paper, and throw the bundle into the ball.
  6. Continue to breathe deeply, imagining the fireball spinning.
  7. And then release the ball, let it fly away with your desire.
  8. Feel your body and slowly return to the room, open your eyes.

Important: if you could not easily imagine how the ball flies into the sky, it means that you are not yet ready to fulfill your wish, do not believe that it can be realized easily. You need to believe that the Higher Power will send all the necessary opportunities.

You can also include a video with this technique and repeat everything that the announcer says:

Rules and Recommendations

Not a single wish fulfillment technique will work if certain rules are not followed.

  1. The more energy you have, the faster your desires are fulfilled. Therefore, it is important to be filled: externally and internally. Watch your health, do things that bring you pleasure and exclude from your social circle «toxic» people — energy vampires.
  2. Believe that the universe will necessarily send the necessary capabilities. Then your dreams will quickly and easily come true in unexpected ways.
  3. Practice your positive thinking. Get rid of negative attitudes, emotions and thoughts — they inhibit the fulfillment of desires.
  4. Turn desires into intentions — act. Do not sit still and do not expect that goods will fall from the sky. Balance is important: sincere faith, coupled with real actions — the key to success.
  5. Avoid denial when formulating desires. The universe does not notice a piece of «not.» If you ask: “I am not ill”, then the Higher Forces will hear you as “I am ill”.

And remember: for the universe there is no difference what to send to you. She always sends the person what he often thinks about, expressing in her thoughts.

Therefore, it is important to abstract from the negative and not to dwell on the problems. Imagine better the result of their decision.

Tell us what techniques of fulfillment of desires you have already tried — share feedback in the comments. Did you get the desired result?

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