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Find out why women love rumors and gossip.

Scientists have figured out why women love rumors and gossip so much

It may sound a bit strange, but all the girls will agree with me that gossip is an integral part of our life. And it’s completely unimportant about whom (or what) we are gossiping — about the new boyfriend of his athletic build girlfriend, noisy neighbors, always doing repairs or about his boss, who again today organized an exhausting, but completely meaningless meeting …

Why women love rumors and gossip so much? I am sure that many men are ready to sell their souls to the Devil, just to get an answer to the question posed.

Let’s try to do this in this article.

Find out why women love rumors and gossip.

What is gossip

According to Ushakov’s explanatory dictionary, gossip is unfriendly or defamatory rumor about someone, which is distributed on the basis of inaccurate, incorrect information.

And the process of transferring gossip, as well as faith to them, is considered a very shameful occupation.

But what really motivates people to gossip? Let’s find out further.

How do gossip and rumors arise?

Whether you like this information or not, the fact remains that all women just love to gossip. Nor does their age, social stratum, or country of residence play a big role.

This happens around the globe and has happened since ancient times.

And then, when our men, as a rule, spend 24 hours of day on fairly productive activities, we can easily get carried away with the conversation and lose a lot of time on it. Why is that?

Psychologists say that the stronger sex is puzzled by more global life problems than the fair sex. Men bear on their shoulders the burden of anxiety for the whole world: they are actively interested in politics, worried about the fate of people killed in Syria or children who have become orphans in Afghanistan …

Our women’s head is filled with much more prosaic tasks: the health of babies, from which you can quickly cook a delicious dinner, how to find a common language with the mother-in-law and so on. We do not strive for the salvation of the world, which means that we always have a minute or two to chat about something.

Gossip due to evolution?

It is safe to say that the process of transferring rumors and gossip is an evolutionary model of behavior. The initial goal of gossip was to transfer the necessary information that helped primitive people survive.

It was thanks to the exchange of news that a basis was created for coordinating efforts and improving the goals of the team. Speaking more directly, rumors and gossip are an integral part of civilization.

Gossip begins to emerge with the appearance of large tribes. After all, the more people of the tribe — the greater the chance to engage in conversation with someone.

Gossip acquired the function of a kind of filter, the use of which gave information about a particular person or incident, but without boring and banal details.

With the help of such an effective method of transmitting information in a large team, time and effort were significantly saved. What do you think, who was the most involved in this information transfer process?

Of course, those who are less than others were not in their own cave.

The men, who had great physical strength, had their own tasks — hunting for a mammoth or a saber-toothed tiger, which takes a lot of time and effort. They simply had no energy for empty talk.

But primitive ladies, spending time in grooming their offspring and keeping the fire in the hearth, found real entertainment in conversations with their fellow tribeswomen.

The situation from that time to the present day has not changed too much — men are still doing serious work, and girls are always ready to gossip with great pleasure. But for what purpose do they do it?

Why do we need gossip today?

Of course, nowadays there is no need to disseminate information in order to survive. Then why are so many women still so fond of a mix of rumors and gossip?

Even the most honest, decent and serious girls from time to time do not miss the opportunity to cross someone’s bones.

Find out why women love rumors and gossip.

Psychologists are interested in this issue and decided to find out for what reasons girls and women do not deny themselves the pleasure to discuss other people. Their results will be interesting to you:

  • With the help of gossip, women get oneness with others. Remember yourself — when you tell someone your secret secret, you automatically demonstrate your personal trust to that person. So, when you gossip, you make a contact based on trust.
  • Spreading gossip and rumors helps make friends! The principle of trust is also traced here, since it is precisely this that disposes of establishing closer contact than ordinary acquaintance. For those who are already on friendly terms, gossip and rumors help keep the conversation going when interesting topics end and an awkward pause occurs.
  • In addition, people wash each other bones to reduce stress levels. Chatter often relaxes like a glass of good wine. This is analogous to men’s passion for video games.

The human brain is designed in such a way that when it receives not very positive information about others — we feel a sense of moral calmness, comparing our lives with the lives of others. Of course, this does not mean that people rejoice in another’s misfortune — not at all, we just feel happy if we see that everything in our life moves according to the correct scenario in comparison with the situation of other people.

