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Energy vampires or who feed on our emotions

Energy vampires or who feed on our emotions

Energy vampire — this word sounds loud and scary. It is hard to believe, but we are confronted daily with energy vampires in our daily life: at work, in the queue at the store, and sometimes even in our own family … Energy vampires or who feed on our emotions and how to protect ourselves from them is the topic of this article.

Energy vampires or who feed on our emotions

What are they?

Energy vampirism is a parasitic type of communication in which one of the participants feeds on the life force and energy of the second person. In many sources we find the name of this vital energy — prana.

The same people who steal the life force are known as energy vampires. By analogy with how people are constantly experiencing hunger and stealing food, some people steal someone else’s vital energy.

How can a vampire steal your life energy?

Let’s take a closer look at how energy vampires act and what actions they gain access to energy from others.

  1. Vampires seek pity and compassion from others. According to tradition, the eternal victims in society all the time bathe in attention and compassion from other people. When people notice that it is difficult for a person to cope with his own problems, they begin to help him free of charge. A vampire begins to use it, deliberately creating a role of an eternal victim.
  2. With the help of your feelings of kindness, generosity and mercy, vampires are rubbed into a zone of trust and begin to feed on your energy. Often they play on your virtues and high moral character. Although deep down, vampires are usually callous and black people, they cling to sincere people like a straw and use the correctness and morality of the latter for their own selfish purposes.
  3. Do you always communicate with others on an equal footing and often provide disinterested help to other people? Then it is likely that vampires will play on your openness and will not miss the chance to quietly be in your zone of trust.

That is, in order for a vampire to act and be able to receive your vital energy, he must first be in a zone of confidence and call you to an emotional reaction. If you respond to vampire provocations, you automatically give him your strength.

Who do vampires attack most often? Of course, in the first place in the risk zone are potential donors, naturally endowed with vital energy in abundance, and radiating it around themselves.

Vampires are very honored by such personalities, they try to rub themselves into trusting and friendly relations in order to always be able to feed off with a couple of grams of vitality.

What does the donor feel after talking to a vampire?

A person who has taken energy can recognize a vampire by the presence of such symptoms:

  • emaciation;
  • fatigue;
  • irritations;
  • feelings of inner emptiness;
  • confusion;
  • a person loses the ability to enjoy something;
  • apathy to everything that happens;
  • former priorities and goals are reduced;
  • vital energy is gradually depleted;
  • a person may feel hidden and manipulated and manipulated;
  • possible onset of depression.

Energy vampires or who feed on our emotions

According to these manifestations, it can be established that you have come into contact with an energy vampire and it is desirable to minimize communication with him.

What are the energy vampires

All energy pumps are divided into two main categories, represented by solar vampires and moon vampires. Let’s continue to deal with them in more detail.

Sunny vampire, what is he like?

The main signs of a solar vampire are the constant manifestation of aggression, anger, apathy, or nervousness. In this case, when a vampire needs energy support from another person, he arranges a scandal, consciously striving to bring his victim to feelings of irritation and indignation, because the emotions that are emitted during this are his main “food”.

At the same time, a solar vampire is not at all worried that he constantly receives powerful shares of negative energy and emotions (after all, which people are still able to exude during quarrels) — he is happy for that too.

It should be noted that this kind of vampires are not inclined to quarrel with everyone in a row — they choose the victim energetically weaker than themselves, who will not be able to give them a fitting rebuff.

Where can I meet such energy suckers? You don’t need to go far because they become:

  • quick-tempered and picky bosses;
  • harmful mother-in-law;
  • grumpy mother-in-law;
  • forever with something disgruntled neighbors.

This list can be continued indefinitely, you can analyze your surroundings to understand where the most cunning vampire is hiding (or even vampires).

You probably already understood the main principle of the solar vampire — it is necessary for him to dominate his victim. Who is most often in the victim role? A worker who fears to remain on the street, a daughter-in-law, without a memory is in love with her own husband.

It is precisely due to such blind impotence that a surge of energy is provoked, subsequently with the pleasure consumed by vampires. Having gotten drunk on the vital forces, the bloodsuckers calm down, but only as long as they feel that thirst again.

It is not surprising that solar vampires love to go to the funeral, enthusiastically read information on the Internet about various accidents or review the criminal chronicles — they come to a secret delight from the sight of other people’s problems.

How to cope with a solar vampire?

How not to give the vampire to feed on his life force? Of course, the most ideal option is to stop contacting him.

But sometimes such an output is not possible, then learn to adapt to this energy suction.

  1. First of all, remember those quibbles with which the vampire most often clings to you. For example, a vampire boss may reproach you for the constant errors in reports, systematic delays, disputes, and so on. The vampire mother-in-law will not miss the chance to notice that the daughter-in-law does not cook enough tasty, she sleeps a lot in the morning, her apartment is not so clean …
  2. When you see that a vampire (energetic and emotional) “starts up”, make a completely innocent face and name all those troubles and shortcomings that are attributed to you. It is important that you manage to do this before an open conflict begins.

Therefore, innocently slap your eyes and tell your boss something like this: “Yes, Marya Alekseevna, I myself can’t imagine how you can work with me. I am late all the time, sometimes I am mistaken in my work.

