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Examination Plot

Anyone who at least once in his life had to pass an exam, remembers what a test for strength and nerves. No matter how much you cram, you still will not get rid of excitement and uncertainty about a favorable outcome.

At such a moment, in addition to knowledge, I really want to have some additional tool that guarantees the necessary assessment. And the conspiracy to pass the exam — just such a tool. However, you should immediately make a reservation that, like any other magic trick, the conspiracy on the exam requires correct execution, certain magical abilities and absolute confidence in their actions.

But, as practice shows, well-used conspiracy helps to achieve brilliant success.

Examination Plot

A huge variety of rites allows you to choose exactly the ritual that is most suitable for a particular situation. The correct choice of impact will help to quickly solve the problem.

In addition to the complex rituals that need to be carried out before the exam using various attributes, there are simple but very effective effects.

For example, on the night before the exam, you can wave a record in the window and say three times:

It is useful to put a synopsis under the pillow before the exam. It is believed that, thus, it will be possible to systematize knowledge and get a good grade.

In addition, on the way to the school before the exam, you need to think about your good grade and mentally say at least seven times these words:

Going over the threshold to the auditorium where the examiner expects you to mentally say the following words once:

Perhaps the easiest, however, a very effective conspiracy to take the exam is pronounced over the clothes in which you have to go to the exam.

Shake the clothes three times and say:

Examination Plot

Another conspiracy to pass the exam is said in the back to the past examiner. As soon as he passes, look after him and silently speak a conspiracy.

If you pulled out a ticket that you were teaching, but now you cannot remember, say this conspiracy to refresh your memory:

Finally, for those who have neither the strength, nor the time, nor the desire to seriously prepare for the exam, there is an old proven conspiracy.

At midnight, before the exam, you need to stick out the open record book in the window and shout three times:

After that, shut the record book sharply and not open it until the exam itself. It is desirable even for the teacher to give it in closed form.

Of course, this way of passing the exam seems too simple and arrogant, however, not one generation of freeloader students managed to pass through this test in this way.

Examination Plot

A conspiracy to water is considered very effective before the exam. At midnight this magical conspiracy is read:

The plot on a glass of water is repeated three times. After that, you need to immediately go to bed, and leave the conspiratorial water in the bedroom in a prominent place.

Waking up on the morning of the exam, you need to drink half the water in a glass, and hide the rest of the water in a place inaccessible to other people. After returning home with a good estimate, and this will happen, you can pour out the water.

But, if in the near future another exam is planned, then the conspiratorial water can be drunk directly in front of it.

If you feel that a teacher can be hindered by a good assessment, then in this case you should also use magic. For the ceremony, you will need the help of another student who will have to explain what needs to be done.

The day before the exam, you must retire in a separate room to sit opposite each other. Next you need to alternately begin to praise the teacher. And it must be done sincerely without ridicule.

To do this, remember all his merits and awaken in his heart the gratitude for the knowledge gained from him.

After all good things have been said, you should say:

These words must be pronounced at least three times. It is important to visualize the result.

For example, you need to submit a record with a good rating.

With the right performance, the rite to successfully pass the exam is always effective. It should be remembered that the effectiveness of the ceremony depends entirely on the belief in the success of the performer.

In addition, if you use magic out of curiosity or interest, then it will not bring any benefit, and can only harm.

You also need to remember that magical effects work when a person has good knowledge, but he simply cannot demonstrate them for some reason. Magic rites in this case will give confidence and allow you to demonstrate all the knowledge, and, consequently, get a good grade.

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