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Does damage really exist?

The fact that each person has an individual energy field is scientifically proven. And if so, then the energy shell can be damaged or destroyed. This is done with the help of magical influences, which in fact represent strong energetic promises of a negative nature.

This is what people call damage. But, despite such explanations, many are interested in whether the damage actually exists or the cause of the unexplained life problems is self-hypnosis.

It should be recognized that religion does not recognize damage, considering it a pagan superstition. But at the same time, the church considers it a sin to manifest any evil. She condemns the envy, bitterness, hatred of people towards each other.

On the other hand, the church provides an opportunity for anyone to repent of their sins and be forgiven. That is, get protection from God.

The church teaches us to manage our feelings and control our behavior.

Does damage really exist?

But, nevertheless, in spite of all the above, in the church are constantly carried out readings, which are aimed at cleansing from evil. In this regard, it can be argued that the negative impact, called damage, really exists.

In addition, it is hardly possible to explain a large number of rituals, conspiracies and charms from damage that came to us from antiquity, only by self-suggestion of man.

Damage is a very dangerous phenomenon, both for the victim and for directing her. Action equals counteraction — this law extends to the energy sphere of a person. Therefore, it should be understood that, despite the large number of negatives in the modern world, this damage is very rarely induced.

After all, an experienced magician, being a professional, understands that any evil thoughts will certainly return, including future generations to pay for this magic.

Therefore, it should not be all life troubles and problems blamed on damage, the evil eye, etc. It is better to try to cope with them yourself. In addition, it must be remembered that visiting the temple and sincere prayer will always help to restore emotional balance, and therefore resolve the most difficult life situations.

It is necessary to learn to perceive the world around positively, to lead a healthy lifestyle, to be kind to all, without exception, and to rejoice in every single day. In this case, your energy field will be very difficult to damage, much less destroy any, even the strongest, negative effects.

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