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Forgiveness Sunday 2019: what date will be from whom and how to ask for forgiveness

Forgiveness Sunday 2019: what date will be from whom and how to ask for forgiveness

This holiday is small, but very bright and joyful. Even if you go to church only for Easter, do not refuse to celebrate — you will not regret!

Forgiveness Sunday purifies the soul, making human relationships brighter and kinder.

When the holiday comes, does it have a “floating” date?

This holiday is rolling, that is — yes, «floating». Every year he has a different date.

What is the reason? Happy Easter, which is also passing. 48 days before Easter, Lent should begin.

Forgiveness Sunday is the last meat-eating day before this fast.

Forgiveness Sunday 2019: what date will be from whom and how to ask for forgiveness

That is, if you know the date of the future Easter, it is easy to calculate when the Day of Forgiveness comes.

In 2019, it will come on March 10th.

It is interesting that this Sunday in the old way is called Syropust. This day is the last when believers can eat not just meat, but also cheese, eggs, butter.

And besides, Forgiveness Sunday ends Pancake Week, during which the Orthodox rush to overeat before a strict fast.

Who and how to apologize, how to respond?

First you need to understand: what is it generally done for? All Christians know: fasting is not only the rejection of meat.

It is also a special way of thinking and living, excluding sins, including resentment. Preparing for Lent, you need to drop all unimportant, dangerous, pulling «down.»

Therefore, the faithful are trying to get rid of old and new offenses, reconciling with family and friends.

  • Now apologize to asking everyone. However, you need to start with relatives and friends. If you know what could offend a person, do not speak common phrases — call your offense and ask for forgiveness for him.
  • It is customary to do this in order of seniority: the father is the first to apologize to the children, the teacher to the students, the boss to the subordinates.
  • Do not forget about the departed. Often, many of us think badly, or even talk about people who have already departed to another world. Repent before them, mentally, before a photograph, or even at the grave. By the way, for the sake of the last, many of our ancestors on Forgiveness Sunday whole families visited the cemetery.

Why most often answer «God forgive»? There are many explanations for such an answer.

Often it all depends on the specific situation that has developed between these two people.

  • A person believes that the one who asks before him has not done anything wrong, but realizing that his repentance is in some way repentance for the purification of the soul, sincerely wishes him that the soul should be cleansed and the Lord forgive all sins.
  • A person for something deeply offended by the begging person and now he is unable to really forgive him. However, seeing that he repents, he hopes that the Lord will forgive his sin — and there too he will be able to do it.

Important! Do not answer all day with these very words! Do not forget about the commandment not to pronounce the name of God in vain!

Therefore, if on this day you are often asked to forgive, you can simply say «I forgive you and do not hold onto you any harm.»

The history of the appearance of Forgiveness Sunday

In the time of the early Christians, monks, going to the desert, so as not to face temptations in Lent, understood that not everyone was destined to go back. Therefore, before leaving the monastery, they said goodbye to everyone, just in case asking for forgiveness for all the insults inflicted on the brothers.

A little later, the church extended this tradition to the whole nation.

Interestingly, in the days of Tsarist Russia, even the king asked for forgiveness from the whole nation. For this, he visited monasteries and barracks, where he publicly apologized.

As for ordinary people, they went to church and first apologized to the Lord, standing in front of icons. And since the whole village or town gathered in the temple of the Lord, after the service, Christians had the opportunity to apologize to all their relatives and acquaintances.

Holiday Traditions

Forgiveness Sunday 2019: what date will be from whom and how to ask for forgiveness

Syropust was the last day of Maslenitsa. And on the Maslenitsa week everything was resolved:

  • national fun, songs and dances,
  • mock fist fights,
  • creating a stuffed winter (and its subsequent burning),
  • jumping over the fire.

In the evening many families went to the bathhouse in order to wash off all their sins before fasting.

About how our ancestors celebrated Shrovetide, you can learn at least from this fragment of the film «The Barber of Siberia»:

These days it is customary to send postcards.

Forgiveness Sunday 2019: what date will be from whom and how to ask for forgiveness

However, there are also many popular folk jokes related to Forgiveness Sunday. For example:

Forgiveness Sunday 2019: what date will be from whom and how to ask for forgiveness

What not to do on this day

  • Deny close to forgiveness. Even if the offense caused to you is very fresh, and you cannot sincerely forgive, say “God will forgive”, and in the future try not to keep evil on the offender.
  • You can not get angry, argue, fight seriously.
  • Better give up hard physical labor. Many Orthodox mistresses do not clean, do not wash on this day. But this prohibition does not apply to cooking.

Folk beliefs

  • If after dinner you do not remove food from the table, throwing a clean cotton towel on the plates, wealth and luck will come to the house.
  • To bring happiness to the house, the family needs to sit at the table exactly 7 times on this day.
  • If pancakes baked on this day, the family eats without a trace, it will help strengthen family ties.
  • Pancakes can be carried to the cemetery. So your relatives who are on the other side of the death line will also receive a treat.

Often people send cards and SMS to each other in the morning, congratulating their relatives and friends on this holiday. We offer a beautiful version of congratulations — a song about reconciliation:

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