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Conspiracy to raise money and prosperous life

Hardly anyone will argue that wealth is an important condition for a comfortable life. The tradition of attracting money to life with the help of magic came into the modern world from antiquity. But any conspiracy to raise money is not easy in its execution and requires a special attitude.

It is very important that the soul was confident that the ceremony will be effective. Without this, the ritual should not even be started.

Conspiracy to raise money and prosperous life

Most conspiracies to attract, read in the period of the growing moon. Magic words must be pronounced firmly, without stammering.

The ceremony can not be carried out if you have anger and resentment towards others. In order to calm down and stabilize your condition, you need to spend several days in a relaxed atmosphere, in solitude, and rethink your life.

A rite in which a plot to attract money is used should be read in a positive mood. To do this, remember all the happiest moments of your own life and, if possible, fully immerse yourself in them.

You should feel yourself, at least for a while, an absolutely happy person.

On the day chosen for the ceremony, it is necessary to go to the store and buy something for the house, having paid for the goods with the highest denomination banknote that you have. It is important not to take change from the seller’s hands; he must put it on the counter in front of you.

Touching the money, you need to mentally say these words:

Part of the delivery should be spent on treats for close people. If you are single, you can give a treat to the grandmothers at the entrance.

The ritual will be stronger if you buy groceries and cook your own meals.

After such a ceremony for you open the corridors of cash receipts. But this does not mean that the money will just fall on you from nowhere, it will be easy for you to earn it.

Conspiracy to raise money and prosperous life

There is another effective rite to attract money. If, buying something in the store, a young and beautiful saleswoman gave you a yellow coin for depositing, then it should be hidden before the onset of the new moon.

At the beginning of a new lunar month, you should get a coin, go outside with it, and substituting it under the moonlight, say these words:

The conspired coin should be your money talisman, attracting money. It must be stored in a wallet, separately from other coins.

If you urgently need money, you can use a conspiracy for profit. This rite creates conditions such that money can come to you from the most unexpected sources.

For example, you can get an inheritance or return a debt you forgot about.

For this ceremony, it is very important to understand how much money you need and for what purposes. In the ritual will need to use a yellow or green candle.

Both of these colors symbolize wealth. In addition, you must first prepare the basil powder and a small amount of vegetable oil.

Before the start of the ceremony, the prepared candle should be coated with oil and sprinkled with basil powder.

After that, the candle must be set on fire and, looking at its flame, speak such a conspiracy:

Then, without taking your eyes off the candle flame, imagine how the banknotes go to you. This is very important, because for the success of any rite of white magic, visualization, called into life events, is imperative.

Conspiracy to raise money and prosperous life

The moon has tremendous power and is capable of bringing financial prosperity to life. For this, a special ceremony is held.

The ritual should be used wallet that you use in everyday life.

On the eve of the full moon, you should put the wallet on the window sill, so that it is illuminated by moonlight. In this place he must lie for three days.

Every night you should approach the wallet and pronounce such a conspiracy:

The magic rite does not end there, but is temporarily postponed. That is, after three days the purse can begin to use the usual way before the onset of the new moon.

On the day of the beginning of the new month, you should again put the wallet on the windowsill.

Only this time it is necessary to talk about such a conspiracy:

This rite should be repeated three days in a row. After that, all the money that was in the wallet at the time of the ceremony, you need to spend in the shortest possible time.

It is very important after you feel that the rite to attract wealth to life has begun to work, treat sweets to loved ones, or simply make a donation in the temple.

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