  • Gossip act as a kind of «forbidden fruit.» All of us are well aware that gossip does not carry anything absolutely good, especially if we say something bad about someone. But even so, we occasionally give ourselves the slack and succumb to this forbidden pleasure. This is similar to dieting when you suddenly decide to devour a slice of delicious cake. Of course, later you will feel a little guilt, but this feeling will be pleasant to tickle your nerves.
  • But gossips also have positive aspects — in this way they contribute to the “handling” of various events, which allows people to gain new experience. All girls (and sometimes not only girls) feel the need to tell the other person something important for themselves. And the purpose of this is to analyze and get an assessment of what happened from the mouth of another person.
  • Also, with the help of gossip, women analyze their relationships with others. And then, as to the representatives of the stronger sex, in principle, all the same, what attitude other people show towards them, the ladies are very puzzled by this issue. And using gossip, they get maximum information about the attitude of people to each other.
  • Another motive for gossip is the outpouring of one’s feelings and experiences. The situation is very relevant when girls start to gossip, being in an emotionally unstable psychological state. That is, when their mind is agitated by something. It’s no secret that all of us, girls, are very emotional beings and it is simply vital for us to exchange emotions.
  • Thanks to gossip, we tell each other our secrets. The following information may not inspire confidence in men, but girls are capable of sincere friendships, although on one condition — complete maximum trust in each other. And then they are ready to tell one another even the most “terrible” secrets. But representatives of the stronger sex are unlikely to be able to fully trust their friends. And absolutely nothing, because they remain without a great source of information.

Scientists have learned why women love to gossip!

Both young and older women gossip about potential competitors in the process of competing for the attention of men. Such a conclusion was made by American psychologists after conducting the relevant research.

His results can be found in the journal «Journal of Experimental Social Psychology.»

According to earlier studies in which one hundred and thirty-seven different cultures of the world were examined, it was found that rivalry between women for romantic relationships with men takes place in ninety-one percent of cases.

The main author of this study is Tanya Reynolds Expresses his position on this matter:

“It has been the case since ancient times that a female partner influences how prosperous a family is. Nowadays, this is not so significant, because women have the opportunity to receive education and work.

But when one of the sources of family income is lost, there is a reduction in the amount of resources needed to raise offspring.

And the divorce process is a very stressful event. Therefore, retaining a partner is still very important for the life of the homemaker and her family.

Plus, it does not lose its importance and the reputation of girls and women, because it depends on her, whether she can create a happy relationship, make friends or succeed in her career.

According to the study, it was found that the breeding of gossip greatly influences how a woman is perceived in society. We, as a rule, are inclined to emphasize negative information about a particular person, because she will tell more about the nature of the individual than a lot of positive facts heard about him. ”

Reynolds conducted 5 studies, the results of which revealed that young females as well as women of more mature age, have tendencies to sever gossip about their «tribeswomen».

Moreover, it is noteworthy that the information corrupting the reputation will be distributed much stronger if the person in question is attractive in appearance, dress defiantly, or flirting with their partner.

Find out why women love rumors and gossip.

The first study consisted of one hundred and eleven participants — forty-eight men and sixty-three women in the age category from 19 to 65 years. They were all shown a photo of an attractive-looking lady called Francesca.

And offered to visualize, as if it appears in their environment. The task of the subjects was to give a score on a 7-point scale, concerning Francesca’s moral image, his intentions to make friends with her, have sex, go on a date or call her (women could only evaluate the first two points).

And then they had to reassess their intentions, but on the basis of ten “facts” about the person being investigated. The facts affected the personality of Francesca and her life style.

In the first category of statements, Francesca was described as a very frivolous person inclined to engage in promiscuous sexual activity, cheating on her boyfriend, having excess weight and suggesting that she is pregnant.

And the rest of the facts talked about the fact that she is engaged in charity, knows 4 languages, loves to travel and has a good vocal voice.

