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Cyprian’s prayer from corruption and failure

It is obvious that not always in our life we ​​manage to carry out our plans. And it so happens that there are special circumstances that simply force to change the planned plans.

And often the troubles inexplicably just pursue or arise almost a step away from the realization of the cherished dream.

In such cases, you should think about damage and try to remove the negative extraneous influence with a special prayer. This is a very effective tool, but you need to understand the principle of the action of magic phrases.

Prayer is, above all, a request for the help of a person who is in a difficult situation and cannot solve problems by worldly methods.

Therefore, it is important to understand each spoken word. But, unfortunately, the outdated language of prayers does not allow to realize what was said.

That is why we present the prayer of Cyprian, which is one of the strongest means for removing damage in a modern, understandable to all language. It should be remembered that it is recommended to read this prayer only with the blessing of a priest.

The effect of magic words is enhanced if you read it with a lit candle.

Cyprian's prayer from corruption and failure

“During the day, at night, or at any time, starting to pray to the Holy Martyr Cyprian, I believe that all the forces of evil from the Glory of the Most High will be gone. This Holy Martyr speaks to God with the words “Lord, the Holy and Powerful, King of the reigning, now hear the prayer addressed to you by Your servant Cyprian.

Bless the Lord, the heart of Your servant’s lost (name) and forgive him all your heavenly servants: thousands of Archangels and Angels serving You. Lord, before you are open all the secrets of the heart of Your servant.

O Lord Almighty, ruling the whole world, willing to suffer for all of us sinners, to atone for our sins. Enlighten me a sinner, O Lord, with Thy merciful majesty, and take away from me any evil and sorcery wishing to destroy me.

Lord, the Strong and Great fall of my sinner through Thy Light, and hear me. Protect the erring and let become your worthy servant. Establish me, Lord, in my faith! Strengthen my fortitude!

And I will be in despair, do not reject me, but bring me wit!

I bow to Thee, Lord, I pray and appeal to Your name: protect my house from sorcery, witchcraft, anger, flattering and evil people. May this bright prayer, read over a man’s head, help him to get rid of envy, evil thoughts, jealousy, hatred, flattery, drunkenness, slander and deliberate murder.

Let the Holy Prayer be a fence for the servant of God and the salvation of his dwelling.

Lord Almighty, command the ungodly forces to leave my house. Hear me Your servant and give blessing to the house in which this light prayer is going on.

Like wax melts from fire, let all evil tricks, magic and devilish machinations of the human race melt. Teach the misguided, Lord, and call them to repentance, as you called me your Slave (name). I believe in You, Lord Almighty, I don’t know any other God and worship You.

Protect me, protect and save, God, from any sorcery and detractors. Be me, my children and home patron and helper, Lord.

Just as it is impossible to stop the flow of rivers, so no evil magician can resist the words of this Light Prayer. May any demonic wiles and evil power directed towards Your servant (name) disappear.

Lord Almighty, increase your strength, recite this prayer. I offer prayers to all the Angels and the Holy Mother of God. I pray to Jesus Christ, the giver of redemption from sins, and all his miraculous healings to us sinners.

On behalf of Your Saints and Greats I conjure and banish all the evil intentions of evil and evil people, all their sorcery and slander, eye damage and their other demonic tricks. Disappear forever, the forces of evil, from my servant of God and my children by the power of the Holy Cross of the Lord and all the Heavenly Forces serving the Almighty.

Many-merciful Lord, take away any evil spirit from Your servant (name) and his house.

May I save Thy servant of God (name) on the way, in the sea, in the mountains, in the grass, from scorpions, poisonous snakes and crawling reptiles, while eating and suffering, from blood loss and other damage by the power of the Life-giving True Cross of the Lord.

In prayer I appeal to the holy prophets: Zechariah, Jonah, Hosea, Elijah, Micah, Daniel, Malachi, Eremey, Isaiah, Amos, Elisha, Naum, Samuel, and the Baptist Lord John. «

“I pray and ask Luke, John the Theologian, Matthew, Mark, and also the Apostles of the Holy First-level Peter and Paul.

And also invoke praying to righteous Mayor, Anne, Joseph-Betrothed brother Lord Jacob, John Beneficent, Ignatius, Antioch, hieromartyr Ananias singer kondaks Roman, sladkorechevtsu Ephraim Syrian, Basil Velikomuo, Gregory-theologian John Chrysostom, Saint Nicholas.

I pray and ask the holy metropolitans: Jonah, Peter, Philip Alexy, and Hermogenes. As well as the Reverend Radonezh wonderworkers Sergius and Nikon, the Kiev-Pechersk wonderworkers Anthony, Theodosius and Athanasius, the Solovki wonderworkers Zosima and Savatia, Kazan wonderworkers Guria and Varsonofy.

In the name of all the saints, Lord, please you Seraphim of Sarovskogo, Daniel Samson, Maxim the Greek, a monk of Mount Athos of Miletia; Patriarch of Antioch Nikon, Great Martyr Cyriacus and Iulita, his mother, the man of God Alexis. In the name of all the holy reverend bearers: Magdalene, Mary, Xenia, Euphrosyne, Eudoxia, Anastasia and the Holy Martyrs Fevronia, Paraskeva, Catherine, Marina, who shed their blood for You.

I believe in the prayer of St. Cyprian, and I ask the Queen of Heaven, to save the servant of God from the demonic delusions. By the power of the Holy Trinity and the Life-giving Cross of the Lord, may all evil and evil of evil spirit be destroyed.

May they save me, praying to the Most Pure Mother and Lightless Celestial Forces, from the diabolical networks of the Archangel Michael, Gabriel, Raphael, Satavail, Iguasil, Varahail and my Guardian Angel. Amen.»

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