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Family conspiracy will bring peace and quiet to the family

Family plots are very useful tools of white magic. They are always aimed at protecting family relationships from any external influences. There are a great many such rites, but there are also universal rituals.

Therefore, it is very important to choose the right impact under the current situation.

Family conspiracy will bring peace and quiet to the family

Virtually any family plot is read independently at home. For such a ritual, a positive attitude is important; in a fit of anger or against the background of irritation, such magical effects cannot be used.

At best, they will simply not be productive, but very often negative emotions can only harm family relationships.

Any ritual relating to family magic should be conducted in complete solitude in dim light. It is important in the room not only to create a comfortable environment, but also to take care of that no one and nothing will disturb you when performing magical actions.

Plans and the fact of the ritual must be kept secret from other people. The fact that you have read the directed family plot cannot be told even to the closest people, including you should not inform your soulmate about this.

Conspiracies, the action of which is aimed at reconciliation of the spouses, are very popular, because, as you know, petty quarrels and disagreements are quite frequent phenomena in family life.

A strong conspiracy to reconcile is as follows:

Family conspiracy will bring peace and quiet to the family

When the world suddenly shaken the family, you can use another plot. With it, you can not only make peace with your loved one, but also remove unnecessary resentment from the soul.

But such a ceremony is important to conduct in a good mood. To achieve such a state, you need to retire in a separate room, and force yourself to remember the brightest moments of life together, filled with positive emotions.

In order to get rid of internal irritation, you can light a candle and, looking at the flame, imagine that it burns all the negative things around you.

After that, you can begin to read the plot for reconciliation. His words are:

Family conspiracy will bring peace and quiet to the family

Unfortunately, not always in the family there are only minor differences, there are serious conflicts that can even lead to separation. Usually in such situations, people do not want to understand each other and do not seek reconciliation.

It is important to understand that in order to save the family, one of the spouses must take the first step. Well, if you can not reconcile the household way, then be sure to use magic.

With the help of a strong conspiracy to reconciliation, you can return peace to the family and understand each other.

The ceremony is held in complete privacy in a separate room. It is important to ensure complete silence there and make sure that no one interferes with the reading of the conspiracy.

The magic words on the chosen day are pronounced twice in the morning and in the evening for twelve days. The room is set twelve candles in the candlesticks in front of a pair of icons.

Before them and pronounced clearly, but in a half-whisper the following magic words:

Each time after the end of the ritual, the candles are extinguished with fingers, and all attributes are left intact. Twelve days later, candle stubs are removed and hidden behind the icon of the Mother of God, which from this moment must always be in your home.

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