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Cough conspiracy — painless therapy

Cough is a symptom of many diseases, which, of course, should be treated using the methods of traditional medicine. But very often it happens that the disease seems to have already receded, but the exhausting cough has remained. And get rid of it does not work, even using the most advanced medical drugs.

In this case, magic can help.

Cough conspiracy - painless therapy

Many magical cough conspiracies are time tested, and their effectiveness has been proven in practice. Of course, they should not be considered a substitute for traditional cough treatments.

But they can be a good help in the process of getting rid of the disease and a speedy recovery.

Any cough conspiracy can be read at home, as the rites do not involve complex actions. The main thing is to believe in the power of magic and have a strong desire to heal from the disease.

If your recovery was confirmed by a doctor, but the cough remained as a residual phenomenon, then it is very easy to get rid of it with the help of the so-called «frog» conspiracy.

The rite uses holy water, which should be sanctified or gathered in advance in the temple.

She speaks such words:

Conspiracy water should be sprayed coughing man several times a day.

Cough conspiracy - painless therapy

If the cough is particularly pestered in the morning, then a severe morning conspiracy should be used in the throat.

In the evening you need to prepare the following attributes:

  • Candle;
  • Six needles;
  • A glass of holy water.

When you wake up in the morning, you should light a candle to heat up the tip of a needle in the flame of a candle and throw it into a glass of holy water. The same actions should be done with other needles.

After that, the water begins to speak in these words:

After the spelling of water should be six sips. But only this should be done very carefully, since the needles should not be pulled out of the water, therefore, one must take care not to swallow the needle.

In this regard, this way should not be treated cough in a child.

After this, it is necessary to approach the tree, which grows separately from other trees, and insert needles used in the ritual into its bark, and pour out the remains of conspired water under its roots.

In the process, you should say the following words:

Cough conspiracy - painless therapy

When the cough bothers the child and you can’t get rid of him, you can use the magic ritual in which the honey drink speaks. In order to transfer the maximum energy to the healing drink, it is necessary that the plot be read by the mother or grandmother.

If this is not possible for any reason, then the ceremony can be conducted by any of the relatives in the female line, for example, an aunt.

You need to type in a teaspoon of honey and read this cough conspiracy:

After that, the conspired honey must be dissolved in a glass of warm water, and given to drink such a drink to a coughing child. This rite should be performed every day before going to bed until the cough goes away completely.

Magic can be used to get rid of any cough, no matter what reason it was provoked. Such rites can be used in full confidence that the magical effects of this type can not harm. They belong to the means of white magic and are aimed at the good.

It is very important that they belong to painless methods, so they can be the best treatment option for children.

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