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Deer Tattoo: Value for Girls and Guys

Deer Tattoo: Value for Girls and Guys

Despite the fact that I am very cautious about any kind of images on the body, a tattoo with a deer always causes only positive emotions. Its meaning is luck, longevity, abundance and happiness.

Therefore, such a tattoo will bring its host a lot of good, can change the fate for the better. This is a great sign even for girls, which many other «bestial» characters are contraindicated.

Deer in antiquity

The history of any tattoo is rooted in ancient times, when people deified the spirits of animals and gave them a special, magical value.

Deer Tattoo: Value for Girls and Guys

What did the symbol of a deer mean in cultures of different countries and nationalities:

  1. The Scandinavians considered the deer to be a sacred animal, idolized and revered it. He was a constant companion of one of the strongest goddesses — Isa, the patroness of motherhood, giving people fertility and abundance.
  2. The Celts believed that the horned animal is a symbol of rebirth and longevity. As well as a sign of long life, abundant, happy, full of love and wealth.
  3. In Europe, the deer has always been a sign of justice and strong character. The image of an animal personified the best masculine qualities — dedication, courage, wisdom, endurance and resilience.
  4. In China, it is a symbol of fertility and abundance. The sign of the deer was used in cases when it was necessary to secure luck and luck, as well as to solve complex, confused family problems.
  5. In the land of the rising sun, deer is a symbol of a long and healthy life.
  6. The ancient Slavs, this symbol was revered as divine. He personified the sinless life, self-sacrifice, altruism.

Conclusion: a deer is an animal almost sacred and extremely auspicious sign. A tattoo with his image can bring its owner only positive events in life, will strengthen the best traits of his character, will give good luck.

Of course, if you believe that this is not just a drawing on the body, but a sign with special, magical power.

Tattoo value

A deer tattoo has a very deep meaning. In principle, you should not treat a tattoo as just a body decoration.

It is also always a symbol that can influence your destiny and drastically change your life.

Deer Tattoo: Value for Girls and Guys

A tattoo can enhance some qualities of your character or help you develop them. As for the image of a deer:

  1. It is a symbol of vital energy and abundance. A person with such a sign will always be full of strength, which is enough to achieve any goals. All the tasks he can handle, and luck is always on his side.
  2. It is also a symbol of fertility and deep connection with the tribal system. The deer helps to enlist the support of the genus, to always be under the invisible protection and patronage, to feel safe.
  3. Deer horns personify the tree of life, and in some sources — the rays of the sun. In the East, it is a symbol of rebirth, renewal, the emergence of something globally new, high-quality, meaningful.
  4. According to Chinese traditions, such a tattoo will bring success to its owner in all spheres of life, and also help to become a rich, successful person who gets everything from life easily and effortlessly.
  5. In some sources, deer personifies the victory of good over evil. It is a symbol of light, life, all the most positive and favorable. It is also a sign of longevity and deep wisdom of life.
  6. This is a very strong energy symbol. Strengthens such traits in a person as a sense of justice, courage, resilience to the hardships of life.
  7. Sometimes the sign of a deer can be regarded as a symbol of loneliness. But not what passes in sadness and in despondency. On the contrary, a person is simply able to be happy and alone with himself; he does not need other people and favorable circumstances for this.
  8. A wounded deer with an arrow in the heart is not a negative sign. On the contrary, such a tattoo means that a person has opened his heart for love, which he wants to share with his other half. He is full of passion, but a tattoo can increase the feeling of jealousy, so with such a pattern you should be careful if you are already jealous.
  9. The deer is a divine symbol that helps secure the blessing of God himself. He personifies purity and innocence, beauty and wisdom. Full of positive energy, literally radiates light and carries it to the outside world.

In general, it can be argued that such a tattoo will bring its owner only good luck and happiness. It is especially good for girls, because it helps to receive everything from life easily and effortlessly, to be realized in family and motherhood, to reveal femininity and be filled with energy.

A male deer is able to bring fame and wealth, to send into life many opportunities for success.

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Deer is the perfect tattoo for creative people. It will help strengthen the flow of inspiration, develop your potential and use talent for the benefit of the world, people and God.

Creative people are often unable to organize their daily routine, from which the financial sphere of their lives suffers.

A tattoo with a deer will help to eliminate this problem in life — a person will be able to get everything easily and effortlessly, get a decent payment for his creations, even if it does not work according to a clear schedule.

Also, the tattoo helps to fully reveal the uniqueness, to understand what it is in your particular case. If you are still looking for your destination or your favorite business, you will be able to decide more easily and begin to take steps in that direction.

Deer Tattoo: Value for Girls and Guys

But practical and rational people can suffer, become more frivolous with such a tattoo. She will bring a dissonance in their attitude, so you should think about other versions of tattoos.

Tough and aggressive people with clear goals and uncompromising character depicting a horned animal on the body will help soften, learn to relax and enjoy life in all its manifestations.

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