  • For scientists, it did not come as a surprise that those types of statements that characterized Francesca negatively began to repel men from her, similarly, thoughts about pregnancy.
  • However, the presence of excess weight had no effect on the interest in her of the stronger sex, and unexpectedly added more sympathy from the weak half to her. The probability of pregnancy also helped the subject to obtain the location of women.
  • It is noteworthy that the desire to make friends with Francesca, who travels the world, was rated at 5.58 points by men (the highest figure of all ten facts). But the desire to have sex with her was awarded only 3.85 points.
  • The desire to call her in marriage, if she might be pregnant, was rated by men at 2.17 points. But if she was not pregnant at the same time, and suffered from sexually transmitted diseases or in her past was treason — the men put no more than 1.5 points.
  • The presence of an active intimate life did not have a very bad effect on the desire of men to make friendship with Francesca — on this point they scored almost four points.
  • The likelihood of marriage really helped a high test of intelligence — four points. He was also the leader in terms of the desire to have a relationship with Franca.
  • The men most wanted to have sex with the version of the study, which had four languages.
  • As for the weaker half, Francesca was given the highest points if she was a traveler, engaged in charity and had a high intellect. Accordingly, promiscuous sex life, the presence of venereal pathologies and changes in the past added to her greatest hostility from women.

Find out why women love rumors and gossip.

Scientists thought that in the case when there is a competition between women for a relationship with a specific representative of the stronger sex, it should increase if the relationship is already present, but suddenly a rival appears on the horizon.

And they decided to conduct another study with the participation of two hundred and fourteen women. They were shown a photo of a girl from the first experiment (but now she was already named Veronica) and asked 50% of the subjects to assume that she flirts with their partners.

After that, participants were introduced to the list of facts from the first part of the study and asked for an assessment on the same scale to determine whether they would agree spread about Veronica various statements.

Of course, those ladies whose unions risked suffering because of flirting on the side due to the fault of Veronica, showed willingness to spread defamatory information about her with silencing her even obvious positive sides.

Then scientists absolutely by chance offered the same two hundred and seven participants photos of two female persons, the first of whom previously received a higher mark in appearance from men than the second. Participants were suggested to assume that the girl from the photo suddenly finds herself in their surroundings and they had to give an assessment of how ready they were to gossip about her, knowing the information from previous studies.

Ladies are much more zealous gossiped about a more attractive competitor with hushing up her positive characteristics. How strongly women wanted to harm the beauty’s reputation was also influenced by their exposure to the rivalry under investigation.

The same results were achieved by the researchers and having carried out the following stages of the experiment, in which they gave an assessment of the tendency of the ladies to harm the reputation of their tribeswoman, based on how attractive she is in appearance or how frank the outfit she is wearing. The better the girl in the photo looked or the more sexy clothes she was wearing, the more rapidly the risk of suffering gossip increased.

The final stage of the experiment involved one hundred and four students in the age group of eighteen to thirty-nine. All of them had to come to the laboratory, where they found themselves in the company of two dummy participants, the first always had a conservative outfit, and the second was dressed quite frankly.

The participants were convinced that the purpose of the study was to understand the work of people in groups.

In the course of the experiment, a male researcher invited three girls to his place and gave them logic tasks. Then the first dummy participant had to go to another room, the researcher also left, and Francesca (or Veronica) worked in secret, telling her colleague that she had had a little drink last night and had sex with two men.

Soon after this, the researcher had to return and say that Francesca had completed the task. Then the first participant should perform tasks with the second dummy participant. The latter as if casually asked how the work with the previous girl went.

At the end, the researcher asked the participant questions about her impressions of working with the first and second partner.

And only at the very end, the subjects learned what the whole essence of the experiment was. According to its results, it turned out that:

  • girls were more eager to gossip about a sexually dressed participant;
  • and if Francesca was dressed in a conservative outfit, the participants were not so actively told about her juicy details.

Reynolds concluded that women do not have a deliberate desire to gossip, they are most likely to resort to this at an unconscious level when a possible threat to their relationship arises.

Find out why women love rumors and gossip.

And according to earlier studies, it was found that beautiful female persons more often act as victims of gossip than attractive men.

“On the basis of the data obtained, it is realistic to assume that the initiators of the persecution are precisely the representatives of the weaker sex. In the future, they are inclined to dissolving defamatory information in the working team, ”the researcher believes.

In addition, Reynolds believes that the findings of her research will increase the level of awareness of women, which should favorably affect the relationship between them and is designed to motivate once again to think whether they want so much to retell someone another gossip.

Final conclusions on the topic

  • Gossip has a very long history and to some extent is a consequence of the evolution and development of society.
  • Representatives of the stronger sex are less prone to breaking gossip due to the fact that they are disturbed by more serious life problems.
  • Gossip allows you to establish a trust relationship between those who are judging, plus they to some extent contribute to relieving stress.
  • According to the results of research scientists, women tend to spread more gossip about more attractive tribeswoman, or if they feel a potential danger to their relationship.

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