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Effective rituals on the growing moon

Rituals on the growing moon

In this article, we will tell you what powerful rituals for the rising moon can be done. The satellite of the Earth was considered a faithful assistant in magical rituals.

The energy of the growing moon contributes to all positive undertakings and fulfills all innermost desires and dreams. It will attract wealth and prosperity to your home, help in matters of the heart and career.

It is safe to say that this is a period of fulfillment of desires and updates.

Effective rituals on the growing moon

Features of the moon in the growth phase

The satellite of the Earth does not have its own light, but reflects the light of the sun. Depending on how the moon is located in relation to the Earth and the Sun, its appearance changes, which we can observe.

There are phases of the moon twenty-nine and a half days long, each of which favors certain magical rites.

In the period when the Moon entered the phase of renewal, the time comes to attract a new flow of energy into human life. Part of the universal energy field, which is activated in this phase on Earth, can be directed to love, creation and general harmony.

Therefore, during this period, magical rituals are held for material well-being, health promotion, happiness in love and career success. These plots and rituals are necessarily tuned to creation and positive changes in a person’s life.

If you decide to turn to the help of magical powers during the rising moon, be sure to consider some of the rules for conducting such rituals.

When performing magical rites, the phase of the moon is usually always taken into account. Take into account some of the nuances of conspiracy: if you turn to the growing moon, you need to perform during the new month.

If — to the waning moon, then to the waning.

The time of the ceremony should be coordinated with the lunar calendar, since, by visually determining the phase of the moon, you may be mistaken. Then the rite will be ineffective, or even work the other way around.

Beginner magicians are encouraged to come into contact with the moon, looking at her. Only professionals in the magical field are able to experience the inner sensation of the Moon.

Do not experiment with the words of conspiracies, because if you are not a magician, you can make mistakes.

If you, nevertheless, wish to address the moon in your own words, treat it with respect and deference. Disrespectful and familiar reference to the night luminary will lead to undesirable results.

Do not be selfish, because the universal flow of energy is intended for all. Ask for love, wealth, health for all residents.

In this case, the likelihood that the Higher Forces will help you increases many times over.

Strong defensive plot on the growing moon

In the period of the new moon, a strong ritual is held to protect themselves and loved ones from various negative influences and energy attacks. To spend it is necessary on the first day of the new moon, with each subsequent day, the force of the impact decreases. Beginners are advised to update the protection every month, because if you are constantly exposed to energy or magical effects, it may not withstand.

The strength of the defense weakens not from a specific time, but from the intensity of negative impacts on you. If damage to death by a powerful magician is done to you, then surely such protection will not work.

Looking at the new month, say:

Effective rituals on the growing moon

Love rituals with the growing moon

The new month is the most favorable time for various love rituals. This is not casual, because the first phase of the moon is a symbol of the birth of love relationships or the beginning of a new stage in the existing ones.

There are many rituals and rituals in this period. But keep in mind that if you have found a love ritual on the waning moon, it is better not to use it.

Most likely, its result will not be what you want.

Effective rituals on the growing moon

Ritual for the return of his beloved

Follow the rising moon on a Saturday night. Take the three church candles, a mirror, a key with a lock and a photo of your beloved.

At 12 o’clock in the morning, place a mirror on the table and light three candles in complete darkness and place a photo. Take the key with your right hand, and the lock with your left and speak:

Effective rituals on the growing moon

Read the plot three times, extinguishing after each reading one candle after another. Putting out the last one, insert the key into the lock and close it.

Then go to bed, and in the morning you need to take out all the objects of the ritual to a place where people do not go, bury them and not return there.

Strong cash rituals on the growing moon

The growing moon has a powerful influence on the attraction of material values ​​in human life. Therefore, during this period various monetary rituals and ceremonies are held.

But in no case do not try to enrich themselves at the expense of other people — in this case, the Higher Forces will not help you.
Powerful money-attracting ritual

Be sure to help if you urgently need money for something very important. Do it on Sunday with the moon growing.

You need to prepare an astrological candle, 2 green candles, one brown and yellow candle, jasmine oil, a cinnamon stick and a brown piece of paper.

First, light a green candle that is larger in size and a cinnamon-flavored stick. A brown candle needs to be spread from top to bottom with jasmine oil and scratched with a sign that you associate with money.

Enter the exact amount of money you need on the paper sheet. The rite will not be valid if you write an amount greater than that which, in fact, you need.

Candle brown set in the center. The remaining candles also need to rub with jasmine oil from top to bottom.

Put in this order: astrological for brown, to the left of it — green, and to the right — yellow. Now you need to light the candles and read the words of the conspiracy 2, 4, 6 or 8 times:

Effective rituals on the growing moon

Using a brown candle to burn a sheet of paper and dispel the ashes.

Strong money raising ritual

It must be performed for three nights during the rising moon. Prepare a green candle on the table, orange, bergamot and cedar oil, a stick with one of these flavors, a candlestick, a white candle, a pen with paper and a bowl.

With these items on the table, think about the fact that money starts to come to you.

Effective rituals on the growing moon

Before the ritual is recommended to take a cleansing bath with herbs. Draw a circle and light a wand.

Sit in the center of the circle and draw in your imagination a glowing green ball, inside of which you and the objects of the ritual are located. Holding a candle with both hands, charge it with your energy. After that, set it in the candlestick.

On a piece of paper you need to write all your desires regarding wealth and ideas on how you can achieve prosperity. Place a sheet of paper under the candlestick so that the words are on top.

Say these words:

Effective rituals on the growing moon

Light a candle and say:

Effective rituals on the growing moon

Looking at the flame of a candle, draw a picture in your imagination that you have achieved all your goals and become a wealthy person, got a new position at work and forgot about all financial difficulties. The candle needs to be extinguished when it decreases by a third, saying:

Effective rituals on the growing moon

Spend the ritual for the next two nights. At the last you need to take out a note, burn with a candle and throw the ashes into the bowl.

After collecting the wax of the candle, which has completely burned down, and the ashes from a piece of paper, bury the remains under the wall of your house. During the ritual all the time imagine yourself inside the luminous green sphere.

In this article, we introduced you to some powerful rituals that are carried out with the growing moon. But do not forget that the ritual will help you only if you yourself will make an effort to achieve your goals.

The essence of magic is that you see new opportunities for the fulfillment of your desires and take advantage of them. But just lying on the couch, it is unlikely in the morning you will find a pack of banknotes under your pillow.

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