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Conspiracy on the offender — magical protection

We all in the modern world are very dependent on our environment. Each of us has enemies and friends, friends and enemies. Not always for various reasons, we can protect the state or the public.

That is why many are interested in the question of how to defend themselves against offenders with the help of magic on their own. Such methods are optimal and the only possible, if you are subjected to an energetic attack.

Conspiracy on the offender - magical protection

The main distinctive feature of the rites in which the plot is used on the offender, is their diversity. That is, it is very important to choose the right ritual in accordance with the situation.

If you doubt that you can choose the right ritual, then you can use a very simple universal magic conspiracy against the offender.

Words need to be pronounced, secluded in a separate room, in an open window or window. It is very important to visualize how each spoken word is picked up by the wind and carried to the goal.

The plot on the offender is as follows:

The plot needs to be read, not stammering and very confident. In the process of his speaking, one should not arouse anger in one’s soul in relation to the offender, otherwise it can return to you in the form of a return and harm your health.

Conspiracy on the offender - magical protection

There is another strong conspiracy, which is aimed at punishing the offender and eliminating the consequences of evil directed against you. If you are sure that a particular person is to blame for your troubles, then you can punish him with magic and return him to all the evil they have done.

The rite must be started immediately before the full moon. Having retired in a separate room, you should light a church candle.

Next, you need to take a small onion and write on it the name of your abuser. Above the name and below it should be depicted two small crosses.

For each of the crosses you need to drop a drop of melted wax. After such preparations, the onion should be placed in a bowl filled with holy water and left on the windowsill for the whole night and the next day.

The candle must be extinguished and left in the room next to the bowl.

The next day after sunset, the same candle should be taken again and, having tilted it over the bowl, so that the wax dripped into the water, it is necessary to say a plot forty times.

Conspiracy on the offender - magical protection

After the pronunciation of the plot, you must extinguish the candle and hide all the attributes until the next evening. In the evening on the third day in the morning, you need to order forty minutes for the health of your offender. Coming home, one should reach the hidden attributes, light the extinguished candle and read the above plot again forty times.

After this ceremony, a bowl with an onion and a candle end should be removed for 40 days to a hiding place. At the expiration of this time, it is necessary to wrap the stub and bulb in a sheet of white paper and bury it under a dry tree or stump.

At the same time pronouncing the words:

Water from the bowl must be thrown after his enemy. If it is not possible to do this, then the water must be thrown in the direction of the housing of your abuser or offender.

At the end of the ritual it is necessary to order prayers for health in three different temples.

Before you conduct any ritual aimed at your abuser, you must make sure that it is he who wished you evil. It is important not to make a mistake. Otherwise, the plot will turn against you.

In addition, you can not take revenge on this person in the future. But after the ceremony, one should move away from him and try not to meet with him.

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