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Egregor money — the rules of working with him for rapid enrichment

How to connect your egregor money to achieve wealth

For people, a very important aspect is the satisfaction of material needs, because we all live in a world where money plays a huge role. We are part of the economic system and cannot exist without financial means. Not everyone knows, but there is such a thing as an egregore of money — that is, a certain substance that provides wealth in the financial sphere and actively multiplies material wealth.

You will learn how to connect to the money egregor and how to interact with it correctly from this material.

Egregor money - the rules of working with him for rapid enrichment

What is money egregor

In fact, the egregore is not some abstract deity or idol that needs to make offerings in order to achieve its location. Egregor acts as a certain flow of energy, a kind of information and energy mix, represented by the desires, thoughts, words, actions and emotions of a huge number of people.

There are various egregors of the human world, both positive impact and negative. From the typical examples we can call the Christian egregore, but today we will make a detailed focus on the monetary egregor, which bestows wealth, success, prosperity and consistently high incomes.

Egregor is essentially a concentrated cloud formed by waves-vibrations that radiates a specific person or group of people who have a common activity (professional, family, religious, language, political, etc.).

Such clouds of energy form the entire information-energy envelope of the planet on which we live. There is such a phenomenon as absorption by one egregor of others or growth of one from another, as well as collision or harmonious mutual coexistence.

Money egregor is one of the most ancient, appeared on our planet. Since antiquity, all people strive to achieve a good life, which, above all, means a secure life.

Egregor of money is a combination of thoughts, images, deeds and aspirations of a person aimed at achieving various material benefits.

In total there are two subspecies of egregors:

In the first case, a person uses his inner potential energy, which allows him to realize in life a specific idea. And when an idea comes to life, a person receives a certain profit. But it is important to show particular selectivity in the process of selecting goals.

Be sure to visualize what you want and imagine as if you already have it in real time.

Egregor money - the rules of working with him for a quick enrichment

Considering the financial topic, it should be noted that the most pronounced result is observed in cases where your idea is designed to improve, or personally, your financial situation or the state of your relatives and friends.

How do all egregors

To make it clearer, you should elaborate on the principle of work of egregors. As a result of the action of energy flows, a mutually beneficial exchange takes place. So, when a person wants to connect to one or another egregor, he needs to be very clear about what he wants.

Of course, he can get both a positive and a negative answer depending on the decision of the egregore.

And the decision is made by the egregore on the basis of the benefits that he will be able to receive when the idea is implemented. In most cases, the benefit means a large amount of human energy to replenish their reserves and maintain the energy of the information system.

If energy is not enough — the applicant can take something else at his own discretion.

Therefore, if you want to connect to egregora, for example, to the monetary one, first think about your decision well and be very careful and cautious. After all, you can never be 100% sure that you will be required in return for their help.

Be sure to follow all the rules in order to subsequently get the maximum benefit for yourself and not suffer any losses.

First of all, think about how much money will really satisfy you. Also be sure to specify the goals for which you are going to spend money.

Never just ask for money for the sake of wealth — thus, it is extremely unlikely that you will be able to get help from the egregore.

Set a clear goal, what do you need now for material resources — a new fur coat, a summer cottage in the Maldives, or maybe a new car? Do not be shy about your desires, if you are sure that you have enough energy to implement your plans.

In the next video you are offered interesting information about the money egregore, as well as various secrets of successful and long-term interaction with it.

Egregor money connection

When you connect to the egregor, a certain information-energy cloud begins to form. These are vibrations that emit banknotes, gold bars or precious minerals into the surrounding space.

In addition, the egregor of money «feeds» also by various monetary manipulations, which include the acquisition and sale of various goods, the issuance of salaries, the withdrawal of their money from accounts, and so on. The following rule applies: the more money flows regularly through you, the better the money egregore feels.

But, of course, as previously indicated, none of the existing egregors will waste their energy, he always charges for a certain “fee”. As a rule, in larger quantities than gives.

Otherwise, egregors would simply cease to exist, because they are regularly fed by human energy.

In some respects, they resemble bankers — they take large sums than they give. But do not rush to get upset and say goodbye to your idea of ​​enrichment. Egregors are not at all like vampires.

After all, when you connect to them, you enter into relationships that are beneficial for both parties to the transaction.

At the same time, egregors very clearly control how much wealth they give and to whom, as well as to what extent they charge energy for their services. The last point is considered separately in each case.

The only exceptions are those cases where people have previously invested a lot of their energy in the egregore, but then the system itself will gladly thank its new “partner”.

Rules for connecting to egregor

If we talk about free egregors, then they represent a certain danger for use, because for many years and centuries they often absorbed not the most positive human energy with emotions. Therefore, it is desirable to stay on a personal version.

For self-disclosure of the money egregor, you will be required to perform the following simple actions:

  • set a specific goal, why you need money;
  • coming up with a way for you to receive finances;
  • achieve complete relaxation, cleanse from unnecessary thoughts;
  • think exclusively about finances;
  • use a variety of meditative practices.

After completion of the preparatory phase, you begin to clearly visualize your desire. Due to the strong internal tension, your energy will begin to be actively released into the surrounding space, which in turn will contribute to the creation of the energy-information field around you, which forms the egregore.

It turns out that all that is needed to put your personal money egregor into the work is the maximum concentration on your desire, a strong desire for financial well-being.

If it is difficult for you to visualize material goods on your own, we can advise you to visit a jewelry salon or a bank branch in order to be fed up with monetary energy. And then express your sincere and emotional request.

Describe your situation in detail and call the specific amount of money you now need.

Egregor money - the rules of working with him for rapid enrichment

How to thank egregor for help

How powerful a monetary egregor will help you will be influenced by the correct treatment. Indeed, otherwise, he will issue a too high «bill» for the services provided.

Important regular thanks from you. Also try to keep your appeal to the egregor secretly even from the closest environment.

Magic is not an area in which you should brag about your achievements, otherwise you risk greatly reducing the result to no.

In addition, do not forget that the money should be treated very respectfully. Never carelessly stick bills in the pockets, in any case do not crumple them. Buy for money a new, beautiful and high-quality wallet in which money will be placed freely.

This is their “house”, and if they like it there, they will be actively attracted to you.

There is no need to spend money in vain, in this case, the egregore will decide that you no longer need his help and you will run into financial difficulties.

If dropped bills are marked on the ground — never step on them, it is advisable to bypass them. Negative thoughts in relation to money can also prevent an increase in wealth.

For example, you will think that money is evil, supposedly they negatively affect a person’s character, then you will definitely suffer from permanent losses.

The following rules will also help you to always increase your finances and be «in the black»:

  • Realize that you are in a mutually beneficial relationship with the money egregore, but never put money above the rest.
  • At every convenient opportunity, express your praise to the egregor.
  • All your thoughts on the money egregor should be only positive.
  • Each time, contact the egregor for permission to get rich and succeed.
  • All your desires and prayers must be sincere and come from a pure heart.

Therefore, if you want the money egregor to become your reliable friend and always come to your aid in difficult times — follow all the above rules and show the most respectful attitude to financial resources. Do not tell anyone that you perform magical manipulations to increase your income.

Such actions can frighten the money egregor and you will remain «at the bottom of the tub.»

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