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Erickson hypnosis: what it is, methods and techniques

Features Erickson hypnosis — what is it

Everyone had heard about hypnosis, especially those who remember those who did not get down to the nineties from the screens of Kashpirovsky, Chumak. In the minds of many people, the technique is associated with an impact on the psyche, the purpose of which is to submit to the will of the hypnotist.

Erickson hypnosis: what it is, methods and techniques

I cannot say that I felt someone’s hypnotic effect, although I might not notice it. The article describes a relatively new direction — Erickson hypnosis.

Its effectiveness is based on the construction of linguistic techniques.

Erickson hypnosis was named after Milton Erickson. The psychiatrist in the course of his practice studied the altered states of consciousness, and the method he created was used as a basis for hypnosis and neuro-linguistic programming.

Erickson founded the Clinical Hypnosis Society in the USA. The history of this trend was polio experienced in adolescence.

Young Erickson turned out to be a casual witness of a doctor expressing doubts about the survival of a young man after an illness.

In it, this caused a strong surge of resistance, he felt the will to live, felt the life-affirming potential laid down by nature. Milton not only won a difficult illness, but also, being in a wheelchair, became an active member of society. The young man chose the profession of psychiatrist, created a method of hypnosis, based on the positive properties of the unconscious.

As a result, he not only improved his life, but also developed an effective method of helping others.

Erickson hypnosis — what is it?

The essence of hypnosis is based on associative thinking. A person unconsciously associates an image with certain objects, which reflects his complexes, hidden desires, repressed emotions.

The word «apple» in different people causes a different associative series. One fruit is associated with diet, skirt, husband, in the mind of another there are such concepts as carelessness, childhood, garden, warmth.

In the first case, there may be suspicions of problems in the relationship, associations of the second patient indicate fatigue, a desire to rest.

In the course of his professional activity, M. Erickson came to the conclusion that one can go in the opposite direction. Properly chosen words will help to bypass the protection and make a psychological correction.

The main feature of Ericksonian hypnosis is a figurative, bright, poetic language. Phrases are selected in such a way that they have additional meaning. Created images should affect the subconscious.

According to Erickson himself, hypnosis is nothing more than the transfer of images.

Scope of application

Hypnosis is aimed at mobilizing the internal resources of the body. Erickson hypnosis allows you to deal with problems in professional and personal life, to gain success, to achieve the most seemingly unrealistic goals.

Patients after going through therapy feel freer and more creative. The application of the method significantly simplifies the work of the psychotherapist, and the desired effect is accelerated.

Scope of Erickson hypnosis:

  • neurosis, depression, psychosomatic disorders;
  • alcohol, drug addiction;
  • personal growth;
  • improving the relationship between parents and children partners;
  • getting rid of phobias, the consequences of psychotrauma;
  • treatment of co-dependencies;
  • activation of creative potential;
  • negotiations, business.

Basic techniques

The main feature of this method is the absence of the leading role of the psychotherapist. The patient does not sink into sleep, retains consciousness and self-control.

He is in a state of light trance, which occurs when watching a movie or listening to music. The settings of the doctor are not direct, they easily penetrate the consciousness.

If they go against the values ​​of a person, he sharply rejects them.


Joining is considered a base for establishing contact with a person. The purpose of the method is to create an atmosphere of trust between the psychotherapist and the person.

  • physical (copying posture, mirroring, repetition of movements);
  • breathing (adjustment to the rhythm of inhalation, exhalation);
  • voice (copying tempo, timbre, volume, intonation);
  • use of visual, auditory, kinesthetic predicatives (clear, loud, sensation, etc.).

Accession at the level of beliefs of values ​​is considered the highest point.

Erickson hypnosis: what it is, methods and techniques

The method provides for copying the emotional state of the patient. The goal is to switch a person to a more resource position.

When joining a person who is in a state of aggression, the emotional intensity should not be so strong. After reaching the adjustment, it is important to begin to behave calmly, the patient will repeat this after the doctor and calm himself.

Introduction to trance

The introduction of the patient into a trance state will help increase the effectiveness of the psychotechnique.
Techniques to reduce patient resistance:

  1. The method of three “yes” — the psychiatrist makes three statements with which the patient agrees. This allows you to disable resilience, increases hypnotic suggestion;
  2. Speaking — the doctor speaks quickly and much, jumping from one topic to another, the patient’s attention is held by special questions (that’s right, you understand me). Exhausted with more information, the patient becomes more susceptible to suggestion.
  3. The triple helix — in the framework of this methodology, the psychiatrist tells three unrelated stories. The latter is directly suggestion. In the finale, the first story from the place where the story is broken should be completed.

One of the main methods of hypnosis are verbal suggestions. This category includes truisms, the method of assumption, the technique of false choice.

Truism is a well-known fact that is perceived by the listener as something for granted.

  • you can feel your own breath — an introduction to trance;
  • each person can change — setting on self-development;
  • only own experience can teach — installation on training.

The method of assumption involves the use of certain statements constructed on statements of speech. For one event must follow a certain phenomenon.

The doctor says that he will count to 10 and the patient calm down. The false choice method involves providing the patient with several options that will lead to one goal.


The main advantage of this direction is considered to be the most careful attitude to the patient’s personality. The psychotherapist always leaves him a choice, he can either accept or not accept therapy.

The essence of hypnosis is the complete concentration of a person in his own person, desires.

Hypnologist only guides the person through complex associations that affect the conscious and subconscious. The doctor gently suggests to the patient the surmountability of the obstacles placed in the human head.

Therapy should reveal to the person the breadth of choices and opportunities. As a result, the patient gains confidence in his positive experience, begins to believe in his capabilities and abilities.

This attitude contributes to enhancing the life potential.

Erickson hypnosis: what it is, methods and techniques

Self hypnosis

Everyone can engage in self-hypnosis, the technique is quite simple. For this you need to focus on viewing your favorite image. It can be a landscape, natural landscapes, they should be of interest or appease.

Photos of erotic content are not recommended.

The picture should be such that it would be desirable to be considered in details, details. During the session, the patient should sit comfortably, sit in a chair.

Time also plays an important role, it should be enough for everything, haste is not allowed. Best for this purpose is the time before bedtime.

Over time, the skill of getting out of the trance state will be developed at the request of the patient. The first few sessions often gradually flow into sleep.

First, it is important to leave enough time for the session. The patient should take a comfortable position and place the picture in front of him.

The image can be held in hand or held in the foreseeable space on the table. After that, you should study the picture in detail, complementing the details at will, highlighting the details, getting rid of excess. Gradually, the image will be replaced by the images that come to mind.

The patient should allow to manifest in a pleasant way, and it is important to enjoy the journey.


  1. Erickson hypnosis is one of the soft areas of suggestion that allows you to unleash the inner potential of a person.
  2. Its essence lies in the indirect suggestion, the creation of positive attitudes, as a result, the patient must realize his own strength, learn to overcome obstacles.
  3. Therapy is prescribed psychotrauma, neurosis, the need to improve relationships, in order to personal growth.

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