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Cosmoenergy channels how to work with yourself learning

Cosmoenergy Channels: learning how to work with yourself

Each person has enormous power, the presence of which often does not even suspect. And it depends only on ourselves whether we can awaken this great power in ourselves and learn to use it competently for our own benefit and our surroundings, or choose the role of a helpless toy in the hands of fate, which is forced to live a gray, uninteresting life with constant expression of claims and complaints against the world and life.

Cosmoenergy channels, how to work with yourself correctly, learning is what we will talk about later in our material.

Cosmoenergy channels how to work with yourself learning

Cosmoenergy — what is it

Cosmoenergy is a spiritual practice that allows ordinary people to learn how to use the most effective tools for changing their reality — the energies with the widest range of effects — for a quick period of time.

It is a huge plus of cosmoenergy — every person who wishes can comprehend it; this does not require any special abilities and talents.

Cosmoenergy frequencies

Cosmoenergy frequencies (or channels) are energy flows of different vibrations. They are able to purify the spiritual body of a person, as well as protect it from any kind of negative influences from outside.

Frequencies are the main tools used by the cosmoenergy. Each channel has its own basic functions, then in the article we will look at different channels with their detailed characteristics.

How is cosmoenergy training

This technique is designed for people who do not have any special training or special knowledge. Anyone who wishes can become a cosmoenergetic regardless of what innate abilities they possess, what social status they have, nationality, or what religion they belong to.

All people are children of the Most High, who created our world, and have equal opportunities. Some have more of their energy potential by nature, while others have it hidden for a number of reasons, but there is an opportunity for everyone to discover and develop superpowers.

After initiation into cosmoenergy frequencies, a person can begin to reveal his inner strength in himself, changing his energy field, using the energy of the Universe, to be able to help himself and other people in getting rid of various problems, to protect themselves from adverse influence from the outside and to gain independence from the outside world and also accumulate personal power and be able to influence one’s destiny.

Each of the cosmoenergy channels is transmitted through a special dedication. A man by nature already acts as a microcosm, possessing an information model similar to the macrocosm, with energy-information frequencies (channels) originally embedded in it.

And after the passage of initiation, they are activated, which allows the initiate to independently tune himself to the necessary frequencies (space channels).

In the process of learning and initiation, a person receives the necessary knowledge and the right to use the channel. It should be noted that initially people got access to the space channels not for the purpose of healing, but primarily for personal improvement, attaining harmony, purifying their consciousness and awakening unique superhuman abilities.

At the same time, it is recommended to start working on yourself in advance, and not when you have already encountered serious pathologies and problems. After all, what is still not materialized can be changed and prevented by the efforts of the human will.

A very important point that should be given special attention — when working with the channels of cosmic energy, you must have unconditional faith in a positive result. Your main enemy in this matter will be any doubts, because without delay they will begin to become a reality.

On the contrary, it is important to have sufficient motivation, a focus on a positive result, as well as unconditionally believe in yourself — then you will solve your tasks much more successfully.

The most important aspect! Using channels without receiving dedication and without training is a health hazard and is completely meaningless.

Cosmoenergy channels how to work with yourself learning

What are the types of channels cosmoenergy

Today in the classical Cosmoenergy of all there are about two hundred channels of cosmic energy. All of them are divided into four blocks:

  • Buddhist block — in the bulk of these channels are designed for healing.
  • Magic block — channels that have a special effect. They are very similar to the first, but differ in a stronger flow of energy, they are used to receive information.
  • Master’s Channels — various frequencies are synthesized in them, they are very many-sided, they are characterized by high vibrations.
  • Egregorian Zoroastrianism — in fact, is a separate area of ​​cosmoenergy, in which work takes place not with channels, but with egregors.

It should be noted that channels from different categories do not overlap with each other, their disclosure differs in principle (the exception is some magic channels that interact on the same level with the group of channels of the Buddha).

Cosmoenergy: Channel Overview

Next, we consider only those frequencies of cosmoenergy that relate to the Buddhist bloc.

  • Farun-Buddha. Contributes to the gradual healing of any pathologies, gives pure vitality, has healing properties. Also, the channel can quickly withdraw from pathological conditions (fainting, shock, and so on).
  • Firast It activates energy centers, treats enuresis, diseases of the oral cavity, hearing loss, thrombophlebitis, relieves of various negative energy effects (spoilage, evil eyes).
  • Craon and Gilius. Craon is a softer channel, and Gilius is a percussion. Both channels cope with any blood pathologies.
  • Kurf Helps to straighten the bones of the skull in babies (a consequence of birth trauma). Also relieves from intracranial, intraocular pressure and glaucoma.
  • Ninalis — treats eye pathologies, heart, flu and allergies.
  • Raun — cures alcoholism, smoking and nicotine addiction.
  • Risur — promotes healing of the kidneys, liver and all gastrointestinal pathologies.
  • Suri-Sanlay — improves eyesight, treats skin pathologies.
  • Ranul — the action is similar to the previous channel, but only Ranul is the percussion channel, and Suriy-Sanlay — enveloping.
  • Holy Buddha — successful in eliminating hernias, scars, fractures, pathologies of the joints and digestive tract.
  • Holy Jesus — cures joints, heals for colds, throat pathologies, normalizes pressure, has antipyretic effect.
  • Holy Moses — will improve the condition of the respiratory sphere, liver, kidneys and stomach.
  • Holy Mohammed — cope with all types of allergies, heal damage, eliminates warts, wen, excess hair.
  • Sinrah and Sinlakh — the first rejuvenates women, and the second men. These are the hormonal channels responsible for weight loss and potency.
  • Ural — eliminate colds, flu and meningitis.
  • Farun — cures scoliosis, polyarthritis, eliminates excess salt deposits.
  • Shaon — the main action of this channel is breaking and removing stones and sand, as well as cleaning.
  • Zeus — has the universal influence and energy of the Olympic gods.

Cosmoenergy channels how to work with yourself learning

Killer Channels

They belong to the Masters Channels.

  • DIST, TAKE — the channel-killer of entities and opponents. There are civilizations whose representatives are devoid of soul, it is permissible to work with them through this channel, and it is forbidden with people.
  • Perva is another killer channel that is used on space planes and in parallel realities, where it is designed to protect against negative magical effects.

Cosmoenergy is very interesting, but at the same time quite a complex topic that you should never try to comprehend on your own, as this is unrealistic. If you are interested in this article and you want to learn how to work with space frequencies, you should look for specialists in this matter who can devote you to cosmoenergy and tell you the basic principles of working with channels.

Remember that independent attempts can be very dangerous for your life and health!

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