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Features of the Slavic and pagan rites and examples

Pagan and Slavic rites: features and examples

Nowadays, Slavic pagan rituals and the culture of our ancestors are interested in an increasing number of people. Many gradually come to understand that it is much deeper and more interesting than is commonly believed.

After all, people in those days directly addressed the forces of nature and received help from them. The Universe itself gave them its support, endowed with love and inspiration.

Features of the Slavic and pagan rites and examples

Slavic rituals

The most important part of the Slavic Vedic culture were ceremonies and rituals. Almost all of them were confined to certain solar cycles and were based on deep knowledge of nature.

Therefore, it was possible to conduct each ceremony only at a time specially allotted to it, for example, an equinox, a harvest period or a summer solstice.

As a rule, Slavic rituals were based on appeals to the Higher Forces, ancestors, or the spirits of nature and the elements. The ancient Slavs believed that there were three levels of being: Rule, Jav, and Nav.

  • Reality is our material reality, into which souls come to develop and fulfill their purpose in this life.
  • Nav is the world of unmanifested reality, where souls and various spirits dwell in anticipation of a new incarnation.
  • Rule — the divine world, the abode of the Gods and higher beings who have risen above the earthly level.

All Slavic rituals are based on the contact of a person with the worlds of Navi and Rule, which is interrupted during his stay in the physical body. Therefore, each ceremony is a deep sacred sacrament dedicated to communicating with the Highest forces and spiritual entities.

Not all rituals could be performed by ordinary people. The most complex and responsible rituals were performed only by specially trained people possessing sacred knowledge — the Magi.

But still many of them were accessible to ordinary people. Among them are conspiracies to attract good luck, love and material wealth, ceremonies for a happy life and well-being.

Some of them have remained unchanged to this day.

Pagan rituals on abundance

The goal of many pagan rituals was to attract material wealth into the life of a person, a good harvest and wealth in the family. Since those times, little has changed — we are still interested in these pressing issues.

Let’s look at a few such rites of abundance.

Watering Coaxing Ritual

Water is a vital environment for all life on Earth. It symbolizes rebirth and is able to wash away all the negative.

Therefore, since ancient times, people carry out various rituals associated with this element. Often, when conducting such ceremonies, the spirit of the reservoir is called Water.

Features of the Slavic and pagan rites and examples

For this ceremony, you need to go to the flow pond — river, lake or spring. It is performed only on women’s days: on Wednesday, Friday and Saturday.

For a successful ritual, you must tune in that you are one with this water stream. You can put an arm or leg in it, if it is, of course, not too violent and dangerous. Now read the plot:

Features of the Slavic and pagan rites and examples

The spirit of the reservoir must necessarily leave some gift. It can be any object or food — everything that prompts your heart.

Put it on a small carp and send it over the waves.

Ritual with the earth

Since ancient times, the earth has always symbolized material well-being and prosperity. After all, she gave food and everything necessary for life to people.

It is not surprising that many abundance rituals are performed using the earth. One of these rites goes like this:

  • It is necessary to wrap a pinch of earth into the fabric and bring it to the dwelling.
  • After sunset, stay completely alone in the room. Unwrap the bundle with the ground and light the candle. Now you need to read this plot:

Features of the Slavic and pagan rites and examples

  • Extinguish the candle and do not touch the ground until the morning.
  • The next day, you need to pour the plotted land in a pot with any indoor plant. If done correctly, the flower will grow better and bloom. Now it will be your money tree, a symbol of prosperity and well-being.
  • In case the flower stopped growing or dried up, it took upon itself an induced energetic or magical effect. That it did not allow you to have wealth in the house.
  • If this happens, take out the withered plant to the wasteland and repeat the ritual.

A conspiracy on female beauty and health

In this ritual, beauty and health are addressed to the female principle, the mother of our Universe — the Lada. It is she who is the patroness of all women, helps them to preserve their beauty and youth for a long time.

Features of the Slavic and pagan rites and examples

Conduct the rite in the following sequence:

  • Prepare a spoon of silver, a jar of water and a natural white cloth.
  • On a night from Thursday to Friday, leave the vessel with water and a spoon in a place where the moonlight falls until morning.

The next day, wash with water and whisper:

Features of the Slavic and pagan rites and examples

Blot the face with white cloth and tie it in a knot. It should be buried near the flow pond.

This ritual needs to be updated every three months if you want to preserve your beauty and youth for many years. It is especially useful for women with various skin problems — fat, acne, unhealthy complexion.

Rite with eggs painted onion peel

Krashenki were known to our ancestors long before the adoption of Christianity. They are very often used in various ceremonies, because the egg personified life, all the hidden potential and power of the universe.

This ritual was carried out with the aim of disclosing their inner talents and abilities, helped to find their life purpose and to call for the support of the power of the kind.

For the ceremony, it is necessary to boil six eggs and paint them with onion peel. In addition to the coloring properties, the bow is a powerful talisman against any negative. Act in this order:

  • To begin the ritual should be March 23 or the day of the vernal equinox, but can also be held in the autumn feast of the Sort — September 23.
  • At dawn, take one boiled egg and mentally concentrate on your desire or interest. After that, peel the egg and eat it.
  • On the second day, you need to eat two eggs, and on the third — three, without forgetting to think about your goal.

Eggshell must be kept until the desire is fulfilled, but not more than twelve months. If you want strong support from ancestors, you need to take nine eggs.

After the ceremony, three eggs carry to the grave of the closest relative.

Ritual to get rid of all misfortunes and failures

If it is necessary to interrupt a series of adversities that haunt you, perform such an interesting ceremony.

  • At dawn during the Kupala week, go to a clean flowing pond. Take also your old worn items — a shirt or a shirt.
  • Kindle a fire near the shore and burn the thing brought on it.
  • Enter the water and fully dip three times.
  • Going ashore, do not wipe with a towel. Now you need to run through the dew and wash it.
  • Put on clean and new things and leave, not looking back to the house.

Kupala dew has magical properties. In ancient times, they tried to collect and preserve it until next year.

Dew collected these days was used to protect against the evil eye and damage. And the girls who washed this life-giving moisture, helped to become more attractive and keep young and healthy for a long time.

The ancient Slavs had a special relationship to the dew. Its sacred significance for many rituals arose from the fact that it is the product of two elements — water and earth. And that dew, which was collected in the Kupala week, is charged with a powerful flow of solar energy, which has special properties during the summer solstice.

This is what gives the Kupala dew magical healing abilities.

The video will help you learn more about Slavic pagan rituals:

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