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Description of the meaning of different colors in color

The value of different colors in color

Each color has its own specific meaning, its own character, which has a much greater impact on our lives and behavior patterns than it may seem at first glance. What is the psychology of color?

How do different shades affect our emotional sphere? What is the meaning of all the colors known to date?

From this material you will learn a lot of cognitive information about the psychology of colors, as well as get valuable advice on how to apply the effects of shades in your everyday reality.

Description of the meaning of different colors in color

What is the color psychology and why is it necessary?

There is a whole doctrine based on knowledge about nature, components, characteristics of shades, color contrasts, harmony, and so on. It is called coloring.

Coloring explores the impact of a particular shade on the psycho-emotional state of a person. Color can change your perception, your feelings, and even sometimes makes your heart beat faster.

Due to the combination of certain shades there is an improvement in memory and attention.

In reality, even using color therapy, to motivate a person to make this or that decision. Knowing the meanings of all colors and using this knowledge in practice, you will learn to better understand the people around you.

Color can drastically change your impression about a particular object or object. For example, imagine a toy for a small child.

Probably, the image of a bright cheerful rattle or a brilliant multi-colored toy immediately surfaced in your head. It is difficult to imagine that the children’s toy was black, is not it?

Color has an impact on the psycho-emotional sphere of a person

Every day, people do many things, they are influenced by various environmental factors. The human brain is constantly in an active state.

Sometimes it may even not be enough time to process all the information received throughout the day.

For this reason, associations relating to the shape and colors significantly save your time, because their processing takes place automatically.

And people are distinguished by emotionality. Different shades interact with the memory of a person, begin to awaken in him different feelings with thoughts.

The colors cause us associations, they can make us experience both positive and negative types of emotions.

For example, you do not even need to be a certified colorist to understand that the pink and red hues symbolize love and romance. Therefore, going into the store, in which this gamma prevails, we are more likely to start thinking about our loved one and mentally choose a gift for him.

Characteristics of each of the colors in psychology

Experts have long and very lively discussion on this topic. Characteristics of shades are actively investigated by psychologists, sociologists, linguists and marketers from around the world.

There is an analysis of such catch phrases as «turn green with envy or anger,» «see the world through the prism of rose-colored glasses,» and so on. There are countless surveys and studies of different layers of society in order to get even more information about the colors.

Next we look at what each shade in psychology means.

Characteristic white tint

White is snow, milk, cotton, wedding dress. This color is associated with lightness, perfection, purity, harmony and integrity.

Not for nothing that the walls of hospitals and hospitals are decorated in white colors — it soothes the sick. Colorists are advised to wear a white shirt or blouse when you want to leave behind a positive impression.

White is neutral, pure, perfect and unbiased.

A blank paper sheet can open the door to new opportunities for us, which is why the expression “to start something from a white (or blank) sheet” is so popular.

But from a different position white color can also drive you into a state of longing, if you do not know how to properly use its capabilities. Therefore, the catch phrase «white veil on the eyes.»

What does the shade mean?

Yellow color is associated with positive, optimism, youth, reliability and originality. No wonder that emoticons in chat rooms have exactly the yellow color, and even with a small chance you decide to wear a yellow dress, being in a bad mood.

Yellow is the sun, gold or cute animals — giraffes and chickens.

But on the other hand yellow color is controversial. He can symbolize betrayal, lies, stinginess and madness.

In a number of world cultures, yellow flowers are associated with separation and separation.

In addition, the yellow color has a connection with those segments of society that are usually rejected — for example, women of the oldest profession. During the Middle Ages, yellow color was associated with Jews who were expelled from many territories.

But in China, yellow, by contrast, is highly respected and is intended to cause only positive associations.

What symbolizes the orange color?

The color of juicy orange just can not leave anyone indifferent. It is associated with different fruits, sunset.

People with red hair, also always attract increased attention.

Not everyone knows that many shades that are similar to red (red lights, red roofs of houses, and so on) are actually orange.

The color scheme gives orange color vigor, extravagance, transformation and uniqueness.