Yes, and I am nervous for any reason … «and continue in this way.

If your mother-in-law gets you, then you can say the following phrase: “Indeed, mother, can you imagine how my husband still tolerates me? I then burned the cutlets, then the apartment is not cleaned. And I would not correct the situation, so I sleep until dinner … «.

In general, the meaning has probably already become clear to you.

What will be the reaction of the vampire? At first, he, of course, is expected to fall into a stupor, then he will begin to agree with you. And according to the result, he will switch to your side.

Perform a similar manipulation several times and you will get rid of the bloodsucker for good. But the manifestation of aggression, by contrast, is extremely undesirable, because so you only enter the vampire in a state of excitement.

Energy vampires or who feed on our emotions

If suddenly you got a particularly resistant solar vampire and this method does not help in the fight against it, act differently. Use the technique of self-withdrawal.

When you see the beginning of a provocation on the scandal, instantly invent a million reasons to get out of the room and get rid of the vampire.

In no case do not begin to get involved in a conflict — you yourself will not see how you will get, because energy vampires are masters in bringing other people out of the state of internal balance.

How to recognize that before you is a moon vampire?

This energososa is distinguished by constant whining and complaints about life. He is a kind of loser who could not achieve success in life, neither in the field of work nor personal relationships.

And in appearance the moon vampire can look quite sweet and friendly and you can perceive him as your best friend. But when you meet him, he starts to load you with his problems and brings him to a state of inner emptiness.

It is difficult for you to stop communicating with such a person, as in such a situation you will feel like an egoist.

To meet such individuals can be very often, and often they are pretty well arranged in life. Due to the fact that they always complain, they indulge and home, and colleagues.

Often, in order to cope with the endless stream of whining, people around them try to help the lunar vampire — for example, if he complains about a lack of money, then he is borrowed a certain amount. No, that there is no work?

Help to get a suitable position. They also help the energy carrier to raise children, to repair his car, to equip his apartment.

Is it possible to suspect that the poor fellow, whose eyes are always filled with tears, brazenly feeds on your personal energy?

On the contrary, he legally acquires the title of a sufferer and on the same basis regularly enjoys your support, both physical (financial) and energy. Although he often lacks just your vitality.

At the same time, please note that such an individual does absolutely nothing to improve his life!

Energy vampires or who feed on our emotions

Often, lunar vampires are disguised as irresponsibility. Remember the neighbor, who always lends you a beet, then potatoes, explaining that I forgot to buy it. Or, perhaps, the energy sucker borrows money from you, but is in no hurry to give it back, all the while telling promises that it’s about to return everything.

In this way, he gets even more of your energy and emotions.

Effective fight against the moon vampire

How to protect yourself from this rascal who steals your energy? Surprisingly, a very large percentage of people do not even want to somehow protect themselves from the lunar vampires, because they simply do not realize the whole scale of the problem.

A constant fatigue, headaches can always be attributed to magnetic storms.

If you have identified a lunar enemy in your environment and want to eliminate it, then proceed!

  1. The best defense against the moon vampire is his own weapon. So, an ordinary tedious and annoying whining. Here, for example, as soon as the vampire began to tell you about his child with a bad temper, and you immediately interrupt him and start with the saddest kind of saying that he (the vampire) was still lucky, you have a lot worse problems. Your child (spouse, mother-in-law, anyone) does this …

You can be sure that after a few minutes the vampire will do everything possible to stop contact with you and start looking for a more accommodating donor.

  1. It is impossible in any case to keep complaints or go on about such a person. Practice mirroring technique. If the vampire constantly needs your help, then start pestering him with the same. Want to talk heart to heart? Imagine that the power supply is your best friend and start telling him your life in detail so that the vampire cannot insert words.
  2. Abstracted is another working method. You can just stop any connection with the moon vampire. And then he will be forced to seek another, new victim. At the same time, get rid of the feeling of guilt, because you are not at all obliged to be forever someone else’s waistcoat or consolation.

What kind of people become vampires

In principle, under certain circumstances, almost all people are able to start eating someone else’s energy — for example, if they are sick or in a state of severe stress. This is easily explained — in the presence of serious bodily or mental problems, the natural restoration of human energy is impossible.

This is some violation of the energy state, which normally passes after recovery or when the stressful period of life ends.

But there are exceptions to the rule — individuals who become chronic vampires. Such people are very attracted by the high social position, so they strive to achieve such a position.

Their ego is very entertaining by the fact that other people are dependent on them, they adore when they are asked to do so and have the right to refuse.

In addition, sooner or later, people who are not able to solve life’s problems and who regularly associate others with their own affairs will encounter the symptoms of energetic vampirism. They spoil both theirs and those of others.

The risk category also includes individuals who often suffer from negative emotions, because over time they become accustomed to being fed by the negative emotions of other people.

At the end of the topic:

  • Energy vampires are people who consciously or unconsciously take away someone else’s vital energy.
  • Energy suckers are divided into solar vampires and lunar vampires (the way of taking energy is different).
  • After talking with a vampire, a person feels exhausted, even physical manifestations are possible (gut disorders, headaches, pressure surges, and so on).
  • You can save yourself from a vampire, if you do not come into contact with him or know the methods of his elimination (differ for solar and lunar vampires).

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