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Conspiracy to win — the path to success

In the modern world, a person has to constantly overcome various obstacles in order to achieve his goals. Therefore, rituals are very popular, which allow to win in different situations.

Conspiracy to win - the path to success

The plot to win involves the use of the maximum amount of lunar energy. That is why ceremonies are held in the period of the growing moon, just before the full moon.

It is this time of the lunar month is considered the most favorable for the destruction of all obstacles that may arise on the path to success.

To win in any case, you can hold a universal ceremony. With it, you can attract luck to yourself, and, consequently, to ensure victory.

The ritual is held in a secluded place and for it you need to first prepare:

  • Any two coins;
  • Lemon and orange peel;
  • A few pieces of cherry seed;
  • An opaque jar, for example, is suitable for a coffee container.

First, the prepared ingredients should be folded to the bottom of the jar in the following sequence:

  • Orange peels;
  • Cherry bones;
  • Lemon peels.

After that, the jar should be tightly closed with a lid, and after that, say the following words:

The bank should be hidden in a secret place, coins should be put in a wallet and carried as a talisman, until the conception is fulfilled, they cannot be wasted. After that, you can take on any business, and you are sure to win the victory.

Conspiracy to win - the path to success

Victory may be needed in a variety of life situations. For example, you definitely need to use magic when you have not been able to defeat a serious illness in traditional ways for a long time.

For this ritual, you must first prepare these additional attributes:

  • A bowl filled with holy water;
  • Red candle;
  • Thick wool thread in red.

The ceremony is held in complete privacy in a separate room. It is very important to organize such an environment in the room so that no one and nothing can interfere or distract from the magical effect.

First you need to light a candle, then pick up the thread and, tying seven knots on it, say the following words:

After pronouncing the words, the candle must be extinguished in a bowl filled with holy water. Next, you need to sprinkle with water thread.

The thread will become a talisman for health. And water used in the rite should be watered.

Soon the disease will begin to recede.

Before sports competitions, in order to win, you can use the directional magic rite. Of course, the strongest wins in sports, but with the help of magic you can significantly increase your chances of success.

Spell words are as follows:

When reading this plot, it is very important to believe that nothing can prevent your victory.

Conspiracy to win - the path to success

The symbol of victory is a wreath of laurel leaves. Therefore, it is possible to attract victory by conducting a ceremony in which a bay leaf is used.

In addition, in the rite will need to use a purple candle.

You need to retire in a separate room, light a candle and write the word «Victory» on a bay leaf. After that, it is necessary to face north and pick up the bay leaf with the inscription.

You need to imagine how you win in a particular case, and say these words:

After that, the bay leaf must be set on fire from the flame of a candle. In order for it to completely burn it must be put in a fireproof dish.

Ashes need to dispel the wind.

It should be remembered that sincere faith and prayer can help to win, which can be read not only in the temple, but also at home. Particularly effective is the prayer to St. Gregory the Victorious.

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