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Damage to health: the signs and how to remove it using different methods

Damage to health: signs, consequences and how to remove it

In this article we will tell what damage to health, its signs and how to remove it, if you have undergone such a misfortune. This dangerous magical effect can very quickly cause irreparable harm to human health and even poses a threat to life.

In order not to be among its victims, we learn how to recognize it and how to deal with this phenomenon.

Damage to health: the signs and how to remove it using different methods

What is damage to health?

Damage to health is a negative program, introduced through magical rituals or simply by strong energetic effects. Most often, in order to create it, they turn to black magic professionals for help.

This clot of negative energy is sent to the victim and delivers a crushing blow to its biofield, forming holes. Through them begins the leakage of human vitality, there are failures in the body.

If you do not notice damage in time, human health will be irreparably undermined. Severe damage can even lead to death.

The effect of damage will continue until they get rid of it. It is not difficult to get rid of the light effects induced by a normal, not familiar with magic man.

If the energy blow was dealt by a professional, it is very risky to take the damage yourself. You can cause even more damage to your health.

In the arsenal of black magicians and sorcerers, there are many ways to bring damage to a person. They differ in exactly where the energy strike is directed. Damage is most often induced in general health, but it is also possible to influence a specific organ or appearance of a person.

In this case, the victim will suddenly start losing weight or, on the contrary, will recover greatly, there will be problems with the skin or hair.

Types of damage to health

Typically, the types of damage are divided according to three criteria: the direction of impact, their essence and frequency. The direction of damage are:

  • Influencing all systems of the body, destroying the human biofield and its immunity as a whole.
  • Affecting a specific organ or a separate function, for example, reproductive.

At its core, damage is divided into two types: organic and inorganic.

Damage to health: the signs and how to remove it using different methods

Organic damage

In this case, the immune system is hit, which is destroyed by the action of harmful microorganisms. With the help of organic spoilage, serious illnesses that are difficult to treat are triggered: cancer, heart and vessel problems, pneumonia, tuberculosis.

In the case of such an energy impact, the body’s defenses are reduced, it becomes susceptible to any infection.

Organic spoilage can be of two types: single and multiple.

With a single damage to health, a magic blow is applied only once, but its effect is felt over a long period.

In the case of repeated damage, magical rituals are carried out regularly after a certain period of time. Its task is to constantly maintain the disease in the human body, not to provide opportunities for recovery. With prolonged deterioration, treatment with traditional medicine is ineffective.

If the destructive program is not stopped, the disease will become chronic, the patient’s condition will gradually worsen.

Inorganic damage

In this case, the psyche of a person is under attack. Physical health is not affected.

Under the action of inorganic spoilage, the psycho-energetic field is destroyed. A person becomes susceptible to neuroses, phobias and often becomes a patient of a psycho-neurological clinic.

Signs of spoilage to health

It can be assumed that human health was magically affected by the following features:

  • The painful condition begins abruptly and suddenly, rapidly progressing. Drug treatment does not help, and it is often not possible to diagnose the disease.
  • A person loses interest in life, there is apathy, weakness. He suffers from depression and exhaustion of the nervous system.
  • On the signs of damage also indicate «running» pupils or their different size.
  • Outbreaks of uncontrolled aggression and mood swings. Often there is the idea of ​​suicide.
  • Failure of the genitals and infertility.
  • Sharp weight gain or, on the contrary, physical exhaustion.
  • Being in church, a person becomes ill, he faints.
  • The presence of damage is evidenced by the changing behavior of pets. Especially sensitive to the negative energy of the cat. If your cat is hiding from you or, on the contrary, shows aggression, scratches and breaks out of hands, this may indicate the presence of magic spells.
    Damage to health: the signs and how to remove it using different methods

How to determine if there is damage by using church candles

To check for damage, perform a simple rite. To complete it, you will need three wax candles from the church. Act as follows:

  • It is necessary to light candles and spell three times

Virgin Mary, filled with the grace of God, rejoice! The Lord is with you; blessed art thou among women and blessed fruit, born to you, because you bore the Savior of our souls.

  • Watch the behavior of candles: if they continue to burn smoothly and calmly, there is no magical effect on you. But if suddenly the fire began to blaze, smoke began to soot, there was a crackle, there was damage.

If you are diagnosed with damage to health, it is better to seek the help of a knowledgeable person. With a slight magical effect, you can try to get rid of it yourself with the help of the rite.

How to remove light damage to health with salt and water

For the ceremony, prepare a cup of water, some salt, ash, a candle and red wine. Spend it on Wednesday, Friday or Saturday with the growing moon. Act in this order:

  • At sunset, you need to get up, facing the west.
  • Beside yourself, you need to put a bowl of wine and throw three handfuls of salt and ash into it. Add some water there.
  • Light a candle and speak the plot:

Damage to health: the signs and how to remove it using different methods

At the end pour water from head to toe and do not wipe off with a towel. After carrying out this rite, slight damage should cease.

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