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Conspiracy to have sex

Sex plays an important role in the emotional life of a person. It allows you to relax and get rid of stress. It is considered that love and sex are inseparable concepts.

In fact, love can be without sex. But it is unlikely in this case the relationship can be considered harmonious.

Therefore, it is very important to arouse sexual attraction in a partner in order to make life together full and positive.

Conspiracy to have sex

Many seek to awaken sexual feelings in a partner through magical conspiracies. This is undoubtedly a powerful and very effective means.

But, if you plan to connect life with a person, it is hardly worth using conspiracies right away. After all, they affect the energy field and make a person dependent on those or other desires.

It is better to arouse sexual attraction against the background of simple human affection and sincere tender feelings.

In order to improve sexual relations with a partner you need:

  • Be as attentive to each other;
  • Try to wake up passion for each other. To do this, for example, you need as often as possible to arrange romantic evenings and delight each other with surprises;
  • Having sex, you need to fantasize more.

But if, in undertaking various ways, you cannot wake up the sexual passion in a partner, then you can use a special conspiracy. Any conspiracy to have sex is a rite for which a special attitude is important.

When performing a ritual, you need to use additional attributes. A conspiracy read on Friday during the rising moon could be more effective.

In order to concentrate it is recommended to conduct the ceremony by candlelight. Speaking the magic words, you should force yourself to feel your own increase in sexual desire.

These sensations need to be concentrated in an imaginary bunch of energy and mentally convey it to your partner. If this cannot be done, then the plot is likely to be ineffective.

The most effective attribute of the conspiracy is any drink, including alcohol.

You can start talking a love drink in the following words:

This simple conspiracy is not aimed at bringing love into relationships, but at inciting sexual passion. It is very effective and to a certain extent useful in cases where people love each other and seek to diversify their intimate life.

Conspiracy to have sex

This rite is intended for men, although, of course, a strong half of humanity uses magic quite rarely. If you really liked the woman, and you want to become close, but you do not dare to take the first step, you can use magic.

To do this, following the chosen one, you need to say the following magic words:

After such a ceremony, you will surely meet your darling and you will have a close relationship. But how long they will be, and what they will lead to, depends only on you two.

This ceremony can also be performed by a girl who likes a stranger. But it will be necessary to alter the words of the conspiracy.

When a woman feels that her husband’s passion for her has cooled, you can awaken her using magic. This will fill life with new feelings and make it more saturated. An important condition for the success of this ceremony is the certainty that there was no adultery in the married couple.

Otherwise, such a rite will finally destroy the relationship and lead to a divorce.

The ritual must be performed during the growing moon or full moon during sexual contact. When a man reaches the highest point of pleasure should be pressed close to his spouse, whisper magic words.

It is very important to speak the words, and not to make them mentally. But be sure to take care that the spouse did not suspect anything.

For greater efficiency, such a rite should be repeated three nights in a row.

Conspiracy to have sex

There is another plot that can be used to awaken the passion between the spouses. For the ceremony will need only one church candle.

When the husband falls asleep, it must be lit at the head of the bed, lie down next to her spouse.

Next, utter such a magical conspiracy:

The plot is repeated in a whisper seven times. During this time, the candle should burn out.

After such a ritual, a crazy night full of passion awaits you.

This rite can be used if there was no intimacy between people, but they have been on friendly terms for quite a while. This will accelerate the development of events and bring the relationship to a new level.

For the ceremony you need to use salt, water and a fresh photo of your chosen one. It is very important that the man in the picture was depicted alone and in close-up.

The clearer the shot, the more effective the rite will be. The ceremony is held in complete privacy in a separate room.

It is necessary to take a saucer and drip seven drops of water into it and pour the zhmenyu salt.

After that, you need to say three times these words:

Conspired salt is necessary, evenly distributing, sprinkle a photo of a loved one. In this form, the picture must be removed to a secret place where it should lie until the desired is realized.

After that, the salt can be washed off with water, continue to store the photo.

All ceremonies aimed at the awakening of sexual passion are fast-acting. But it should be understood that sex does not awaken love.

That is why such effects do not give a guarantee of building long-term relationships. And that is what should be taken into account when making a decision about the awakening of passion in the person you like.

It is important to understand that if there is no love, then with the help of sex you can not keep a person.

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