Description of the meaning of different colors in color

Bright and passionate red

Red color symbolizes a passion, it draws attention to itself, but at the same time causes a feeling of anxiety. According to the psychology of colors, red symbolizes love, intimacy, joy on the one hand, and on the other, blood, war, suspicions and prohibitions. No wonder that it is the red color that means a ban on traffic at traffic lights.

This is an urgent, extra touch.

The red tint leaves no one indifferent, you surely pay your attention to the bright red lipstick or to the fact that it is corrected with a red marker.

Therefore, if you are going to write some important message, highlight it with red.

Among other things, the red color correlates with sexual energy, and not only in humans, but even in animals.

What does tender pink mean

The color scheme says that the pink color is associated with sweetness, femininity, charm, sensuality, politeness, eroticity, and also symbolizes the naked body. His two other meanings are youth and integrity.

Most people like the pink color, many prefer to have only pink shades in their wardrobe. But there are, of course, and those who irritate this color, speaks of bad taste.

Especially fell into general disfavor shade of fuchsia, which many resemble cheap things of low quality.

Characteristic purple hue

Purple color is mysterious and unusual. In color, he is responsible for luxury, religiosity and sexual attractiveness. Clothes of a purple shade are designed to attract attention and cause intrigue.

It should be noted that the purple hue is not very common in nature and if you use it wisely, you can create a very profitable and bright image.

There is a true not very pleasant association of violet hues — in some countries, color associates homosexuality and feminism. He also recalls nostalgia, awakens imagination, is responsible for ambition, vanity and instability.

Violet is an absolutely ambiguous shade, but if you use it correctly, you can get a lot from the energy of this color.

Description of the meaning of different colors in color

Characteristic blue

Many people prefer blue or blue shades in clothing. This shade corresponds to harmony, loyalty, peace, sympathy, trust, honor, serenity and communication.

Therefore, it is not surprising that many social networks and logos are decorated in blue colors.

But there is a blue tint and its negative aspects — for example, blue and blue colors are sometimes associated with cold and detachment. This color scheme is absolutely not suitable for food and can cause a lot of suspicion in a person.

It is unlikely that someone would agree to taste blue mashed potatoes or meat.

But in the interior design this color will look very profitable, not for nothing that it symbolizes rest, relaxation, the sea, the sky and complete relaxation.

Characteristic green shade

Green is the most natural color that symbolizes nature, grass, youth, hope, health, fertility and money. The color scheme says that the green color also corresponds with the freshness and harmony, peace and tranquility.

People who care about the state of nature are often called «green.»

But this shade also has its dark side — causes an association with poison. That is why the famous expression “to turn green with anger (or envy)” appeared.

But on the other hand, most of the characteristics of this shade are positive.

Brown tint

Brown color symbolizes laziness, dirt, vulgarity, vagrancy and deformity. He may also be associated with something old and boring.

This is perhaps one of those shades that are not appreciated the most.

But on the other hand the brown shade symbolizes a tree, autumn, warmth and comfort. And yet — corresponds to a delicious chocolate and a beautiful tan.

We very often come across this color in everyday life and it provokes various associations in our soul.

What does the gray tint symbolize?

The psychology of color suggests that gray, above all, is personified with old age, modesty and simplicity. It also symbolizes something dark, boring or soft, and acts as a repository of various secrets and secrets.

Therefore, there were such variants of expressions as “gray scheme” or “gray salary”.

On the other hand, gray is associated with elegance in clothing. And the most unusual association is reminiscent of the «gray matter» in the brain.

What does the classic black color symbolize?

Many experts still cannot come to an unequivocal conclusion as to whether the black color is actually color or not (exactly the same situation has developed with a white tint).

In the psychology of color, black symbolizes night, power and death. And he is associated with mystery, mourning, denial, hatred, cruelty, and so on.

It’s not for nothing that the black cat, according to the famous belief, is meant to bring bad luck, as well as everybody in panic fears that very notorious “black day”.

On the other hand — try to find at least one person whose wardrobe would not consist of black things? This shade we find everywhere and everywhere, because it is very useful and functional.

Therefore, all girls dream of a little black dress, wearing which they will look very stylish, elegant and feminine.

If you are interested in the topic of colors, then the book “The Psychology of Color” by Eve Geller, which details the characteristics of all existing shades, will give you more detailed information about this science.

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