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Effective prayers, plots for a quick and successful sale of the car

Rites, prayers and plots for the quick sale of cars

If you need to sell your car quickly and for good money, you can help yourself with this with the help of magic. There are special ceremonies, plots, spells and prayers with which you can influence potential buyers to attract more interest to the vehicle being sold and to make you want to buy it without bargaining.

You can read prayers and conspiracies on your own without having specific knowledge and skills.

Before you put the car up for sale, it must be cleaned of the energy of the previous owners and passengers. The more different people have been inside the cabin, the more imprint they left in the aura of the car. Buyers subconsciously feel someone else’s energy and can not perceive the car as their future property.

You can clear the sold car from unwanted energy by yourself.

It is necessary to thoroughly wash the car with your own hands, clean the interior, mats, wipe the glass. During this procedure, a cleansing presale plot is read:

"Dust expel, free up the place. The place is holy and empty, but it is loud and thick to me. Dust flies in the wind, begs, empty place for a long time does not happen.

From time immemorial, it is said so: holy place to be defiled And I (the name) to get rich. One Answer.

One Law. And I profit".

Be sure to remove all your personal belongings from the glove box and trunk, leave only items that are directly related to the car itself. In order that the car again does not accumulate harmful energy and in order to protect it from the evil eye, after cleaning, the cars bypass the car clockwise three times, squeezing the keys firmly in the right-hand fist, and speak quietly:

"Close, lock, protect. Amen".

The best day to conduct such a ceremony — Thursday. It is better to finish all the activities before lunch.

After that, you can proceed directly to the sale.

According to superstition, you can not discuss with the buyer the details of the sale in the cabin of the car. If the car served faithfully, you need to treat it with respect: do not scold, do not hit, do not kick the wheels, etc. Otherwise, the deal will not take place.

Effective prayers, plots for a quick and successful sale of the car

If you get in the store a toy machine, similar to the car being sold, you can make an amulet out of it for a successful sale. It is necessary to wait for the full moon, bandage the toy with a red ribbon and, dripping on the knot with candle wax, read:

"I put the seal in order to sell it nicely, not to the evil of people, but at a profit and to the buyer for the joy. He has the goods, and I have the money, and let everyone be happy.

As said, so fulfilled. Amen".

Depending on the size, they either put the toy car in the trunk of the car being sold, or carry it in their purse for all negotiations with potential buyers. After completion of the transaction, the amulet from the trunk must be removed and buried in words with thanks.

Effective prayers, plots for a quick and successful sale of the car

A washed car consumes less gasoline and is sold faster and more expensive. However, it is possible, not believing in national signs, to combine the guidance of purity and magical manipulations.

After the car wash you need to wait for the sunset and read the plot on a clean car. To do this, bypass it counterclockwise three times, then wipe the headlights and glass with a clean cloth and read:

"It’s time to see off, shine like a star. As the light of a star never dies away, so you shine, cover your eyes with light.

Cover yourself with golden pollen, attract the human race. Our star shone.

I have money, but you have to go, go, go. Star.

Land. Key".

The cloth that was wiped on the same day was burned with a slander:

"With the wind, with the smoke fly away, send me wealth, every day, every night, at any moment".

The ashes are dispelled to the wind, and without turning around and not having a conversation with anyone, they return home. The sale will be quick, hassle-free and will bring more money than expected.

Effective prayers, plots for a quick and successful sale of the car

Very powerful works for the sale of the plot on the keys. For this ceremony you will need to boil the keys to the car in boiling water.

For modern electronic keyfobs, you can purchase a separate metal pendant with the emblem of the car being sold and cook it. After speaking, this keychain clings to the console. Having lowered the subject intended for plotting in boiling water, say the words:

"As the water is hot, so hot is the desire of everyone who looks to buy (name of car). As water boils with a key, the zealous at the buyer burns until the owner becomes. The word is the key, water is the lock, said and done.


