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Conspiracy to marry soon to get married

Marriage — the desired goal of almost every girl. It’s so eager to wear a beautiful white dress and even feel like a queen for a day! But even more I want to be with my loved one all the time, to feel confident and comfortable, like a stone wall.

And bring the moment when it all becomes reality, can help a special magic ritual — a conspiracy to marry. Thanks to this ritual, you will not find a husband in an instant, but your chances of finding a spouse will increase dramatically in the near future.

Conspiracy to marry soon to get married

Conspiracy to marry are of two kinds. The first ones are designed for girls and women who already have a close relationship with a man, but he is not in a hurry, and sometimes he does not want to make an offer.

The second group of conspiracies is intended for those girls who now have no one, and they would like to find their betrothed — not just a boyfriend or lover, but a man who can marry her for life, surround her with love and care.

The plot of the first type can be carried out using photos and rings. Take a photo where you are shown along with your loved one. It is desirable that you are on the photo hugging each other, holding hands or somehow differently expressing their love and tenderness.

In the evening, put a photo on the table. Light a candle and place it nearby.

Take any two rings, not necessarily engagement.

Holding them in your hands, say:

Put the rings on the photo so that one lies on the edge of the other, and they are as if intertwined. After that, go to bed, do not blow a candle, and leave to burn as long as possible.

If you do it right and with great desire, very soon your loved one will make you an offer.

There is a very strong rite that allows you to meet the betrothed. That is, the ritual is recommended for a girl who only dreams of marriage and does not meet with anyone.

For the ritual, you must first prepare these attributes:

  • Gold ring;
  • White candle;
  • A glass of holy water, which can be replaced by spring water.

The rite is held late at night on any day of the new moon period. In complete solitude and silence should put a ring in a glass filled with holy water.

Above him say these words:

After pronouncing the magic words, you need to get a ring out of a glass of water, go to the center of the room and put it on your finger. After that, water from a glass should be poured over your head.

Nothing more needs to be done and immediately go to bed. Waking up, the first thing you need to remove the ring and hide in a secluded place.

It can not be worn until you meet your beloved.

But those who do not have a fiancé will find another conspiracy to marry. To accomplish it, it is necessary at dawn, when the sun has just emerged from the horizon, to look out the window and, looking into the distance (without focusing on people and objects!), To make a conspiracy.

It sounds like this:

After that, try to look your best, always be beautiful and fresh, to meet your destiny in the best possible way.

Conspiracy to marry soon to get married

The rite with honey is held on Pokrov, on other days it will not be productive. As confirmed in practice, after such a ceremony, a girl will soon expect a happy marriage.

Before the holiday you need to buy a small jar of natural honey. In the church feast you need to retire in a separate room.

Then speak honey in these words:

The conspiracy should be consumed once a day on a small spoon. When you finish the honey, you can wait for your betrothed.

If this did not happen, the ceremony was not effective and it can be repeated in a year.

In life, there are often situations where a girl and a boy meet, and seemingly sincerely love each other. But before the wedding, it does not work.

This is most likely due to the indecision of a loved one. You can push it to decisive action with the help of a magical rite.

This rite is recommended in the first days of the new moon. Before the ritual, you must first purchase a new natural broom and dustpan. To use an artificial whisk in the rite is impossible.

In the late night you need to sweep the house with a new broom.

At the same time to pronounce such magic words:

After the room is cleaned, the plot must be pronounced at least three times, you need to collect the litter on the scoop, empty it in a bag and take it out of the house. A broom and a scoop used in the ritual should be hidden in a secluded place, but never again use these items for their intended purpose.

Conspiracy to marry soon to get married

In a situation where you want to push your loved one to offer a hand and heart, you should hold a rite at Christmas. For such a ritual you need to prepare in advance.

It will be necessary to use such attributes in it:

  • A flap of white cotton fabric of white color square shape;
  • Two candles in white;
  • Black ember;
  • Shared photo with a loved one.

Late at Christmas you need to retire in a separate room and cover the table with a white cloth. On the table are set candles and lit.

On the flap with black coal it is necessary to draw a cross, which conditionally divides the table into four squares, which must be marked with existing natural elements: air, earth, fire and metal.

At the crosshair should put a general photo and utter such a magical conspiracy:

Candles should burn out naturally, but at this time you need to sit side by side in silence, visualizing the pictures of a happy marriage.

With a sincere belief in magic with the help of magical conspiracies, you can speed up marriage and find happiness in family life.

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