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Exam Conspiracy

The exam plot helps to happily live through the most dramatic moments in the life of each student. Even the most prepared excellent student worries before the exam, because he knows that neither the mind, nor knowledge, nor thorough preparation will help to pass the exam for “excellent” if they are not lucky. This is where the plot helps.

An effective conspiracy does not eliminate the need to pass an exam, but it can help pass this test easily and successfully.

Exam Conspiracy

Exam preparation is always exhausting. And no matter how a person is ready, there is always the possibility of failure. Therefore, the correct mental attitude is always important for success.

It should be understood that even if you just listened to a course of lectures, then you have the necessary reserve of knowledge in order to successfully pass the exam.

The most important mistake of a person who passes the exam is the inability to position oneself in front of the teacher. In other words, it is very important to feel confident and not to doubt the correctness of your answers.

The strongest and most correct conspiracy for the exam is a spell for a bright mind on the day of the exam. This plot is done as follows.

Wash your head on the day you take the exam or the test and say three times:

This plot will help you to have a clear head and quickness of thought during the exam. As practice shows, his action is very strong.

You still need to know the subject, but the plot will help you not to forget anything and easily answer any questions the teacher has.

Another effective exam plot is the legendary plot on the magic penny, which has been helping students for more than one century. In the classical version, a five-kopeck coin is used for this plot.

At the same time, the coin should be as clean and beautiful as possible.

Looking at the coin say:

After that, kiss the coin and put yourself in the shoes under the right heel. In most educational institutions, the 5-point system is not used now; therefore, the “five” in the conspiracy text can and should be replaced with “twelve” or another necessary grade.

Exam Conspiracy

Students who have to pass an exam especially harmful and picky teacher, useful to plot to tame. To complete it on the evening before the exam, take a piece of paper and write on it. » (teacher’s name) is tamed. ”

Then fold the sheet in four and say:

After that, tear the paper into small pieces and burn them.

In order to feel confident and calm on the exam, you can also use magic. Despite the fact that the plot is based on Christian traditions, a person of any religion can use it.

The spell must be pronounced immediately before entering the classroom where the exam is held. Of course, it is better to say the words out loud, but if it is not possible to do this, then you can pronounce them in your mind so as not to attract attention to yourself.

They sound like this:

After such words, complete confidence in passing the exam will come, and, therefore, you can easily demonstrate all your knowledge.

Exam Conspiracy

Before the exam, it is important to pay attention to certain signs. This will attract good luck and avoid any unpleasant accidents.

It is believed that during the preparation for the exam, you can not cut hair, shave and even wash your hair, according to signs, by carrying out such procedures, you can impair memory. This is a rather controversial issue, since the appearance in an untidy form on the exam is unlikely to give additional confidence, which is one of the main factors for obtaining a good grade.

But such a sign exists, but how it relates to you is up to you.

On the day of the exam, everything should be done from the right leg, namely, getting out of bed, crossing the threshold of your own home, entering the audience. Moreover, with the right hand, it is also necessary to draw a ticket.

Such a sign is connected with the fact that in this case an evil force cannot prevent successfully passing the exam.

A magical thread with a knot knotted at the wrist can also help to systematize thoughts during the exam.

Tying it, you should say these words:

When preparing for the exam can not leave books and textbooks on the table in the opened form. So in this case there is a risk that all knowledge will disappear from the head.

On the other hand, it is believed that by shutting down a book or a summary, a person seals the knowledge in his head, and, therefore, will be able to use it in the exam.

No matter what conspiracy or omen you take advantage of, success in the exam is entirely dependent on you. There are no special recommendations for exam plots. But it should be remembered that the magic words must be pronounced clearly and clearly, understanding the goal that you want to achieve.

This must be done, even if the spell is played mentally.

Many rituals are recommended to be held in the evening, but this is likely, then that morning may not be enough time for magic. But, nevertheless, the strongest impacts are always carried out in the morning.

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