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Debt conspiracy is a quick and reliable way.

It is not always possible to return the debt quickly and without problems. And debtors are not always willing to do this, not because they have no money.

After all, as popular wisdom says, we always borrow other people’s money, but we have to give our own.

It is especially difficult to repay a debt if you lend money to friends or relatives. In such situations, you can try to use magic and read the plot to return the debt.

Debt conspiracy is a quick and reliable way.

The main factor in the success of any ritual for the return of debt — is the belief in the power of magic. There is no doubt that the correct decision was made on the use of the magical effect on the return of debt.

Such ceremonies can not harm the performer, as the magical effects are aimed at returning property and restoring justice. However, the borrower will not suffer, just he will have to experience severe discomfort until the debt is returned.

After this happens, the state will recover very quickly and life will return to normal.

Read the conspiracy to return the debt you need in complete privacy. It is impossible to consult with this person or talk about your plans to use magic.

In this ritual, you need to use an old chair, in which it is not a pity to break a leg. This action is considered the beginning of the ceremony and should be performed with bare hands.

After this, a chair with three legs is exposed beyond the threshold of a house or apartment.

After this, return to the room and say the following magic words:

To reinforce the effect of such a rite, the conspiracy on the debtor should be read twice. And it is important to repeat the words the second time in reverse.

To facilitate such a procedure, pre-magic words must be written on paper.

After the rite, the broken chair is placed on the trash, and the leg is broken into slivers that are scattered on a nearby dirt road.

From ancient times to the modern world, a very strong ritual reached, whose action is aimed at quickly returning debt. Such a ritual is quite complex and all its requirements should be strictly observed.

For the ceremony, you must first prepare the following three attributes each:

  • New big needles, which are called gypsy;
  • Tablespoons of coarse rock salt;
  • Bird feathers to be picked up on the street;
  • Scraps of wool, neatly cut on the street with different animals.

In addition, you need a square flap of dark shade fabric.

Initially, a table is set up in a separate room and covered with a patch of cooked dark fabric. In the middle of using the remnant spelled the name of the debtor.

Further, all the attributes are laid out on a piece of rag laid out on the table, and mixed clockwise with the point of a knife equipped with a black handle.

In the process, these magic words are pronounced:

After that, the knot must be tied up and kept in a secluded place until the debt is returned. This usually happens in the shortest possible time.

After returning a long knot should be deeply buried in a deserted place, where people do not go.

Debt conspiracy is a quick and reliable way.

The church rite, which accelerates the return of debt, consists of two parts. First, you should perform certain actions at home.

To do this, you need to purchase anywhere, without bargaining, a candle made of natural wax. The handing over is also forbidden from the seller. That is, in order to avoid any misunderstanding, it is better to pay for the candle without surrender.

After sunset, you must retire in a separate room and light a candle.

Looking at her flame, speak clearly and without hesitation such a magical conspiracy thirteen times:

After that, the candle must be extinguished, and most do the usual things. The next day, in the first half of the day, one should go to the temple and put there, near one of the icons, an unburned candle for the health of its debtor.

After this, magic words are uttered in a whisper:

This rite will very quickly affect the debtor. He will constantly think about you and, in order to get rid of these thoughts, will try, as soon as possible, to repay the debt.

In order to minimize any negative consequences after such ceremonies, it is necessary, after returning the debt, to mentally thank the debtor. In addition, it is important to get rid of anger at the person who took the money from you and was not in a hurry to return it to you.

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