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Decreasing moon rituals that act

Rituals on the waning moon — examples, rules of execution

The rituals on the waning moon have their own specifics, which is important to know if you are seriously interested in magic. It has long been scientifically proven that the Earth satellite has a significant impact on human well-being. Therefore, experienced magicians always take into account the phase of the moon when they plan to perform various rites.

From this article you will learn what rituals you can resort to in a decreasing phase of the moon.

Decreasing moon rituals that act

What are the characteristic features of a waning moon

Even in ancient times, people noted the fact that the moon has a specific cycle. It can remain in the phase of growth, full moon, or decrease.

In contrast to the full moon, which provokes increased arousal, in the period of the waning moon, the body is cleared and released from the negative. This is a wonderful time to carry out cleansing manipulations, get rid of bad thoughts, and also do a general cleaning.

When the moon is in a descending phase, invisible channels open up to help a person eliminate various problems. The main thing is to be able to properly and timely use them.

What rites are suitable for the waning moon

The main purpose of the actions carried out on a waning moon is to get rid of anything. Now you can once and for all part with the fact that for a long time did not give you peace of mind, with a heavy stone lying on your heart.

Think, probably, in a relationship with a certain person, the time has come when they bring more frustration than positive emotions? Do not be afraid to face the truth and break those bonds that no longer make you happy.

With a well-chosen rite, you will be able to get rid of your detractors, people who envy you, gossip behind your back or simply show increased intrusiveness in relation to your life in a waning moon.

You can give a list of those magical rituals that are suitable for this time of the lunar cycle:

  • Rites for rejuvenation — with their help you will drive away the signs of aging and preserve your youth and attractiveness for a long time;
  • Rites, eliminating dependence on alcoholic beverages — in this period they will have a particularly pronounced effect;
  • Weight-loss rituals — the waning moon helps eliminate excess folds of fat;
  • For love purposes, taking advantage of special conspiracies, you will find a happy personal life, return your lover;
  • To induce longing — such rituals will attract a person to you who initially lack any feelings, but they have strong negative consequences, which should not be forgotten;
  • Rituals to eliminate the connection that has exhausted itself (love, friendship, and so on);
  • To eliminate financial distress;
  • The rites by which eliminate various negative influences (evil eye, damage, and the like);
  • Rites for luck — help to cope with bad luck;
  • Healing rituals — with their help, various pathologies are removed.

Decreasing moon rituals that act

Examples of proven rituals

Cleansing ritual

Taking advantage of this rite, you can easily remove any negative from your body, clean it from everything that interferes with health and happiness. In addition, you fill yourself with the energy of life and activity.

The venue of the ceremony is a secluded place, it is desirable that it be located outside the city. Although it is allowed to perform the rite in a deserted park.

  1. Having come to the specified place, you should spread the fabric on the ground and lie on it. For a while, you just need to lie down quietly, looking at the sky and the trees above you.
  2. Then start rolling on the ground, shifting on your stomach. Being in this position, cuddle up to the ground with all your body and do not make any movements for a couple of minutes.
  3. Then you turn on your back and quietly pronounce a hex:

Decreasing moon rituals that act

When you say this plot, imagine how your body is filled with the life force of the earth, how it rejuvenates and heals from any negative energy.

It is best to resort to this ritual in late spring or early summer. At this time, the earth is already warming up enough and filling up with power after winter inaction, which can be given to a person who turns to her for help.

Ritual of liberation from negativity

You will need to retire in your room, put a candle on the table, light it, and then take a piece of paper and write on it all the problems and troubles you want to eliminate.

These can be habits that destroy you, obsessive states, bad thoughts, anxieties and worries — anything that comes to mind.

When you finish writing, you need to re-read the list, and then burn it on the candle fire. Watch this process as all your problems turn into ashes.

With ashes, you can do differently: either flush it in the toilet, or carry it away from your home. The second option is resorted to much more often than the first.

It is forbidden to tell anyone about what you have done, keep the ceremony in the strictest confidence.

Ritual of failures

The time of its holding is late evening, you need to wait for the appearance of a waning moon in the sky. Come out to the courtyard, open your arms towards the heavenly body, and, lingering in this position, complain to the moon that it does not make you feel like a happy person.

At the end of your monologue, add the following statement:

«The moon of pure silver decreases, all my hardships with
takes her away when she dissolves into the night, a new hope in me
will be born. «

Then go home and try to go to sleep right away. And when you wake up in the morning, you will feel yourself freed from the negativity of past troubles.

When the phase of the waning moon is over, Mrs. luck will turn to face you.

Ritual of financial distress

If you are constantly experiencing a shortage of funds and want to achieve monetary stability, use the following rite.

Decreasing moon rituals that act

It is performed strictly on the fifteenth lunar day.

You will need to stand up in such a way as to contemplate the satellite of the earth. It is important that the moon is well viewed, it should not hide clouds.

Stand with your back to the moon, take a mirror in your hands (you need to have the moon reflected in it) and say three times:

“Mother Moon, please take it away
from me poverty and lack of money. «

Note! With this rite, money will not fall on you from the sky, but you will have opportunities to earn finances in an honest way, to get the desired profit.

It is important not to behave passively and rely only on magical actions, but make active efforts on our part. This is how money magic works — it contributes to the opening of channels that will attract finances to you, but you must notice and use them in time on your part.

When resorting to magic, do not forget that sincere faith is the force that makes any rituals work. Therefore, always believe in what you are doing.

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