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Death plot

The forbidden conspiracy to death: the danger of the rite and the consequences

Death plot is the most mysterious and sinister of the magical rituals applied to other people. In the struggle between themselves for wealth or love, people often turn to the help of magic, using, for example, damage or conspiracy from a rival.

However, the effects of these magical rituals are generally limited in both strength and time of exposure.

The victim can defend himself against most of these rituals by other magical means, or the sorcerer himself can neutralize his magic attack if he changes his mind or has already achieved what he wanted. If a person uses magic to take a life from someone … if the ritual is successful, nothing can be brought back.

This is terrible plot to die.

Death plot

A conspiracy to kill a person is extremely dangerous, not only for his victim, but also for the killer-mage himself. Trying to take someone else’s life, a person is eternally indebted to the forces of evil and brings upon himself a strong curse that will then affect not only his future life, but also the lives of several generations of his descendants, bringing bitter misfortunes, sickness, loss of loved ones, setbacks in important matters.

Moreover, the deadly conspiracy itself is so dangerous that if it is used incorrectly or carelessly, it is the hapless magician who can become the victim of his own conspiracy. If the conspiracy reaches its goal, the conspirator assumes responsibility for the violation of the energy balance of life and death, evil and good.

But it must be understood that the conspiracy to die is not only a terrible magical responsibility, but also a huge moral responsibility that any person has to take the life of another, regardless of whether he uses a knife or a spell. If a person is dead, then by no means, by no repentance can he be brought back. By taking away someone else’s life, the killer cuts himself off from normal life forever.

Therefore, if you have a desire to use a deadly conspiracy against someone, think: is it really the evil that he caused you so great? Does it compare to human life?

There are several ways in which you can lead a person to death using magic.

The most commonly used lethal effects suggest:

  • Use as additional attributes of human biomaterials, which is planned to be brought to death;
  • The use of special dolls, symbolizing a particular person;
  • Use photo.

As a rule, all the rituals of black magic aimed at the death of a person are held at night in the cemetery. It should be taken into account that it is very difficult to carry them out on your own, because this will require a large amount of energy.

Therefore, the descriptions of the rites of black magic presented below are given as cognitive information. In real life, such effects are beyond the power of an ordinary person, and in order for them to be effective you will need the help of a professional magician.

But, realizing the full responsibility for such actions, sorcerers rarely take up the performance of rituals aimed at the death of a person.

Death plot

Today, not only conspiracies to the death that have come to our world from the depth of ages are popular. Modern methods are also widely used, which have already proved their effectiveness in practice.

So, for one of the ceremonies you will need two black wax candles, which can be purchased in the exoteric shop. But if there is no such possibility, then others can be used, but not the church ones.

Before the ceremony, you must first walk through the cemetery and look after the grave in which a person rests, with a name that matches the name of a person in real life, to whom you plan to send death using magic. It is important that there is a photograph on the cross or on the monument that can be borrowed for a while.

Of course, this should be done imperceptibly. Be sure that the first visit to the cemetery at the selected grave should be left something: food, sweets or money.

Leaving the cemetery, in addition to the photo you need to take a little earth from the grave.

Then utter the phrase:

On the same day, in the evening, the ceremony should be continued at home. For this you need to retire in an empty room, in the middle of which to put a table. Black candles are placed on it, a photo of the dead person is brought between them, brought from the cemetery, which is covered with earth.

Next to the photo you should put a mobile or landline phone.

Then the following magic words are pronounced:

After that you need to dial the number of the person to whom the black impact on death is directed. It is very important that at this moment it was he who raised the pipe.

Therefore, it is preferable to use all the same mobile phone.

While there are beeps, you must have time to say the following phrase:

Death plot

When the person on the other side answers, you should not talk to him. In silence, you just need to hold the phone aimed at the photo of the dead man. After that, you need to go to the end of the ceremony, which must be done correctly.

First of all, you should put out the candles, without blowing them, it is best to do it with your fingers. Cemetery land must be carefully collected, so that not a single gram of it remains in the house, and immediately go and empty it at the nearest intersection.

During this, you need to visualize the image of the victim and say these words:

After that, you need to take the photo to the cemetery, you can not leave it until the morning in your own house, because with this you will bring great trouble to yourself and your loved ones. It must be firmly attached to the place, so that no one ever suspects that she has ever filmed.

Then pronounce the words:

As for the candles, one of them should be put on the grave of the deceased, at the time of returning the photo, and the other should be carried to the church the next day, where to put the sacrifice for which there was a directional impact. To minimize the possible serious consequences that threaten you after such a terrible rite, order in the temple forty minutes to yourself.

A conspiracy to death can be successful only if the bright defenses of a person do not come to grips with your dark influence. It should be remembered that good always triumphs, and if you intend to harm a well-protected person out of a sense of revenge, then most likely you will be destroyed.

IMPORTANT. Many Internet users are looking for a «conspiracy to die,» and finding such a plot is not difficult, but making it CATEGORICALLY PROHIBITED.

With any outcome of such a ritual, the person who conducted it, to put it mildly, will not be good. This is a very dangerous and powerful ritual from a magical point of view, as well as from the point of view of religion, morals and legislation!

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