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Determining the character of a person according to his handwriting

Handwriting and human character: the secrets of our flourish

How to know the character of a person during the first communication? It is enough to ask him to write something by hand on a blank sheet of paper.

When applying for a job, I often spend a small test with potential employees in order to learn the main features of his character and inclinations. The basic parameters of graphology analysis help me with this.

In this article I will tell you how to recognize by handwriting a good employee, a reliable friend, a stupid or emotionally unstable individual.

Determining the character of a person by his hand

What is graphology?

Every person has a special and unique handwriting. Even when trying to copy someone’s calligraphy, you can see your own style.

The beginning of the formation of handwriting falls on the period of 8-10 years, and only by the age of 20 he will acquire the final form. But it should be noted that if a person wishes, he will be able to transform his writing style somewhat.

In addition, the handwriting varies depending on the psychological and physical state of people.

By writing style you can learn a lot about the character, inclinations and abilities of the individual. This relationship was discovered by scientists in the middle of XIX, and it was then that the science of graphology appeared. Today it is used in completely different areas:

  • psychodiagnostics;
  • staff recruitment;
  • criminalistics;
  • business;
  • military service;
  • career guidance, etc.

Graphology is based on a wide range of handwriting parameters, the totality of which allows you to learn about the personal characteristics of its owner.

The main parameters of the analysis

Graphology specialist, i.e. graphologist, it is impossible to deceive. Any attempt to change your handwriting will certainly be revealed.

This is explained by the fact that a person automatically returns to the usual style of calligraphy, and this is especially noticeable when writing dictation text.

In order to compile a psychological characteristic of a person, when analyzing a handwritten text, attention is drawn to several basic parameters:

  1. Pressure. Energetic, hardy and self-confident individuals when writing words strongly press on a pen or a pencil. As a rule, they are optimistic, purposeful, and have high performance. While romantic, sensitive and dreamy natures write with a little pressure. Such people are characterized by accuracy, responsibility, slowness and weakness. They are mostly focused on their own inner world.
  2. The slope of the letters. Most often, people write with a slight inclination to the right. Holders of this type of handwriting are balanced, calm, sociable and open. Persons who write with a big inclination to the right, persistent, purposeful, jealous and amorous. They are inherent maximalism and the desire to be first. A strong inclination of the letters to the left may indicate self-sufficiency and independence of the person. But people who write with a slight inclination to the left are individualists. They have selfish behavior and critical thinking. As for the smooth vertical handwriting, its owners are characterized by internal harmony, rationality and emotional stability. They are very stubborn, never undertake hasty decisions and actions, but carefully analyze the situation.
  3. The size of the letters. Large handwriting indicates openness, sociability and good nature. Such natures are leaders and soul of any company. Those who write in small letters, the size of which does not exceed 3 mm, are characterized by isolation, prudence, secrecy and restraint. They responsibly approach to any business, and precisely carry out assigned tasks. Holders of broad, sweeping calligraphy have creative talents, and narrow ones are thrifty and rational.
    Outlines of letters. Kind and responsive people who are willing to make compromises usually give the letters a rounded shape. At the same time, selfish and independent people prefer angular outlines. They can react sharply not only to criticism, but also to advice.
  4. Row layout Exactly written lines indicate balance, prudence and calm. If the lines are uneven, this may indicate an imbalance and instability of the mental state of the individual. In addition, optimistic natures end of the lines are usually slightly raised up, and pessimists — down. You should also pay attention to the spacing between the lines. A small gap is usually left by those who do not know how to dispose of their own time, and a large gap indicates a planned pattern and compliance with the permitted boundaries.
  5. The combination of letters. If a person, when writing a text, interconnects all the letters in words, then it means that he is not inclined to make hasty decisions, as well as the presence of developed logical thinking. The lack of connections indicates a developed intuition and ingenuity.

Determining the character of a person by his hand

Character trait determination

Drawing attention to the features of handwriting, it is possible to accurately determine certain traits of a person’s character and create a brief psychological portrait.

  • Intellectually developed people with an analytical mindset have a smooth handwriting, while the letters are often located vertically, occasionally with a slope, do not have any curls, and are interconnected. Handwriting is legible, rounded in shape, some letters look unfinished. Identical spaces between words and line spacing.
  • The cunning, prudence and composure of nature indicate a deliberately even writing style. The letters are written in one piece, sometimes slightly stretched, and the spaces between the words are not the same. The main feature is that the words almost never have a transfer, and do not go beyond the field, a person tries to fit them in one line by stretching or reducing letters.
  • The stupid and ignorant nature is given by elongated and «decorated» letters, which are often widely spaced and have no connections. The capital letter is not infrequently artistic in its style — volumetric, rounded, with elegant curls. Almost always the distance between letters and words is different. Also, the stupidity and dreaminess of a person may indicate excessive diligence in writing the text.
  • About anxiety, vulnerability and vulnerability of the individual says handwriting with little or unequal pressure. For example, words may look incomplete due to the lack of pressure at the end of their writing. The letters have uneven outlines, slightly inclined to the right.
  • Emotionally unstable, aggressive and quick-tempered people write in large letters that do not rarely go beyond the boundaries of the lines drawn. The pressure is quite strong, which is especially noticeable at the end of words. The letters are written abruptly, and their tails and hooks are larger than they should be.
  • Irresponsibility, impermanence and inconsistency are evidenced by the fine handwriting. The letters are written sharply, with dangling hooks, and there is practically no distance between them. Strokes in the letter are strictly the same direction.
  • False and criminal nature gives out a small squat handwriting. The letters look flattened, arched, there are also underlines and hooks. The owner of this style of writing diligently prescribes words using strong pressure, which makes them look rude.
  • If a person is depressed or confused, he will write with medium pressure. Sometimes on the lines are not rarely waving. The letters are round and jerky, may have divisions and additional elements in the form of ornaments. In general, the handwriting looks beautiful, but deliberately carefully.
  • A calm, balanced person, with an analytical mindset, can be recognized by a uniform, woven handwriting. He writes with equal pressure, and almost always combines letters. Sometimes its text looks illegible, and it seems that the person wrote in a hurry.
  • A talented, creative person is the owner of a sophisticated and graceful calligraphy. The lines are even, the letters sometimes slightly out of line. Words can not always be clear, and sometimes they are smeared.

The relationship of temperament and handwriting

As you know, there are 4 types of temperament, each of which has certain character traits. But few people know that it is possible to determine to which type a particular person belongs without conducting special tests — it is enough to pay attention to the peculiarities of his handwriting.

This method is successfully used by a large number of companies in hiring people.

  1. Sanguine has a beautiful, sweeping handwriting. The letters are usually curvilinear, there are intermittent strokes in the words. The lines in the text are usually even, but in some circumstances they can slightly «crawl» up.
  2. Wrapped or twisted strokes, small, closed letters indicate a halic. People with such temperament write with strong pressure, with an inclination to the right, the letters usually do not have connections, but are very close.
  3. The melancholic letter is often difficult to read and understand. He writes with weak pressure, the words “dance”, and there are elongated strokes in them. When transferring words in front of the fields can be a great distance.
  4. Phlegmatic inherent calligraphic, elongated handwriting, decorated with curls. It is used uneven pressure, so some letters look «fat», while others — almost imperceptible. Despite the consistent spelling of words, there is a long distance between the letters.

The given parameters for determining the character of a person according to his handwriting are superficial. For more detailed information, graphologists conduct in-depth analysis of handwritten texts.

But using the above examples, it is quite possible to make a brief description of a person in order to understand who you are dealing with.

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