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Energy meridians of the human body: detailed map

Energy meridians of the human body: a detailed map and description

Energy channels or energy meridians of the human body — a concept that came to us from Eastern medicine. A detailed map is used to diagnose various diseases, the cause of which is the leakage of energy.

Consider the topic in more detail.

Human energy channels and meridians — what is it?

The methods of treatment of Eastern medicine are based on the restoration of the correct flow of energy in the human subtle body. It is believed that all diseases and problems arise due to improper circulation of the life-giving energy of Qi, which is responsible for most of the processes in the human body.

Energy meridians of the human body: detailed map

There are also two other types of energies:

  • Yang — personifies the male principle
  • Yin — a symbol of female energy

Energy cannot enter the body of a person on its own — it penetrates through the energy meridians. Each oriental doctor knows the layout of these meridians — after all, biologically active points are located through the energy channels that are affected during the treatment process.

What are the energy points on the human body?

In Eastern medicine, it is considered: the cause of all diseases is the imbalance of energies, male and female. A disease originates in the human subtle body (in its energy essence), and then passes into the physical body.

Energy can be controlled using the power of thought. For this, special spiritual practices, meditation, and yoga are used.

That is why almost anyone can restore their energy potential, achieve a balance of energies. That, in the end, contributes to recovery.

There are also special exercises that allow you to work on biologically active points. To do them correctly and effectively, it is important to know how the energy channels of a person are located. The scheme is shown in the figure:

Energy meridians of the human body: detailed map

It is worth more to tell about the energy structure of the human subtle body.

The most important meridians are:

  1. The main energy channel is called the yin-meridian and is located in the center of the front of the human body
  2. Along the vertebral column passes the «male» Yang-Meridian

As a result, the main meridians unite, intertwine with each other. If the female Yin energy is responsible for the ministry, then the male Yang is the energy of the owner, responsibility.

And on both sides of the body there are twelve energy channels, which are also the main ones. The remaining meridians are located in different parts of the body and have their own names, consonant to the parts of the body for which they are responsible:

  • The yin-meridian passing through the thumb is responsible for the lungs.
  • The yin meridian passing through the middle finger and the little finger are responsible for the health of the heart
  • Yang-Meridian: passes through the little finger, is responsible for the large intestine
  • Yang meridian passes through the ring finger, is responsible for the temperature of the human body
  • Yin meridians passing through the big toes: correspond to the kidneys, liver, spleen
  • Yang meridians of the legs are: the stomach — the second finger, the gallbladder — the fourth, the bladder — the heel or little finger

This tutorial video clearly shows the location and meaning of all energy meridians:

How to clean energy meridians?

Most often, the diagnostics of energy channels and their cleaning are available only to specialists, and not everyone is able to do it all correctly. But you can try it out.

Each meridian has particular points. By acting on them, you can adjust the flow of energy in the energy channel.

You just need to look at the figure, find on your own body and memorize 12 basic points corresponding to each of the main meridians.

Here, for example, how are the energy points on the hands and feet of a person:

Energy meridians of the human body: detailed map

Starting the actions necessary for balancing your energy and the balance of the energy structure, best of all, from the impact on the point that is called “from a hundred diseases”. It is located in the region of the patella, on the outer side of it.

You should regularly massage this point and the area around it. Such actions will help to stimulate the necessary energy center, restore the mobility of the channels, heal from the many signs of disease.

Massage is recommended to do in the morning, lying in bed. A small caveat — if the morning comes for you at 12 am, you will have to sacrifice daytime dreams.

You should get up before dawn, preferably not later than six in the morning.

Anti-aging practice

This topic will be especially interesting for women who want to preserve their beauty and youth as long as possible. You should learn to stimulate the Feng Fu point.

It is located in the center of the nape, just above the neck.

Oriental physicians produce acupuncture at this point or make cauterization. Of course, at home to perform such actions is quite risky.

You can apply ice to this point: the cold provokes the outflow of blood, after which comes its powerful influx. Thus, the energy balance is improving.

In the morning, on an empty stomach, apply an ice cube to the Feng Fu point and hold for a minute. Then take a three-day break and repeat.

You can do endlessly.

Of course, do not forget about traditional medicine. If you have any diseases, you do not need to rely only on the power of the vital energy of Yin and Yang.

Be sure to visit the doctors and follow their recommendations. And working with energy meridians will allow you to achieve the desired result much faster.

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