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Energy of life: its sphere of influence, ways of replenishment

What is the energy of life, as it manifests itself, the replenishment of the stock

The energy of life (or life force) shows the extent to which a particular person feels the desire to live, work, create, love, think and perform other actions. Life energy is badly needed for each of us, because it depends on its amount how successful, healthy and happy you will be in life.

This article is devoted to the issue of vital energy and an increase in its quantity.

Energy of life: its sphere of influence, ways of replenishment

What is life energy for?

When a person is filled with vital energy, he appears:

  • desires;
  • opportunities;
  • aspirations;
  • creative energy;
  • it burns and its fuses charges others.

And in the absence of vitality, in front of each of these subparagraphs, you can put a minus sign. It turns out that the life force is the ability to exert an active influence on your life.

Without a sufficient amount of it (vital force), we cannot achieve a state of happiness and joy.

You probably know the famous proverb: «Morning is wiser than the evening.» Have you ever wondered why they say that?

During the night rest, the human body is restored, filled with energy, which subsequently will help to think clearly, act and make the right decisions.

Life energy is not an absolute value. It (or rather, its quantity) varies as in a particular individual over the course of life, time of day, and depends on many circumstances.

The energy potential of a person is already noticeable from childhood — someone from the kindergarten takes on the role of leader, followed by others, while others, on the contrary, tend to sit quietly to one side.

Unfortunately, each of us has a limited amount of vital energy. There is a certain maximum value, which we can not exceed.

Life energy is like a liquid in a bottle — someone has a big bottle and someone has a small one. We get a supply of liquid, appearing in the world.

Determine the amount of vitality can be the constitution of a person, how to do this, we will continue.

Find out the amount of vital energy by type of figure

According to Krechmer’s typology, there are 3 types of physique, namely:

  • Asthenic — characterized by high growth, thinness and poorly developed muscles;
  • Athletic — is distinguished by strong muscles, «downed» physique, has a high or medium height;
  • Picnic — low or medium height, spreading torso, a large percentage of adipose tissue.

Energy of life: its sphere of influence, ways of replenishment

Asthenics have a small amount of vitality. They tend to get tired quickly, but they control themselves well, their minds prevail over emotions.

Picnics are characterized by strong energy, mobility, emotionality, but they find it difficult to engage in long monotonous activities.

Athletic people are an intermediate type. They have an adequate supply of vitality and vital energy.

It should be noted that the Krechmer typology is a classic version. Of course, in reality, pure types are almost absent and we are a combination of two or three of them.

Each of the described subtypes is faced with different problems concerning the issue of the energy of life. For example, astenikov most of all worries, how not to use all forces before the end of the case.

And picnics, on the contrary, are experiencing how to keep their stormy energy impulse, which constantly leads forward, not allowing them to sit in one place for a long time.

Although the energy balance of all people is different, absolutely everyone is shown to resort to certain energy exercises to restore or update their biofield. Below are examples of effective energy exercises.

Energy Practices

Aura person depends on the sound effects. In total, there are four types of sound:

  1. Sound of voices;
  2. Sound of thoughts;
  3. The sound of desires;
  4. Transcendental sound.

In many energy practices (for example, in meditative, mantra-meditative, autogenic practice), it is the energy of sound that is addressed, people are trained in its proper use.

Today there are a huge number of different schools and areas that are studying energy practices and their number is constantly growing. There are many conscious people who are aware of the importance of working on themselves, are engaged in the improvement of well-known methods and the development of new ones.

Among the main energy practices today called:

  1. Breathing practices: (represented by Taoist, tantric, holotropic breathing and others;
  2. Qigong;
  3. Meditation;
  4. Autogenic training;
  5. Reiki;
  6. Kundalini energy;
  7. Taoist energy practitioners;
  8. Travel to special places of power;
  9. Filling with natural energy: solar, water, fiery, earth energy, cosmic;
  10. Energy practices used by the ancient shamans: Tensegrity and others;
  11. Spiritual direction.

A very important point in all such practices is working with the problem of energy vampirism. The latter is a social phenomenon that is based on connections with other people.

Energy vampires can be conscious or unconscious and need to learn to protect them from themselves.

Energy of life: its sphere of influence, ways of replenishment

Energy charging

Learn how to recharge your batteries with special exercises.

Charging with a lack of energy

Feeling lack of vitality? Then you should resort to the following exercise. By the time it takes about five minutes (the duration can be increased if desired).

Exercise will strengthen weakened somatic processes (impaired process of digestion of food, blood circulation, metabolism, fight against infectious pathologies).

It is performed as follows:

  • You stand up straight, so that the legs and shoulders are on the same line;
  • Lean forward and exhale, stretching your arms forward and lowering them;
  • After that, with the help of both hands, it is necessary to make a “grab” movement from the bottom up. At the same time, visualize as if invisible energy is accumulating in your hands;
  • Then inhale and stand up straight, raise your arms and “pour out” the collected energy from above onto yourself.

Then, in a whisper or in thoughts, you need to turn to your inner “I”, saying the following phrase:

«Now we will recharge with energy, and I ask you to accept and save it.»

Before an exercise, you can pray and seek help from the forces of Nature, God or your Guardian Angel.

Eightfold breathing

This practice should be resorted to when you feel mental exhaustion, suffer from lethargy, lack of energy, despondency or depression.

  • You need to sit with your back straight, relax all the details of clothes and maximize pacify, cover your eyes.
  • Then take eight breaths, so that the breath is felt in the lower abdomen.
  • Breathing in, you need to inspire yourself every time that a new, valuable life energy pervades and envelops you.

Do the exercise until you feel sufficiently full. Then tell me in a whisper:

Energy of life: its sphere of influence, ways of replenishment

Exercise «Fountain of energy»

With this great practice, you will increase your energy potential. The duration of the exercise is from five to ten minutes. The main point is to recharge yourself with high energy.

And now we are not talking about eliminating energy shortages, but about obtaining an additional huge energy reserve.

This exercise will help increase your productivity. It is carried out in the following stages:

  • Sit in a comfortable position to relax as much as possible. Feet will need to be placed on the sides and completely pacified.
  • Visualize that water (or water energy) comes to your feet.
  • Each new breath raises the water to a higher level. And the higher it rises — the stronger will be its density. As a result, an energy jet should form, which, like a fountain, will burst out through the area of ​​your spring (the crown of the crown or the uppermost energy center) and will flow downwards, giving you a powerful energy flow.

Now you know what the energy of life is and how to quickly fill its balance with the help of energy practices. Finally, we recommend watching an interesting and informative video

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