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Find out if you can go to church on menstruation days.

Is it possible to go to church during menstruation?

Menstruation is an integral part of the life of every healthy adult woman. Surely many believers are concerned about the question whether it is possible to go to church during the month? In this article I want to help you deal with it.

But initially we turn to the Bible a little, namely, to the creation of the world by God.

Creation of the first man and woman

If you want to know how the Most High created our Universe, then you should carefully study the Old Testament. It says that the first people were created on the 6th day by God in the image and likeness of him and received the names of Adam (man) and Eve (woman).

As a result, it turns out that initially the woman was clean, she did not have to go monthly. And the process of conception and the birth of children should not have been tormenting.

In the world of Adam and Eve, in which complete perfection reigned, there was no place for anything unclean. The body, thoughts, acts and souls of the first people permeated purity.

However, as is known, such an idyll lasted only a short time. The cunning Devil took upon himself the image of a serpent and began to tempt Eve to partake of the forbidden fruit from the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil. In exchange, the woman was promised to receive power and higher knowledge.

And she could not resist — she tried the fruit herself, and also gave her husband to try it.

Find out if you can go to church on menstruation days.

It was in this way that the fall into sin occurred, which spread to the whole human race. Adam and Eve were forever banished from Paradise as a punishment.

The woman was doomed to torment. It was said that since then the process of conception and the birth of offspring will bring her suffering.

Here since the woman, according to the Bible, and consider unclean.

What the Old Testament forbids

For our distant ancestors, the rules and laws of the Old Testament played a huge role. It’s not for nothing that at that period of time a huge number of temples were created in which people tried to establish contact with the Almighty and also made offerings to him.

As for the fair sex, they were not considered to be full members of society, and referred in addition to men. And, of course, nobody forgot about the sin committed by Eve, after which she began to have menstruation.

That is, the monthly at that time was a kind of reminder of how the first woman was guilty before God.

In the Old Testament it was very clearly indicated who has and who does not have the right to visit the Holy Temple of God. So the prohibition on entry was imposed in the following situations:

  • on lepers;
  • during seed production;
  • for those who have touched the dead;
  • for those who suffer from purulent discharges;
  • for women during their periods;
  • for women who gave birth to a boy — up to forty days, and for those who gave birth to a girl — up to eighty days.

At a time when the Old Testament was relevant, everything was perceived from a physiological point of view. So dirty body said that its owner — unclean.

Women were strictly forbidden to go to church, and also to places where many people gathered. It was forbidden to shed blood in sacred places.

These rules functioned until the appearance of Jesus Christ and until the time when the New Testament came into effect.

Jesus Christ allowed to go to the temple with the monthly

The Savior focused on the spiritual, trying to help people realize the truth. After all, he came to this world to atone for all human sins, in particular, and the sin of Eve.

If a person did not have faith, it means that all his actions automatically fell into the category of spiritless. The presence of black thoughts made a person unclean, no matter how clean and flawless his physical shell was.

The Temple of God ceased to be perceived as a specific place on Earth, and transformed into human souls. Jesus assured people that the soul is actually the Temple of God, His Church.

At the same time there was an equalization in the rights of representatives of both sexes.

I want to talk about one situation, outraged all the priests. When the Savior was in the Temple one lady, who for many years suffered from constant blood loss, squeezed through the crowd of people and touched his garments.

Jesus felt unhappy, turned to her and said that from now on she was saved by his faith. It was since then that a split occurred in the human mind: some people remained faithful to the purity of the physical (adherents of the Old Testament, who were firmly convinced that women under no circumstances should not attend the church during the month), and the second part listened to the teachings of Jesus Christ ( adherents of the New Testament and spiritual purity, who began to neglect this prohibition).

When the Savior was crucified on the cross, the New Testament became relevant, according to which the shed blood began to symbolize a new life.

Find out if you can go to church on menstruation days.

What do priests say about this ban?

As for the representatives of the Catholic Church, they have long found an answer for themselves to the question whether it is possible to go to church with menstruations. Menstruation in this case is considered as a completely natural phenomenon, therefore there are no prohibitions on attending church during it.

In addition, the blood has not irrigated church floors for a long time due to the presence of a large number of hygiene products.

But the Orthodox Holy Fathers can not find the right solution about this. Some are ready to give a million reasons why you can not go to church with monthly.

And others argue that there is nothing reprehensible in visiting the Temple if your soul wants it so much.

There is also a third category of clergy who allow a woman to come to the temple, however, forbid her to take part in some sacred ordinances, namely, baptism, wedding, confession.

What is forbidden to do in the temple during menstruation

The bans mainly relate to purely physical moments. So, for reasons of hygiene, women should not sink into the water, so that others do not see how her blood is mixed with water.

The wedding process is quite long and not every weakened female body will be able to sustain it to the end. And this in turn is fraught with fainting, and also — weakness and dizziness.

During confession, the psycho-emotional aspect is involved, and, as is known, the representatives of the weaker sex have a slightly inadequate state during their periods (and behave accordingly). Therefore, if a woman would decide to confess at this time, she would risk to let out a lot of superfluous things, of which she would later regret for a long time.

As a consequence, it is necessary to definitely give up confession during critical days.

So is it possible to go to church with monthly or not?

In the modern world it is not uncommon when the mixing of sinful and righteous occurs. No one knows for sure who invented the ban in question.

All people perceive information in the form in which it is more convenient for them to do this.

The church is a room just like it was in the times of the Old Testament. So, all by inertia continue to observe the rules established by it.

And try not to attend the temple with the monthly.

But in the modern democratic world many changes have been made. If earlier the main sin in visiting a church with menstruations was to shed blood in the temple, then today you can completely cope with this problem — enough hygiene products (tampons, gaskets) that absorb blood and do not allow holy sites to come up are invented.

So, the woman is no longer considered unclean.

However, there is also a reverse side of the coin. During menstruation, the self-purification process takes place in the female body.

This means that the female person is still considered unclean and is forbidden to go to the temple.

But the New Testament takes the side of the fair sex. According to him, if you feel the spiritual need to touch the shrine, be filled with divine support, then attendance at the church is acceptable and even recommended!

After all, the Savior provides his help to those who sincerely believe in him. And how clean while your body does not matter too much.

Therefore, it turns out that adherents of the New Testament are not forbidden to go to church during critical days.

However, there are some amendments. Based on which, if the Church and the Temple of God is the very soul of man, then it is not necessary that he visit any particular place, wanting to get help. Accordingly, a woman can just as well turn in prayer to the Lord and from her apartment.

And if her prayer was sincere, sincere, then she will certainly be heard, and much faster than in the case of visiting the temple.

Find out if you can go to church on menstruation days.

In conclusion

Still, no one can give you an exact answer to the question of whether it is allowed to go to church on a monthly basis. Everyone will express their point of view on this matter.

And based on this, the answer to the question posed should be sought not in books and articles, but in the depths of one’s own soul.

A ban may or may not be present. At the same time, considerable importance is given to the motives and intentions with which the lady is going to go to the temple.

For example, if her desire is to be forgiven, to repent of perfect sins, then it is acceptable to attend church at any time. The most important thing is to keep the soul clean.

In general, during the period of menstruation, it is advisable to think about the actions you commit. Often, these days, women, in principle, have no particular desire to leave their home.

Therefore, to summarize, a visit to the Temple of God during menstruation is allowed, but only if your soul really needs it!

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