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Damage to death and how to remove it — different ways

Damage to death: what it is and how to eliminate it

Damage to death and how to remove it — the topic of this article. Nowadays, with great difficulty, it is believed that someone will dare to resort to such a terrible way of dealing with the offender.

It seems that ancient magic rituals have long been forgotten and people have learned to solve conflict situations in more humane ways. But it turns out that even today there are ways to send your enemy to the next world with the help of magic, and some people still use them.

Let’s learn more about the phenomenon of damage to death, consider the signs by which you can determine this effect. And also, find out how to protect against it and how to remove if you face such a threat.

Damage to death and how to remove it - different ways

What is death damage?

Death damage refers to the strongest energy impact that can be exerted on a person. This is an extreme way to influence the enemy, to which not everyone will decide to resort.

Most often, the victims of such a blow are famous people: politicians, businessmen, actors. But ordinary people may be among them.

The energy strike in this case is applied deliberately and with malicious intent with the help of magical techniques. People who have resorted to this method of reprisal should know that in this way they will bring serious karmic consequences on themselves and their entire kin.

Not every magician will decide to remove this kind of damage. Only a few experts in the field of magic have enough strength and skill.

When removing the damage by the white magician, the person who ordered it, expects a strong reverse effect.

Damage to death, performed by a professional, leads to the death of the victim in a very short time. The impact, leading to death in one or two weeks, is called «damage to the rapid death.»

In ancient times, when sorcerers had profound knowledge in the field of magic, there were ways how to bring a person to the grave with the help of an “instant hit”. With such an impact, the victim died instantly from a heart attack or respiratory arrest.

Today, the ancient witchcraft secrets long forgotten. But in the arsenal, modern magicians also have enough ways to take a person’s life.

Most often damage to death is induced with the help of mirrors and photographs. There is also cemetery damage.

By destructive power, damage to death is much stronger than other energetic and magical influences. Its consequences are simply terrifying — it is a loss, fatal ailments, accidents and even death.

The consequences of such damage appear suddenly and to identify them is not a big deal.

Signs of death damage

The following signs should alert you:

  • The sudden appearance of serious illness, the inability to make an accurate diagnosis. Medicine in this case is powerless.
  • Appears obsessive desire to commit suicide. Lost interest in later life.
  • Accidents happen to the victim: car accidents, attacks, fires.
  • Large material losses, complete ruin.
  • The collapse of personal relationships and departure from family, betrayal of friends.
  • Man is haunted by nightmares and obsessive states.
  • There are problems with the use of alcohol and drugs.
  • The behavior of pets is changing. They shun master or show aggression.
  • A person is tormented by severe headaches, body temperature jumps sharply.
  • In the morning you notice incomprehensible bruises or scars on the body.

Damage to death and how to remove it - different ways

Determining the presence of damage to death on these grounds is not easy, because most of these symptoms are characteristic of all types of magical influences. Finding some of these signs, contact a good specialist in the field of magic.

The effect of damage to death unfolds rapidly: in a couple of weeks, a perfectly healthy and full of strength can fade away. Therefore, any delay can cost life. Do not trust healers who say that the damage to death put things a few years ago.

If a person is still alive, it means that it was some other influence or it was not at all.

Ways to detect damage

There are ways to determine the presence of damage yourself.

If you suspect that you have been subjected to such magical effects, check this out with matches:

  • Take a bowl of water, add a pinch of salt there and stir well.
  • Put there three burnt matches and watch their behavior.
  • If all three matches went to the bottom, they damage you to death. Quickly get rid of such a misfortune.

How to detect damage using eggs

Determine the presence of damage to help you a raw homemade egg. Do this simple ceremony:

  • Pour 150-170 ml of plain water into a glass and break an egg into it. The yolk must remain whole.
  • Sit on a chair and press your chin to your chest. Place the glass on your crown, gently hold it so that it does not fall. Sit in this position for a few minutes.
  • Remove the glass from the head and proceed to deciphering the result.

If the water and the egg remain unchanged, there are no impacts.

If you see sticks or fibers that go up, spoilage is present. Thin cobwebs talk about easy damage, which will pass within a year.

If you notice bubbles in the protein, this indicates a strong deterioration for a bad life.

If, in addition to the bubbles on the egg white and yolk, black inclusions are clearly visible, powerful cemetery damage has been induced.

Spots of gray and green in the middle of the yolk and boiled protein indicate the most terrible impact — fatal damage in agony. This kind of damage could bring only your most sworn enemy.

Having identified the signs of damage to death, quickly go in search of a good expert in the field of magic or parapsychology.

How to remove damage to death on their own

If for some reason you do not have the opportunity to seek advice from a professional magician, try to get rid of the damage on your own.

Prayer-conspiracy against death damage

This prayer must be read over a person who is threatened with damage, exactly nine days. It is desirable that the ceremony was conducted by one of the closest people.

In the evening after sunset, the ritual must read the plot three times, with his hands on his head. The words of the prayer are:

Damage to death and how to remove it - different ways

Continue to perform this rite for nine days.

After this period, the patient should become better, there will be a desire to live. A person will feel a surge of vital energy and the disease will recede.

Now you need to go to church and read this prayer at the icon of your Saint.

Rite of passage to remove spoilage candle and cross

Damage to death and how to remove it - different ways

Take the cross that was consecrated in the temple. The larger it is in size, the more effective the rite will be.

Prepare also a big church candle and start the ritual.

  • Bow your knees in front of the cross and read the prayer you know.
  • Sincerely forgive your offender who has corrupted you.
  • Pray that the Higher Forces forgive him for this sin.
  • Holding a burning candle with both hands, repeat the prayer “Our Father” 7 times.
  • In this case, the behavior of the candle must change: it can begin to pop and sizzle, blaze or sparkle. Thus a negative program leaves a person.

After that, for three more days, continue reading “Our Father” 7 times in a row.

How to protect against damage to death

We all know that any negative state is easier to prevent than to suffer from its consequences. The same applies to damage done to death. To insure yourself against this dangerous phenomenon, try to put a defense:

  • Take a glass jar or bottle and fill it with half-broken glass, metal shavings, needles and other small items, pour it with strong salt solution.
  • When preparing this magic attribute, read the plot:

Damage to death and how to remove it - different ways

  • Cork a bottle and bury it in a deserted place. No one should see you at the same time.

Such a conspiracy bottle will divert any magical effects for five years. After this period, the ritual can be repeated again.

Useful tips on how to protect yourself from death damage

In order not to incur this dangerous impact, follow these tips:

  • Do not give your photos to people you do not trust.
  • Do not keep products from dead animals at home: horns, skins or stuffed animals.
  • Get rid of broken dishes and damaged mirrors.
  • Do not give anyone your body cross and do not take someone else’s.
  • You should not wear clothes and jewelry of a stranger, as well as giving your own.
  • You can not touch valuables thrown on the road: jewelry, money.
  • In no case do not keep pictures of living people and the dead together. Also, do not take pictures on the background of the dead.

And most importantly, never forget that fear is our main enemy. If a person is fearless and confident in his strength, the evil spell over him has no power.

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