When meeting with customers, it is desirable, under the specious excuse, to invite them to hold the keys in their hands, then the conspiracy will become even stronger, and they will not be able to refuse to purchase.

Ritual with salt is carried out at home. They take three handfuls of table salt of any grinding, pour it onto a cast-iron or copper pan and heat it until it starts to crackle, and read the plot:

"In the power of salt all the power of the earth, absorb my word, give the power of the earth to me".

Around the place where the car stands, ahead of time draw a circle with this salt and wait for the buyer. As soon as he steps over the line and is inside the circle, he should say to himself:

"Whoever got into the circle, he disappeared forever, eat his salt, burn the fire, until you need to buy".

Even if the buyer asks for time to think and leaves, he will return soon, as he will constantly experience discomfort until he completes a deal to buy this car.

To speed up the sale helps the rite of holy water. Carry it out when you need to sell the car as quickly as possible, even if it is cheaper than the market price.

For this ceremony go on Sunday in any church and collect in it a little water, on the way back buy a pack of salt. Houses scoop salt with the left hand, a full handful, lightly watered with holy water and firmly squeeze. Conspiracy:

"As everyone needs water, no one lives without water — so there was no life for a buyer without my car. Let him buy it and pay a coin generously pay. One came, another looked, and the third bought.


Salt is laid out on paper and gives it a little dry, then half is eaten, and another part is sprinkled on the machine, saying: "Salt — to food, merchant — to my product". The ceremony will begin to act immediately, the future buyers will begin to attract cars.

Before you place an ad for a sale, you need to write its text on paper. Sit alone in an empty room, light a candle, put your hands on a note with text.

Imagine how the wind rises above it, it spins like a tornado, it becomes more and more, it involves everyone around it and spreads to the whole earth. At this point, read the spell:

"Spirits of the air, fly quickly, my word to people to inform, everyone who hears, anyone who reads, immediately come to me for shopping".

Then they say out loud the ad text and blow out the candle. This ritual acts very quickly, there will be many who want to buy something sold, and the seller will just have to make no bargain and choose the most generous buyer.

One of the most powerful conspiracies for sale is read on the full moon. For this you need to prepare in advance:

After leaving at night to an open, deserted place, they light a candle and, leaving the cereal in the cabin, bypass the car nine times in a clockwise direction. All the while, go, read the plot:

"I go round and round, I’m leading the buyer, I’ll only look at the car, he won’t live without it, he will buy it in a short time. Word. A business.

Key. Castle".

Then the candle is blown out. Arriving at the place where the car will be for sale, sprinkle the surroundings with cereal with the words:

"A little bird sticks, the merchant gives me money".

Important! During the ceremony, it is necessary to ensure that the flame of the candle does not approach the gas tank or flammable materials.

If done correctly, buyers will not be long in coming. The best day of the week for this ritual is Wednesday.

Effective prayers, plots for a quick and successful sale of the car

You can make an amulet for the successful and profitable sale of the car based on the symbols "Transaction Provider" and runes "Raido"meaning road or carriage. The desired image is applied with his blood to any object: a piece of wood, cloth or leather.

Then it is activated in the simplest way: a candle is taken, located between the lips and the activated amulet, and a strong exhalation is made so that the flame touches the amulet and goes out. This talisman is recommended to wear on the left side, closer to the heart.

You can simply put it in the left pocket of your shirt or pants.

When meeting with the buyer, you need to touch the magic item and mentally ask for help in selling. After the car is successfully sold and the need for an amulet is gone, you just need to burn it.

There is a strong conspiracy for the sale of machines, anointed with honey. This rite increases the attractiveness of cars sold in the eyes of buyers. Does not speed up the deal, but helps sell more expensive.

Spend it on Wednesday at noon. They drive out to a secluded place, take out a jar of liquid honey and leave them with the index finger of the right hand on the body, wheels and bumper. Each time a conspiracy is read:

"How honey is sweet and pleasant, the power of the sun and the herbs is rich, so my car is pleasant for any buyer. Like flies sticking to honey, all people want to buy my goods.

