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Effective ways to recover energy

How to restore human energy

In the modern world, in which circumstances make us live according to crazy rhythms, always hurry somewhere, get nervous, solve various urgent problems and the question “How to restore energy?” Is more urgent than ever. There are effective ways to restore your energy balance and relaxation, we will tell about them in this material.

Effective ways to recover energy

What is human energy

Energy acts as a force, providing the process of interaction of elementary particles, as well as the organs of the human body between themselves and turning all this into a single whole, which obeys the same goal.

We can not see the energy, but actually register its manifestations. For example, the current is invisible to the human eye, but we are able to sense its heat and hear the vibrations of the sound into which it turns.

The personal energy of a person is also expressed in different ways. For example, when we meet an active person, filled with forces, an active one who charges others with his activities, we call him a very energetic person.

He is always positive and feels great.

A low amount of energy can be diagnosed by laziness, negative mood, apathy, regular depression, and negative health. It turns out that the amount of a person’s internal energy plays a significant role, both directly for him and for people around him.

We also conclude that energy is realized at the level of emotions. In the case of increased energy, a person experiences strong positive emotions (he is joyful, happy, serene), and with a lack of energy, he suffers from anger, aggression, and apathy.

Human energy sources

From which “storehouse” can a person recharge with energy? According to the latest medical discoveries, as well as the treatises of antiquity, 4 main energy sources were found.

  1. Food — is the first and simplest source of energy. Once in the human body, food under the action of certain processes begins to split, which in turn provokes the release of energy.

If we consider this phenomenon from the point of view of physics, then we learn that when elementary particles are torn apart — energy is released. A digestion of food, just, and refers to this phenomenon.

  1. Sleep — acts as the second energy storehouse. If we deprive us of sleep, the body will be able to withstand at the limit of its capabilities from three to four days, after which it will “turn off”.

When a person is sleeping, all the processes in his body go into a phase of calm, when energy is not wasted, but accumulated. Due to this, after a long and deep sleep there is a surge of strength and vitality.

Effective ways to recover energy

  1. Breath — represents the next storehouse of energy. Due to the respiration process, the body receives oxygen, which is indispensable for fission reactions.

It should be noted that, speaking of breathing, it is important to adhere to the principle of the «golden mean». After all, an excess of oxygen does no less harm than the lack of this element — it disrupts metabolic processes in the body, provokes the appearance of various pathologies and, therefore, causes additional energy costs for recovery.

  1. Positive attitude — is the last and most significant of all these sources of energy. It’s not for nothing that all the world’s religious teachings call despair a huge sin, because in despair a person refuses life (and therefore, refuses the energy of life donated to him from above by God).

Perhaps you were delighted by the increased energy of the children. But if you think about it, you can understand why babies are always filled with energy — they live in a world of love, they are interested in life and they are happy to know it every new day.

This gives them a lot of positive energy.

Negative emotions always take a lot of energy, and positive ones, on the contrary, save and multiply. Thanks to this, it is very easy to explain the rapid aging of pessimists and their shorter life compared to optimists.

What does the amount of energy affect

The level of a person’s personal energy has an impact on such areas of his life:

  • Health — the more pronounced the energy potential of a person, the better is the work of its defense mechanisms, it is more likely to recover from diseases, it is easier to tolerate any difficulties of life.
  • Realization of the desired — with energetically strong people, desires are fulfilled much more quickly and accurately than those who have a weak energy field.
  • The assimilation of information — understanding of the new material also depends on the amount of energy: so, if a person has no free energy, it is difficult for him to concentrate on something.

To study some serious things, first of all, you need to make a substantial investment of energy. For this reason, a person who has a low energy level is not able to assimilate certain things by default.

Because of this, if someone is at a high level of creation, he often faces a misunderstanding of the majority.

  • The general condition of the body and the desire to work. In the case of a lack of energy, people usually suffer from a breakdown, unwillingness to perform various actions. Forces are only enough to sleep and kill your time with television programs. The world is seen in gloomy tones, it seems that there are no further prospects with opportunities in it.

Being in such a mood, a person is rather charged with negative thoughts and emotions, suffers from irritability, self-doubt, depression, discontent with life, rather comes out of himself.

  • Attractive to others — people with high energy potential attract more attention of others (in particular, of the opposite sex) than with low. From the latter, on the contrary, I want to quickly leave.
  • Impact on the surrounding reality. The more a person has his own energy, the more significant influence it has on the space and the people who surround it.

How to restore human energy

If you are diagnosed with a lack of energy, it is necessary to do its active accumulation. This can be done on 4 levels in which the physical body, the etheric body, the astral and mental bodies are involved.

Next, we consider how the energy accumulates on each of these plans.

On the physical plane

  • Thanks to a healthy lifestyle: adherence to a clear daily regimen, sufficient physical activity, healthy food, giving up bad habits;
  • Due to the healing of diseases;
  • Thanks to cleansing (healing starvation, herbal decoctions, yoga practices, and so on);
  • The practice of relaxation meditation, which allows to remove muscle clamps, is shown;
  • Thanks to the eastern disciplines (hatha yoga, qigong, tai chi, and others).

On the air level

Here you can save energy if you will:

  • Practice proper breathing;
  • To be in harmony with nature, to spend time on it more often;
  • Stay calm even in stressful situations;
  • To practice various energy disciplines that improve the functioning of the chakras.

Effective ways to recover energy

At the astral level

At this level, the energy balance increases if:

  • A person is always in a good mood, regardless of what happens in his life;
  • Able to cope with negative emotions;
  • Worked emotional clips and injuries;
  • Shows emotional openness and positively interacts with others;
  • Ceases to communicate with negatively minded people who pull energy;
  • Develops a divine love for the whole world around.

At the mental level

Energy accumulates as a result of:

  • Performing special meditative practices;
  • Awareness of their own thoughts during the day;
  • Getting rid of negative thought images;
  • The ability to separate oneself from one’s thoughts (that is, the separation of one’s ego from the Spirit);
  • The realization that each thought is followed by karmic consequences.

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