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Find out what is the difference between Jews and Christians?

Jews and Christians: what is the difference between them

Initially, Judaism and Christianity were one and the same doctrine, but over time they were divided into two areas: that is, two religions, which largely contradict one another. Although they have common origins, now there are more differences between them than similarities. What is the difference between Jews and Christians?

Let’s find out the answer to this question in this article.

Judaism and Christianity: definitions

Judaism is the religion of the Jews, the distant descendants, who gave a vow to Abraham. The main distinguishing feature of Judaism is that it tells about the election of a nation of Jews relative to other nations.

Christianity — is a religion that does not depend on nationality. Anyone who considers himself a follower of Jesus Christ can become a Christian.

Find out what is the difference between Jews and Christians?

Difference Judaism from Christianity

How do these two religions differ from each other? Do they have something in common?

We will now talk about this in more detail.

Features of the early relationship of Jews and Christians

It should be noted that the Jews did not treat Christians very well since the time of the independent formation of the church. Jews often engaged in a provocation by the Roman authorities in order to persecute Christians.

And in later times in the New Testament we find mention of the fact that it was the Jews who were responsible for the suffering of the Savior, as well as the subsequent persecution of his disciples.

This in turn led to the negative attitude of the adherents of the new religion to the Jews. Later, due to this attitude, many anti-Semitic actions were justified in a number of countries around the world.

Since the second century of our era, there has been an increase in negativism regarding the Jews on the part of Christians.

Modern relations between Jews and Christians

Some improvement in relations between the two religions begins in the sixties of the twentieth century. At that time, there was an official change in the perception of the Jews by the Catholic Church, and most of the prayers were freed from anti-Semitic elements.

In 1965, the Vatican adopted a declaration “On the attitude of the Church to non-Christian religious teachings.” According to her, Jews are no longer accused of the death of Christ, plus any anti-Semitic activity is condemned.

Pope Paul the Sixth had to formally apologize to non-Christian nations (in particular the Jews) for the long persecutions. As for the Jews themselves, they are characterized by a rather loyal attitude towards Christians.

Although they find part of the Christian religious practices incomprehensible to themselves, but despite this they show a favorable attitude to the fact that the basic elements of Judaism are used in other religions (in particular in Christianity).

Are Jews and Christians the same god?

It is no secret that the Christian Bible consists of two parts: the Old and New Testaments. The Old Testament is the basis of Judaism, and the New Testament is the teaching of Christ and his disciples.

It turns out that both Christians and Jews have the same foundation of religion and worship the same Deity, the difference lies only in the rites of service to it.

Even the name of the Divine, Yahweh, remains the same, which in translation into Russian means «I am».

Differences in the postulates

Separately, it is necessary to dwell on the main differences in outlook.

Christians believe in having three main dogmas, namely:

  • the original sin of all mankind;
  • the second coming of Christ;
  • redemption of all sins due to the death of the Savior.

Adherents of Christianity believe that the main human problems can be solved with the help of these dogmas. As for the Jews, they do not recognize these principles.

Differing perception of sins

Another important difference between Jews and Christians lies in their different attitudes towards sin. For example, Christians believe that all people have already been born sinners (due to original sin) and can get rid of it, only living a decent life.

As for the Jews, on the contrary, they believe that all people are born innocent, and during their life they choose whether to commit sins or not.

Methods of purification from sin

From the previous difference in relation to sins follows the difference in their redemption.

Christians believe that all human sins have already been redeemed by Christ at the expense of their sacrifice. But for all the deeds committed by a person during his lifetime, he will answer to the Creator after death.

At the same time, absolution can be obtained from a priest endowed with such authority in Christianity.

In Judaism, it is believed that a person is able to receive forgiveness solely due to their good deeds and actions.

And all sins are divided into two types:

  • perpetrated against God’s will;
  • committed against other people.

A Jew receives the forgiveness of the first category, subject to sincere repentance and regret for their deeds. At the same time, he doesn’t need to go to confession to the church — it’s enough to pray to the Most High from the heart.

Find out what is the difference between Jews and Christians?

The second category of sins is crimes committed against other people. Here the Almighty cannot forgive a person.

And in order to be forgiven, you need to ask forgiveness from the one who was offended.

Perception of other world religions

Practically in all religious teachings of the world there is a single doctrine — in Heaven (or in Paradise) there can be only people who believe in the real God. For all those who neglect this rule, eternal life in Heaven becomes inaccessible.

In Christianity, this doctrine is also to some extent respected. But Judaism is characterized by a more tolerant perception of other religions.

In particular, it is believed among the Jews that any righteous person who during his life adhered to the seven main commandments given to people by Moses and received by him from the Most High can be in Paradise.

These commandments are universal, therefore it is not necessary that a person believe in the Torah.

Let’s take a look at these 7 basic commandments:

  • one must believe that the Universe was created by the one Creator;
  • can not blaspheme;
  • should stick to the laws;
  • ban on idol worship;
  • prohibition of theft;
  • prohibition of adultery;
  • ban on use from the living.

It is believed that even if a person is not Jewish by blood, but he will keep all these commandments, he will be able to end up in the Garden of Eden after death.

Also speaking generally it should be mentioned a fairly loyal perception by the Jews of monotheistic religions (for example, Islam in Christianity), however, paganism is categorically not accepted (due to polytheism and idol worship).

Different perceptions of good and evil

Another very big difference is in the attitude of Jews and Christians towards good and evil. What is this difference?

Christians place great emphasis on the concept of Satan (the Devil). It is personified by a huge, powerful force, which is the root cause of evil and all the disasters on earth.

Christians made Satan the antipode of the Creator.

It is here that the difference hid, because the main belief of the Jews is the belief in the only (!) And all-powerful Creator. The Jews are firmly convinced that no other Higher Power can exist other than the Creator. And, proceeding from this, the Jew never divides good into the will of God, and evil does not refer to the intrigues of impure forces.

In Judaism, God is a fair judge, rewarding for good offenses and able to punish bad.

Find out what is the difference between Jews and Christians?

Perception of Original Sin

You already know about the concept of original sin among Christians. Eve and Adam did not observe God’s will, for which they were expelled from the Garden of Eden.

For this reason, all newborns are already considered sinful.

Jews deny this approach and say that all babies are innocent from the start and can achieve any worldly goods. And only on the responsibility of the person himself is what kind of life — righteous or sinful, he will live.

Perception of worldly life and worldly consolations

And the last difference is in the perception of worldly life and the consolations of the Jews and Christians. What is it manifested in? Christians consider the subsequent life after death to be the main goal of life for all people.

The Jews, of course, also believe in the existence of the afterlife, but their main task in life is to improve their real life.

These concepts can be well observed in the perception by both religions of the worldly desires and desires of the body:

  • Christians believe that all human desires are ungodly and are designed to tempt the righteous to commit sins. They are convinced that only pure souls, who were not subject to temptation in their lives, receive the honor of living after death. And based on this, each Orthodox should be given more attention to his spiritual development, rather than worldly desires. It is because of this that the Pope and priests are required to adhere to the vow of celibacy, restricting for themselves worldly pleasures in order to gain greater holiness.
  • In Judaism, it is also believed that the soul is more important than the body, but it is not considered that you need to completely limit all your carnal desires. Jews make the process of their execution a good thing. Therefore, they treat the Christian vow of celibacy with incomprehension, because for them family and procreation is a purely holy act.

Similarly, the two religions perceive wealth and material wealth differently. Christians take a vow of poverty, because for them it represents the ideal of holiness. And the Jews from their position find the accumulation of financial benefits of positive quality.

We hope that we have helped you understand the differences between the religions of Christians and Jews.

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