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Conspiracy to meet with a man

Very often in life there are situations that really want to meet with a person, but life itself seems to impede this. In this case, of course, you can use magic tools.

But you need to understand exactly why you need this meeting. After all, forcing another person to certain actions, affecting his energy field is not always favorable.

First you need to try to find mutual friends who would help to organize a meeting. At the very least, this is important in order to make sure that this person really interests you.

If a man wants to meet with the woman he likes, who does not even suspect his existence, then all that is needed is to show determination. It is necessary to buy a bouquet of flowers to approach the darling, for example, after waiting for her at the exit from work or at home, and offer to meet, inviting her to a restaurant or theater.

Conspiracy to meet with a man

If, despite all the actions taken, he meets with the person he likes, then in this case one can use conspiracies, of which there are a huge number. The main condition for the success of the ritual is sincerity and a strong desire to see a particular person.

When reading any conspiracy to the meeting, it is very important to concentrate and clearly present the person to be met. During the ceremony, a future meeting should be visualized. Most conspiracies to meet can be pronounced at any time, the strength of their impact is not related to the position of the moon or the time of day.

As a rule, they are simple and do not require any additional attributes. It is also very important that all conspiracies to the meeting belong to the means of white magic, so they do not pose any danger to either side of the ritual.

There is a universal conspiracy that can be applied when you just hope to meet with a stranger.

It sounds like this:

If the previous conspiracy can be read even in cases when you are not sure of your feelings, then to meet your beloved you need to pronounce magic words, looking at the clouds floating across the sky.

The plot words are:

Conspiracy to meet with a man

If you really like a person, but life circumstances develop in such a way that you can’t meet at all, you can use a ceremony in which you will need to use a photo of your chosen one.

This rite of its action is a call to see you soon. It should be spent two days in a row at dawn and at sunset.

In a secluded place you need to put a photo on the table and light a candle next to it.

Through the flame of a candle, you should look at the image of a loved one and read from memory such a magical plot:

It is necessary to pronounce this plot many times, until the feeling that your call is heard comes. To do this, the magic words must be pronounced in a powerful voice. After reading the plot, you should put out the candle with your fingers.

In the evening on the same day, the ceremony should be repeated again, but only the candle should burn out naturally, it cannot be forcibly extinguished.

The next day, the ritual is performed in the same manner, but only with a new candle. The peculiarity of the ceremony is that on the first day the plot is read facing east, and on the second — west.

In life, there are often situations that people after a trifling quarrel can never meet. Inner pride does not allow any of the partners to take the first step.

Therefore, you can use magic to organize a random meeting.

For the ceremony will need to use three church candles. They need to be installed in a secluded place on the table in the form of a triangle, and between them put a photo of a loved one.

It is very important to withstand the entire installation procedure for such an installation:

  • Putting the first candle, you should say: «Stop.»
  • Installing another candle, you need to say: «Linger.»
  • The third candle is set with the words: «Come back to me.»

After that, you need to put a photo and, looking at the image of a loved one, say these magic words:

This plot must be repeated at least nine times, but more is possible. Since this rite is a challenge in its action, its success depends entirely on your volitional efforts.

Having spoken the magic words a sufficient number of times, you need to say:

Candles should be left to burn out, and at this time sit in silence and try to present your future meeting with your beloved. Photo should be put under the pillow and keep it there for three days.

When you meet a person you like in life, you can use magic to make him invite you for a date.

This is a very strong ritual that must be given in the bath. It is very simple to realize in the modern world, because today there are a large number of various baths and saunas, whose services can be used.

For the ceremony you will need to make a broom of birch or spruce branches with your own hands. In addition, you need to buy 9 candles in red.

In the bath you need to go at midnight, there, on the floor in a circle you need to put candles and light them from right to left. In such an improvised circle you need to put a basin of water and become feet in it.

Well soaked with a broom, you need a good steam with the words:

You need to repeat such a conspiracy nine times. After that, you should pour out the remnants of water.

Then you need to extinguish the candles and collect the cinder from right to left. Only then can you leave the circle.

Conspiracy to meet with a man

The next day, you need to take a few twigs from a bath broom and quietly sweep the threshold of the house where your darling lives.

In the process of this, you need to utter these words:

After returning home, the branches must be removed to a secret place with a broom, which was used in the bath.

Strengthening the effectiveness of conspiracies to meet will help complete cleansing. To do this, for several days you need to fast, not to smoke and not to drink alcohol.

Also, if possible, you should visit the temple.

Conspiracies to meet are absolutely safe, since they do not awaken love, but merely push a person to a chance meeting with the priest. The further fate of relations between people depends entirely on the decision of the partners.

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