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Etheric body: why it is needed, how to cleanse it and make it stronger

Etheric body: what it is, why it is necessary, how to clean and develop

The etheric body — what is it and what function does it perform? Features of its appearance, what is polluted, how can it be cleaned and developed?

If you want to get answers to these questions, I suggest reading the following material.

What is the etheric body?

The etheric body of man is the carrier and conductor of the energy of life (also called Prana). It is through his condition that one can learn about the general vitality of the body, endurance, the ability of the physical body to withstand various pathologies.

The manifestations of the desire to drink and eat, satiety, drowsiness, activity are all indicators of the energy of the etheric envelope.

Etheric body: why it is needed, how to cleanse it and make it stronger

Its main purpose is to revive and give energy to the physical body, integrating the latter into the energy body of our planet and the entire solar system. It is a beam uniting energy flows, lines of force and Light.

And energy flows from Cosmos along them just as blood travels through the body through veins and arteries.

Thanks to this uninterrupted circulation of vital forces through the etheric bodies (at the level of man, the planet, the Cosmos), all the manifested life is ensured just as we used to perceive it.

It is the etheric envelope that is the most important factor by which we understand the state of a person’s physical health, how much vital energy he has. Starting from the state of the etheric body, the individual feels his activity (or apathy), health (or illness).


The etheric body is also known as the energy envelope, aura, or biofield. It is the first in a row from all other bodies and completely copies the physical shell.

It precisely outlines the silhouette of the latter, extends beyond it by several centimeters (from 3 to 5).

It is noteworthy that the structure of the etheric body is absolutely consistent with the structure of the physical, including all organs. It is formed by a special kind of matter, known as ether.

Ether is an intermediate stage from dense matter (the basis of our world) to more subtle than he types of matter. The etheric nature of the body have most of the mystical entities that live in different dimensions. In fact, each person can really see the bluish outline of the etheric body around his fingers.

To do this, you need to look at them with a white background.

In addition, today it is realistic to take a photo of the etheric body — thanks to the famous Kirlian effect. In many developed cities there are special centers where photographs of the human aura are performed.

Such a snapshot allows you to see the state of the energy system, the chakras, the degree of their development or blockage.

Some people with supernormal abilities are able to see the shell from the ether with their own eyes. They say that it varies from soft blue to gray. A very sensitive person has a bluish aura, and physically powerful — has energy in gray tones.

Also, the biofield is formed in many other colors, you can learn more details only by taking such a picture.

If distortions begin to appear in the energy envelope, then small disorders of physical health develop first. And then the organs begin to be reborn — that is, a disease appears. Real psychics are able to sense these pathological distortions and correct them.

And if the impact was correct, the etheric body first begins to recover, and then the physical shell is healed.

Etheric body: why it is needed, how to cleanse it and make it stronger

In addition, the biofield is formed by various energy flows, in particular, energy meridians. They are affected by acupuncture and acupressure techniques.

Due to the fact that the etheric body is a complete copy of the physical, it is often referred to as the etheric double of a person. When death comes, the etheric envelope is completely destroyed on the ninth day.

What pollutes the etheric envelope, how to restore it

Every person must take care not only about his physical body, but also about the etheric body. After all, if the energy carrier is exhausted, you will feel the detrimental consequences of this in the whole organism.

Therefore, it is important to engage in the timely identification of various blocks and clamps, which should be neutralized. Then the correct course of the vital force will be restored.

You should also take care of your energy as a whole — clean it and keep it healthy.

If you feel tension in your physical body, respectively, there are blocks in the etheric too. Due to body stiffness, as well as slouching, energy cannot freely spread throughout the body, leading to impairments.

You should also know from what our aura pollutes and weakens:

  • due to excessive tension, clips and blocks of the physical body;
  • due to fussiness, waste of energy;
  • due to emotional clips, experiencing negative emotions and desires;
  • because of mental clips, complexes, incorrect attitudes, thoughts;
  • when we breathe incorrectly: non-rhythmically, inhale exceeds exhalation (and the opposite is true), we breathe through our mouth, etc .;
  • due to poor nutrition, use of dirty water and bad foods;
  • under the influence of alcohol, tobacco and other similar substances;
  • due to contamination of the physical shell;
  • when a person does not happen in nature, he lives in an ecologically dirty place;
  • speaks a lot but senselessly.

It is necessary to carefully monitor the blocks and clips in the body, to work them out right away so that the life force can circulate freely. Get rid of excess tension of your body, mind and feelings.

Let the energy move calmly, naturally and easily.

What heals the biofield, makes it stronger:

  • smooth, harmonious flow of energy;
  • peace of mind, getting rid of negative experiences, reducing stress to a minimum, positive emotions;
  • work on your thoughts, attitudes, programs;
  • meditation practices;
  • proper breathing;
  • balanced nutrition, clean water;
  • cleaning the physical shell, shown bath or sauna;
  • physical activity — sports, yoga, fitness and the like;
  • hardening;
  • massage also helps to normalize the energy flow in the body;
  • living close to nature in a clean place;
  • harmony with his personality and with the surrounding reality;
  • following the proper daily routine;
  • the ability to accumulate vitality without spending them on idle chatter, superfluous thoughts, superficial emotions, meaningless actions.

Etheric body: why it is needed, how to cleanse it and make it stronger

The development of the etheric body

The very first point to start with is to accept and love your physical body. You should feel your own usefulness, uniqueness, allow yourself inner health, happiness and all the most positive, bright and kind.

We already know that aura is influenced by our thoughts. Therefore, accordingly, thinking to ourselves, how about a healthy person we become so.

Similarly, the opposite is happening.

Meditation practices, concentration of attention on one’s person, the use of correct mental-emotional attitudes towards health and energy recovery will help you. Learn to relax, be whole, not waste your precious energy for nothing.

Excellent results bring moderate exercise. It will also make it possible to activate and launch the processes of improving the ethereal envelope hardening: pouring cool water on it, taking a contrast shower, rubbing it with snow.

What else contributes to the development of the biofield and the accumulation of energy in it:

  • conscious perception of life;
  • practices designed to increase energy balance;
  • the ability to control your attention;
  • focusing on one’s personality, shifting the focus of attention inside oneself;
  • mantras and prayers;
  • rejection of negativity and positive emotional experiences;
  • work on willpower, self-discipline;
  • the ability to fill with energy from the surrounding space (earth, water, fire and air);
  • doing the practice of being present, letting go of yourself, relaxing and maintaining your natural state;
  • adequate sleep (at least 7-8 hours per day);
  • the right food
  • having sex with a loved one;
  • proper use of suitable stones and minerals.

If you adhere to the listed recommendations, your aura will begin to be cleansed of negativity, and you will always be in a healthy, harmonious, joyful state filled with power.

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