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Energy vampire: who is he and how to protect yourself from him?

Who is an energy vampire and how to protect yourself from him?

An energetic vampire is a person who consciously or unconsciously takes away someone else’s energy. Like thieves who constantly steal valuables, energy vampires regularly select the greatest value of others — their vitality, due to which they noticeably heal and begin to feel better.

It is necessary to know how to recognize the energy vampire, as well as how to protect yourself from it, otherwise you risk constantly “giving” your energy to the vampire, remaining empty and overwhelmed.

Energy vampire: who is he and how to protect yourself from him?

Types of Energy Vampires

In total, 5 main types of energy parasites stand out:

  1. For the first type characterized by an acute lack of communication. Such a person tends to be constantly surrounded by people, snuggle up to others in public transport, tell himself or listen to others for hours.

If there are no people nearby, the vampire suffers from an information hunger and starts watching TV for days or reading everything that comes to his arm.

The first type of vampire is typical for people of age.

  1. Second type — represents an unhappy person, or posing as such. Representatives of this type are characterized by constant complaints about their difficult and unfair life, which they share with everyone around. They need to achieve compassion, cling to their victim, and with pity pump out her energy.
  2. Third type characterized by increased danger, because it is difficult to immediately recognize. The vampire covers his actions with sublime feelings (love, support, and so on).

Such a person seeks with all his strength to fall in love with others in order to subsequently use the energy potential of each «bewitched» person. And the greater the number of voluntary «fans», the better the energy supply will feel.

This category also includes sexual vampires, the main “food” of which is the energy of the partner, obtained in the process of sexual intercourse.

  1. Fourth type — characterizes the powerful vampire. A person has the power and does not miss the opportunity to guide the fate of others. This is a typical boss, devouring the energy of his subordinates.
  2. Type five — family vampire. As a rule, these are children who were very spoiled in childhood. They are accustomed to receive a lot from their infancy, but not to give anything in return.

When such a child grows up, he retains the negative habits of the past, which are transferred to his own family. And the vampire is already actively feeding on the vital energy of his spouse, children, parents.

The fifth type is the greatest danger, because energy vampirism in this case occurs in a closed space, in which a single energy, actively used by the vampire, is formed.

Energy vampire: who is he and how to protect yourself from him?

Signs of the Energy Vampire

Recognize the energy «bloodsucker» can be on the following ten signs:

  1. For a vampire is characterized by boring and consistency in their tediousness. He constantly turns to others with his problems, but does not listen to advice received from them. After all, he does not need them, but your invaluable energy!
  2. Vampire calls always come at the wrong time — when you are going to sleep, are in the shower or eat. At the same time, it is quite difficult to “get rid” of such a person.
  3. Flowers grow poorly in the home of a vampire, equipment quickly breaks down, cats dislike it. But from the dogs, on the contrary, obtained excellent donors.
  4. Often, energy parasites like to borrow money (which they don’t give out for a very long time, exhausting you with anticipation), and also promise you something important, but then they don’t fulfill it. They absorb your energy through waiting.
  5. Energy vampires love to turn on the music loudly and chat for hours on the phone, especially when you are trying to concentrate on something. Also, the “parasite” can start monotonously tapping, sniffing — in general, doing everything that will irritate you (so that you can spend your energy on it).
  6. It is believed that vampires love cold drinks and spicy dishes, and to the hot and sweet indifferent.
  7. It is a pleasure for energy parasites to tell others about the latest catastrophes, horror films, or just bad dreams in maximum detail. They carefully observe the reaction of interlocutors and are fed by negative emotions.
  8. In their behavior, vampires are direct and outspoken people who easily criticize others, paying no attention to any decency and subordination. The energetic vampire’s crown trick is the public humiliation of his potential victim.
  9. They love to talk about their problems. The weaker — they talk about their pathologies, and those that are stronger — will tell you the complexities of their business.
  10. Vampire body contact is important. In the process of communication, he constantly tries to touch you. In transport, such subjects are usually piled on the surrounding body, or regularly step on their feet.

How we feel after talking to a vampire

Characterized by a sense of exhaustion, exhaustion, as well as anger and inner emptiness. A person becomes confused, he lacks positive emotions, he becomes apathetic to life.

Those activities that previously delighted, are now perceived indifferently. Man feels manipulated and manipulated.

It can even reach a depressive state.

Energy vampires on the sign of the zodiac

The representative of each of the 12 zodiacal constellations can assume the role of both a vampire and a donor.

  • Donors — these are people from whom it is easy to suck energy.
  • For vampires fast adaptation to difficult conditions, low reaction to stress, and also purposefulness. Real vampires usually try their best to make their lives easier.

Of course, there are exceptions to the general set of rules — people who can be fed by the energy of those around them, but do not do it or do it in very rare cases.

As for the signs of the zodiac, then the most notorious vampire is Cancer. He can be either purposeful, who does not need the energy of others, or a true whiner who seeks to show others with all his actions how hard he lives in this world.

You will have to work hard to “get rid” of such a Cancer.

Another strategy is typical for Scorpions. They are the most cruel vampires, because they provoke in their victims a sense of guilt that takes away the life force.

The right strategy is to be completely open to such people and show that you are interested in their lives.

The category of vampire provocateurs can also be attributed to Aquarius and sometimes — Sagittarius. The first likes to publicly humiliate their victims (which usually are people who have fallen under the “hot hand”).

But they belong to the group of honest vampires who do not hide their true inclinations. To protect yourself from them — just ignore any of their attacks and keep calm.

How to protect yourself from energy vampirism

There are universal, proven over the years, methods that will provide you with protection from negative impacts:

  1. When you feel that you are pulling strength out of you, twist a piece in your pocket.
  2. Fasten the usual safety pin on the inside of your clothes, around the heart, so that its head is looking down.
  3. If you are «vampire» do not look into the eyes of your interlocutor. Mentally distract yourself from the unpleasant neighborhood.
  4. Wash face and hands in flowing water after contact with the “parasite”.
  5. Visualize your interlocutor behind the partition (it could be a wall, a shop window, a phone booth and everything that comes to your mind). It is important that the partition does not interfere with your communication, but completely blocked any energy exchanges between opponents.
  6. The easiest way to protect against energy vampirism is to cross your arms or legs when communicating. Thus, the contour of the energy field closes and it is impossible to penetrate it from the outside.

Energy vampire: who is he and how to protect yourself from him?

Do this every time you make contact with a negative, unpleasant person.

  1. It is also shown to resort to energy protection under the name «Ring». You will need to connect the thumb and index fingers of both hands so that a ring is formed, and the remaining fingers are put on each other.

This is a traditional Chinese and Japanese protective method, which is characterized by high efficiency.

At the same time, when you resort to the described technique, your protege will begin to experience a slight chill or a feeling of internal emptiness, which will quickly disappear as soon as you mentally “turn off” your defense.

Now you know how to identify an energetic vampire and how to protect yourself from the negative actions of a person parasitizing others.

We also advise you to watch interesting video material, which reveals many secrets of energetic vampirism and successful struggle against it.

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