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Conspiracy to favorite called

Conspiracy to favorite called — one of the least severe and dangerous techniques of love magic. He does not impose strong feelings on the “victim”, he does not force any decisive actions. But at the same time, in many cases it is the most suitable and useful type of magical assistance.

For example, if the guy you liked after the first meeting asked for a phone and didn’t ring for a long time, why try to make him love? Moreover, one cannot be sure in his feelings at such a moment.

But to make him remember and call, again to attract attention to himself — what you need.

Conspiracy to favorite called

Conspiracy to favorite called It is somewhat complicated by the fact that it is usually used after a brief acquaintance and, therefore, there is usually neither a portrait of a guy, nor any things belonging to him. However, it is not so scary. Any thing he touched, such as paper, a pen, a cigarette lighter or a mobile phone, will do.

If he did not touch anything, but left his phone number, then this number will also come down, which should be written on a piece of paper. Holding this object in your hand, remember your meeting and his look. In this case, you need to say nine times:

If you pronounce the plot correctly and with conviction, the “victim” should remember you and get bored. He will want to hear your voice again and make a new appointment.

And then it’s up to you!

A conspiracy to favorite called you can use the girls who have long met with a guy, but are in a quarrel. In this case, it is dangerous and to wait too long (a rival may intervene) and to call and ask for forgiveness itself (he may not appreciate what was given in vain).

A conspiracy will help here. Looking at the photo where you are together, say:

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