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Conspiracy to baptism: options for rites

Conspiracy to baptism occupy a special place among the winter magical rites. Baptism completes the Christmas time, which are considered the most favorable period for magic and divination.

On the one hand, the baptism is the culmination of the Yuletide, and on the eve of the baptism one can successfully perform any Christmas magical rites. On the other hand, there are special traditions associated with baptism, which are not repeated at any other time in the year.

This makes baptismal conspiracies as interesting and intriguing as they are effective.

Conspiracy to baptism: options for rites

The feast of Baptism originates from the baptism of Jesus in the Jordan, therefore many plots on Baptism are connected with water and ablutions.

One of the popular and effective conspiracies carried out with the help of melt water. To this end, on the eve of Epiphany, clean snow is brought into the house and melted in a furnace.

The old Russian stove is better suited for the rite, but if there is none, a gas or electric stove will do.

While the snow is melting, say these words:

When the snow turns into water reverently wash her face and hands with the words:

Give this water to your loved ones. Remaining you can wash the windows and doors to protect the house from the troubles and alien malice.

There is another «water» conspiracy to baptism designed to protect you from losses and bring financial well-being. To do this, take the holy water in the church, bring it home and, consistently bypassing all the rooms and rooms, speak a conspiracy.

Leave this water overnight in the place of the house that you consider most important, and wash it in the morning.

It was with the help of the baptismal conspiracies that our ancestors cleansed themselves from damage. One of the rituals of such orientation reached our time.

For this you need to go to the baptism in the temple and consecrate a bottle of water there.

When you come home, you need to throw yourself from head to toe, standing in the bath and say the following words:

It is important for the ritual to not heat the water. You can hold it for a while in the room so that it warms to room temperature.

Gathering water for baptism from an open source, you can talk to her wealth.

The spell sounds like this:

Such water will need to come home, sprinkle your own home. And the rest is used for a year before various important life events in life for washing.

Conspiracy to baptism: options for rites

Some baptismal conspiracies do not use water, but baptized candles. Such conspiracies are very popular and are often used to attract health and good luck to children, as well as in love magic.

With the help of the following conspiracy, the infant can be protected from diseases and spoilage, and he can tell an easy life. To do this, you need to break off a piece of wax from the candle left after the baptism and stick this wax to the crib.

While sentencing:

For a strong love-conspiracy plot for baptism, you will need to use two thin and long church candles. In addition to them, you will need a fresh photo of your loved one and your picture.

An important condition for the ceremony — it can be held at Baptism only if the holiday coincides with the period of the growing moon.

It is necessary to retire in a separate room in which to provide absolute silence. It is very important that nothing distracts you from the rite, so it is better to turn off all communication devices and remove pets from the room.

Photos using coasters should be placed on the table, so that they are rotated images on each other. Then you need to take the candles and slightly warm them in your palms.

After that, they need to carefully, so as not to break, start to intertwine with each other in the form of a rope. If the candles break, the ceremony will not be effective and is not recommended.

In the process of interlacing candles, you should pronounce these magic words:

The more turns made on the candles, the stronger the love spell will be. Light candles do not need. After weaving, they must be stored in a secluded, inaccessible to other place.

So that the feelings do not cool, they can never be unraveled. The photos used in the ceremony can be stored in the usual way in a photo album.

Conspiracy to baptism: options for rites

To conduct the rite of baptism to attract good luck in life, you need to use:

  • Church candle;
  • A glass of consecrated water;
  • A slice of black bread.

The rite is held in solitude in the early morning. In the room you need to light a candle, and then take a slice of bread in your left hand, and a glass of water in your right hand.

After that, you need to focus on the flame of a candle and say the following words:

After pronouncing the words, bread should be eaten and washed down with water, and then put out the candle with your fingers. On the day of the ceremony, you need to visit the church and put a candle in the candle used in the ceremony to the icon of Jesus Christ.

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