According to our Lord and his mercy. Amen".

Until the tags are washed away, magic will work. If it rained or it was time to wash the car, the plot for honey will have to be repeated.

If you do not want to use witchcraft, you can resort to the help of prayer. In any case, a person has the opportunity to turn to God.

You can pray in any form or use ready-made texts.

Assistance in the sale of asking both from the Almighty, and from His saints: Nicholas the Successor or Spiridon Trimifuntsky. You can pray to them in the temple or at home.

You can read the prayers and being directly in the object of sale — the car.

Saint Nicholas the Benefactor can pray for help in all daily activities. He helps in work and trade.

You can ask the saint about finding buyers, if there is such a need. It is useful to have his icon both in the car and at home. As a rule, they turn to Nicholas the Wonderworker with these words:

"Oh, our good shepherd of Christ, and to the God of wisdom, the sanctuary and teacher of the Lord, wisely Father Nikolay! Hear me a sinner, praying to you and calling you to help in the near representation.

See me feeble, persecuted by all, and all the blessings of the devoid. My mind dread of faint-heartedness, cry with tears to you, and I beg you, holy saint of God will not leave a name in captivity of sin.

May I not die in my wicked deed, pray for me unworthy of your servant our Creator and Lord, and with him you will stand with the face of the holy saints in heaven. O most graciously and foreverly intercessor and pleasing to Christ, to the shepherd of the forekind, saving us sinners from all evils!

Hunger-hungry, crying, comfort, and the faithful protect and hear our prayers and protect us from the evil one!

Hearing us sinners, before your knees are humbly bowing down, help us, intercessor of Christ, strengthen our hearts in faith, and deliver us from all evil! Lead us into the kingdom of the Lord, and let us be honored by our Lord, in the name of the Son, the Father, and the Holy Spirit.


During prayer, you do not need to think about profit. It is necessary to banish any envy and malice from the heart.

If you ask the saint for help with the love of God in your soul, the prayer will be heard.

Saint Spyridon of Trimifunti is often sought for help in trading. He was born in the third century, but the people’s love for him has not faded until now.

Words of prayer to St. Spiridon such:

"O all-blessed Holy Hierarch of Christ, the great saint and patron of the Lord and the glorious wonderworker Spiridon! Having stood in heaven at the throne of our God with an angelic face, be mercifully upon us, your sinful servants, who stand and pray with a contrite soul and your intercession humbly begging.

Ask our Lord, may God have mercy on us and not punish us for our iniquities, and grant us sinners by our mercy to live our days in a serene and peaceful life. Take away all our misfortunes and agony, mental and physical, all the slander is devilish and longing. Comfort our sorrows, and deliver from ills, grant us your intercession and help in all our affairs, grant your prayers to us and save us!


After reading the words, you can ask for help from the saint in an arbitrary manner, tell why you need to sell a car so quickly and costly, and tell about your difficulties. To end the address is the words of gratitude to the saint and the Lord for life and the whole world created.

After a successful sale, you can order a prayer of thanksgiving in the temple.

The story of one of our readers Alina R .:

Money has always been my main concern. Because of this, I had a bunch of complexes.

I considered myself a failure, problems at work and in my personal life haunted me. However, I decided that I still needed personal help.

Sometimes it seems that the matter is in you, all the failures are only a consequence of bad energy, the evil eye or some other evil force.

But who will help in a difficult life situation, when it seems that all life is rolling down the slope and passing by you. It is difficult to be happy working as a cashier for 26 thousand rubles, when I had to give 11 for renting an apartment. It was my surprise when my whole life suddenly changed for the better overnight.

I could not even imagine that one could earn so much money that at first glance a knickknack could have such an effect.

It all started with the fact that I ordered a personal one.

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