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Damage report

Repulse damage is a rite that has come to us since pagan times. In ancient times, sorcerers and magicians helped people to get rid of damage by speaking special plots and using various objects.

Otchitka refers to the rites that allow you to qualitatively remove the strongest negative impact.

The basic principle of this method is that:

  • Negative impact can be transferred to animals or other people;
  • A negative impact can be removed using a specific object and neutralized by the earth.

Damage report

The rite of passage allows the damage to be returned to the customer. But the negative impact on the defenseless animal is not ethical.

Therefore, it is rarely used by magicians when performing a ritual. Most of the masters prefer to send the shot damage to the ground without causing harm to anyone.

Otchitka — a very strong cleansing rite, it can be used to neutralize the most sophisticated negative program induced by experienced magicians. The main condition is the timeliness of the ceremony, because the “outdated” damage is removed much more difficult.

A feature of the report is that it can be carried out as a priest, and a master magician.

The technique of reading in these cases differs significantly:

    Ecclesiastical otchitka carried out for many people gathered in one room.

    It involves reading psalms, canons and prayers for a certain time. It is not always effective, as there is a chance of getting negative from a person nearby.

    In addition, for this you need to be a deeply religious person in order to sincerely repent of sins, open up to God and ask him for help.

  • Magic writing is always done individually and is considered more effective due to the focus on the problems of a particular person. Prayers and special conspiracies are also read during the procedure. But besides this, certain objects are always used, which absorb negative things and then are neutralized.
  • The number of reports may be different and depends on the strength of the induced damage. With minor violations, one session is enough.

    But since, damage is akin to a disease capable of dissolving its tentacles throughout the body, most of the magicians are not limited to a single ritual, aiming to eradicate all the consequences of a negative impact.

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