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Conspiracy to find money — ways of financial income

Everyone wants financial independence. Money is freedom. But very often, even people with an optimistic attitude lose hope of earning the necessary amount of money to ensure a decent life.

Therefore, many seek to solve financial problems with the help of magic. Money conspiracies are the most sought after magical means.

But before resorting to magic, the problem of lack of money should be solved by other means. Today there are many options for making money.

You can try, for example:

  • Do resale of goods;
  • Open your business;
  • Turn your hobbies into earnings;
  • Unleash your innate talents.

But if many ways of making money have been tried, and the financial situation has not improved, only then magic plots can be used.

Conspiracy to find money - ways of financial income

Money rituals on a par with various love rituals in various forms existed in antiquity in almost all nations. Over the centuries, people have sought to achieve the location of higher powers in order to fulfill their own material desires.

Therefore, many rituals have been handed down from generation to generation.

Conspiracies to find money can manifest themselves in different ways. For example, material well-being may come after winning the lottery or after receiving an unexpected inheritance.

As an option for the receipt of additional income may be the possibility of obtaining a well-paid job.

Rituals for finding money must be conducted during the rising moon period. Tuesday and Thursday are considered the best days to conduct ceremonies.

Very often in life there are situations that a person works hard and a lot, but his well-being leaves much to be desired. In this case, it is recommended to conduct a ceremony aimed at removing monetary bad luck.

As a rule, purposeful damage or an occasional evil eye prevent you from making money. And it is precisely such effects that are removed by the following rite.

For the ceremony it is necessary that the youngest member of the family exchange a paper bill for a trifle, in the case of the absence of a family, the performer directly does this. The resulting coins should be attributed to the intersection of dirt roads.

They say these words:

After that, you need to turn around sharply and quickly go home without looking back. It is important not to cross the intersection, otherwise the ritual will not be effective.

One of the most popular rites is a simple rite using a large denomination banknote.

The procedure is as follows:

  • On both sides of the banknote are bent triangles;
  • Banknote bent in half.

Then on a specially folded banknote on a clear moonlit night one should whisper very clearly the words of the conspiracy.

The conspired banknote, without straightening, you need to put in your wallet and not take it in your hands for three months. If the ceremony was held in the right mood and with full faith in success, then the money in speed will begin to come from the most unexpected sources.

At the same time, the desire to spend them substantially decreases, and they will begin to accumulate.

There is another very simple, but very effective rite with the use of a bill.

It must be spoken in the following words:

Plotted bill should be put for a week in the corner of the room in which you sleep. And after that it needs to be spent.

Conspiracy to find money - ways of financial income

Another simple plot, which takes place during the rising moon, involves the use of any coin. Should approach the trunk of a young spruce with a coin in their hands.

It is important to imagine that this coin corresponds at the moment to the size of your condition. Then you should knock the coin on the trunk of the tree.

At the same time say 12 times:

After that, the coin is buried in the roots of spruce. Leaving home from the ritual venue, you need to not look back.

The following ritual is universal, it allows you to attract money from a variety of sources. Before the rite you need to go to the forest and bring some moss.

It must be put in a dry place and spoken with these words:

Such a moss must be constantly stored in the house. You can also have a little magic moss, put it in your purse, in your clothes pocket, or in your desktop drawer.

Soon the money will begin to come to you from a variety of sources.

During any ritual to attract money, it is important to fully concentrate, and take care that no external factors distract from reading the conspiracy.

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