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Conspiracy to find love

Many men are confident that the most cherished dream of any girl is to get married as soon as possible. There is some truth in this, of course. But in fact, the biggest dream of any girl, regardless of age and hobbies — to find the love of his life.

Find a person who will love and understand her, take care of her and support her. Only for such a person and dream of getting married. But how to make your dream a reality, if there is no suitable candidate on the horizon?

You can humbly sit and wait for your chance. You can actively get acquainted with young people at all kinds of get-togethers or on dating sites.

But will you really find true love? There is one more method that has been tested for centuries by resorting to magic.

Conspiracy to find love

A good conspiracy to find love can help to finally meet your betrothed or, in any case, make such a meeting much more likely. Our grandmothers and great-grandmothers skillfully used such plots, and their roots go back to deep antiquity.

Conduct a plot and find love in the following way. Just before dawn, at dawn, put on a white, fresh shirt, dissolve your hair.

Looking at the sky, say such a conspiracy seven times:

Repeat this plot for three days in the morning and evening dawn. After that, be careful — in the coming days you will meet the one you have been looking for. A short look and a few phrases will be enough to feel that this is it.

However, it is important to understand that the conspiracy helps you find your betrothed, but does not automatically fall in love with you. So try to be these days as beautiful, light and charming.

Help him understand that you are the one he dreamed about (and it will be so — you are created for him just as he is for you).

Another conspiracy to find love is pronounced pure water. Type in a transparent container water from a spring or stream. In extreme cases — from the river.

In any case, this water should be running (not standing) and as clean as possible.

In the evening, light a red candle and, looking at the water, say:

Put out the candle and go to bed. In the morning, take a container with conspired water and throw it into any flowing reservoir.

Splashing water, say these words:

If you are tired of loneliness, then you can draw a decent groom into your life with the help of magic. The ritual is ideally performed in the open field.

But it is also possible to find a spacious clearing in the park, the main thing is that there should be no witnesses during the ceremony.

You need to focus on your desire to get rid of loneliness and say these words:

After that, you need to cross to each side of the world and very quickly, without looking to leave the place where the ceremony is held. You should not pay attention to any other sounds that can occur behind your back.

This rite refers to village magic and always works. The result should be expected in about a week.

Conspiracy to find love

They dream to find love in the life of not only women, but also men. The next rite will help the guy find his soul mate.

The rite is very effective, but it is very important to follow all the recommendations.

First you need to get into the church and buy four church candles there. On the day of the ceremony, candles should be placed at the corners of the room where the ceremony is to be held.

Next, you need to be in the middle of the room and say the following words:

After this, the candles need to be burned out naturally.

After such a ceremony, soon there will be a girl next to you who will really like you. For her, as a gift you will need to purchase a mirror and hair ornament.

After that, she will stay in your house forever, and you will live a happy life with her.

All the rituals whose action is aimed at finding true love belong to white magic. Such effects can not harm, because they do not force to love, but simply offer two people the best option to meet.

Rituals of this type can be performed multiple times.

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