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Esoteric helps to know the nature and fate of the date of birth

How in esoteric to know your character and fate by date of birth

Every person in life has the task of constantly evolving and enriching himself spiritually. In the process of self-improvement inevitably arise various questions to which it is difficult to find answers.

Secret knowledge and sciences come to the rescue in this case, one of which is numerology — the ancient theory of the world of numbers. With it, you can determine the fate and character of a person, how to do it — learn from this material.

Esoteric helps to know the nature and fate of the date of birth

Calculation of fate by date of birth

First of all, you will need to calculate the number of your character (otherwise called the number of birth). It is this that will shed light on the innate makings, talents and abilities of the personality, which may not yet be revealed.

Thanks to the number of births, you will also receive information about the positive and negative aspects of the personality and understand what you should work on in yourself.

It’s not hard to calculate your character number: you just need to add all the digits of the day, month and year of birth, and then reduce them to a single number from one to nine.

Consider a specific example:

The man was born December 26, 1994. So the calculation will be as follows:

The number 7 in this case is the character number.

Interpretation of the received numbers

Now, using the example of all numbers, one can get information on the peculiarities of the character of the person of interest.

Characterizes a strong, strong-willed and energetic personality — a born leader, for whom people are ready to go without hesitation. For unit people, love of freedom, independent opinion, as well as high ambition are characteristic.

Such people set specific goals, and then achieve them.

Due to the high performance and good intellectual abilities, the “units” often find themselves in respectable positions, while still young, and also moving up the career ladder. Especially it suits the political sphere and business.

Of the shortcomings of character, one can single out excessive self-confidence bordering on stubbornness, and also the desire to always find themselves in the first place, even if for this one has to resort to dishonest means. More such people inherent egocentrism, increased aggressiveness and cruelty.

So personalities inherent in the softness of character, calm and tact. The “twos” very well distinguish justice from injustice and are willing to help even if it borders on their personal interests. Great partners and business partners come out of twos.

They are distinguished by communication skills, goodwill, the ability to listen to other people’s problems and the ability to give wise advice.

Very often, “twos” opt for creative or social professions.

But there are obvious disadvantages in their character: such people often suffer from indecision, lack of confidence in their own abilities and inability to defend their position. Often, they also have difficulty making decisions, as they try to please everyone around to the maximum.

Esoteric helps to know the nature and fate of the date of birth

This is a bright personality, intellectual, as well as the soul of the company. The tracks are distinguished by a good sense of humor, they easily establish contacts with others. They are also characterized by restlessness, travel craving, new acquaintances and impressions.

Such personalities can be interested in almost everyone, because by nature they love to learn and explore all the mysterious and incomprehensible to themselves.

From the negative aspects, it is possible to single out: the inability to complete the started affairs, superficiality, selfishness and levity, as well as a sharp language, because of which triples often have ill-wishers. May not realize their talent in life.

Fours are distinguished by hard work and a high degree of responsibility. They are also inherent in pragmatism, they distinguish the material over the spiritual.

Good perseverance and organizational skills allow such people to occupy positions of chief. They demand a lot from others, but they act justly.

They are not afraid of difficulties — they are happy to solve even very difficult tasks.

Disadvantages: fours do not have enough flexible thinking, few creative ideas. In the foreground, they always have material well-being, which is why their lives are often quite dull and monotonous.

Such people are easily recognized by increased impulsiveness, decisiveness and activity. Having high intelligence and being inventive, the fives ensure success in the business sphere, although it is often difficult for them to complete what they have begun.

These people are clearly favored by Mrs. Luck, but their rather uneasy nature often makes them end up in various alterations, and luck and innate optimism helps to get out of them.

Speaking of cons, we must mention the gambling, instability of the nervous system, impatience, lack of discipline, inconstancy and unreliability.

The sixes are distinguished by their devotion, reliability and selflessness. They seem to glow from the inside, so they attract others to themselves and easily find common language with them. Such personalities are far from creativity, but have a well-developed vision of the beautiful.

Sixes balanced, calm, often out of them peacekeepers. They are not attracted to the material world, as they strive to achieve lofty goals.

They usually have problems due to the fact that such people are inclined to follow the lead of others and sacrifice themselves. In addition, they are very frightened by life difficulties.

Esoteric helps to know the nature and fate of the date of birth

People born under the number seven, are distinguished by their strong-willed character, as well as analytical skills and excellent intuition. The original mind and creative talents often help the sevens to achieve fame.

It is important for the Sevens to spend enough time alone with themselves — loneliness does not frighten them at all, and they are not ready to reveal some secrets to even the closest people.

Among the shortcomings can be called: from time to time the presence of dark thoughts, doubts, isolation. Even natural insight does not always allow the sevens to understand themselves correctly.

It gives its owner excellent business skills, iron grip, good intuition and a cold mind. Such people tend to achieve their goals by any means, and they are not always interested in the moral side of the issue.

Eight have a large amount of vital energy and high intelligence. Often they seek power and hold it.

Negative moments: unlucky for those who stand in the way of eight men. They are often cruel to even their loved ones.

And there are also greedy and prudent.

This number indicates a very high level of development. Nine is typical for honest and very principled people who care not only for their own interests, but also for all of humanity.

At first glance, such personalities seem detached and detached from our reality, they are distinguished by everyday impracticality. At the same time, the “Nines” become successful academics, actors, missionaries and inventors.

The main disadvantage: such individuals are often underestimated, because of what they become capricious and arrogant.

Thanks to this simple method, you can find out the character of any person by date of birth, which will help to find the right approach to many strangers.

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