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Fishing plot and large catch

Of course, none of the fishermen do not admit this, but very often the success of fishing depends on the magic spells used. After all, it is no secret that each fisherman makes thorough preparations when going fishing.

And since the fishermen are superstitious, most of them use magical rites to attract success during fishing.

Fishing plot and large catch

And today there are many signs associated with fishing. For example, you can not wish the fisherman good luck or count the caught fish.

At the same time, many fishermen will certainly pronounce special plots before fishing.

Virtually all fishermen are superstitious, so before you go fishing, they always speak gear. This should be done immediately before leaving the house.

The plot for a successful fishing sounds like this:

This fishing plot is repeated three times, after which you can leave the house.

In addition to such a conspiracy, before fishing, you can use other spells that should be pronounced on the shore of the reservoir.

Long since, our ancestors-fishermen attached great importance to the first fish caught. To some extent, they endowed the first catch with magical properties, so the first fish were always released into the pond.

Today the next ritual is very popular.

Catching the first fish, you should read this conspiracy on the fish:

After these words, the fish must be released back into the natural pond. This is a very strong rite, and if you truly believe in magic, you will most likely return home with a good catch.

Fishing plot and large catch

If you go fishing regularly, then once a month during the full moon you can conduct a very effective ritual to attract good luck. It is advisable to perform such a purposeful magical act on an even day.

You need to be in such a place that you were illuminated by moonlight, and say these words:

Magic words are repeated five times. After such a ceremony, the next fishing will be successful.

There are very strong conspiracies that spell certain types of bait. So, having put the worm on the hook, you should pronounce the plot each time.

His words are:

If you catch on breadcrumbs, then you need to pronounce other magic words:

There is also a universal conspiracy for any kind of bait. It sounds like this:

Fishing plot and large catch

In addition to special ceremonies, there are simple slander — the prayer of the fisherman, which are used in the process of fishing. If they are regularly pronounced while performing certain actions, then fishing will be a pleasure.

Each time you change the bait you need to say:

After such a conspiracy, as a rule, biting begins very quickly. Also, to enhance the bite, it is recommended to throw in the water:

  • A couple of charcoal;
  • Two coins of any value;
  • A piece of dried bread.

Throwing the bait need to say:

After the fishing rod is abandoned, it is not possible to blink until the float is installed on the water. This is due to the belief that you can miss the luck.

In addition, you need to pay attention to signs when going fishing. If while you are going fishing, the dogs barking and the cries of birds accompany you, that is, all living things are very active, then fishing will be successful.

In spite of the fact that preparation for fishing is a very important matter, it is impossible to get together for a long time, since you will fail. And the most important thing is to fish in a good mood.

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