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Conspiracy on the needle — revenge on enemies

Most often, the needle is an attribute in a magical rite, whose action is aimed at harming a person. Usually, rituals with such an accessory are not difficult to carry out and are easy to perform on your own at home.

Damage to the needle is a very strong impact and can seriously harm a person in various areas of life. And this must be taken into account by the performer who has decided to read the plot on the needle.

After all, this means that such a magical effect will not go unpunished for himself. It can cause unpredictable negative consequences.

Conspiracy on the needle - revenge on enemies

Features of damage to the needle are that it simultaneously violates the natural state of all spheres of human activity.

An energy attack of this type can be suspected if:

  • The established habitual routine of a person’s life is violated for unexplained reasons;
  • Despite the efforts made, it is not possible to embody the plans, there are always some obstacles;
  • Health problems begin;
  • There are serious disagreements with family members.

In addition, men often experience problems in intimate life. And if you do not take measures to remove damage, then such an impact could be fatal.

This is due to the fact that not every person has a natural ability to quickly restore a damaged aura.

Conspiracy on the needle - revenge on enemies

Strong damage can very easily be induced by a person who possesses naturally strong energy. All that is needed is to retire in a separate room, pick up a new needle.

Next, say such a magical conspiracy:

In order for the negative to reach the goal and be more effective, it is important to visualize the image of the person you are planning to harm.

After the rite, conspired by the negative impact of the needle, you need to quietly throw a person into the house as soon as possible. If this cannot be done, then the rite concerning the victim will be useless, but, nevertheless, the performer may be harmed.

There is a strong three-needle plot. It is usually used when they want to irrevocably destroy the life of a particular person.

That is, this ritual can be used as revenge.

Since new needles should be used in the ritual, they should be pre-purchased without change or left to the seller. It is very important that such a purchase be targeted, that is, apart from needles, nothing should be bought.

In addition, on the way to the store and back home you can not talk to anyone, and with the seller in the store you need to be laconic.

It is possible to strengthen the negative impact, if along the path behind the needles, to visualize the image of your enemy. Be sure to remember all the insults caused to you and adjust yourself, so that there is not the slightest doubt in his own right.

This will help minimize the force of the return wave, which will surely overtake the performer after such a ceremony. Having retired in a separate room, you should light a church candle.

When piercing each needle over its flame, you need to pronounce the following words:

Conspiracy on the needle - revenge on enemies

Plotted needles are wrapped in a small patch of black silk. Then you need to go to the house of the enemy and stick all three accessories into the door jamb.

For each needle, the words are pronounced six times:

If you have found someone else’s needle in your home, you should not immediately panic, because a nervous state will only weaken your damaged energy field and reduce natural defenses. In time the found needle is easy for neutralizing independently. To do this, wear gloves to break it in half, rinse under cold water and bury in a deserted place.

And you will notice that someone from your inner circle began to behave inadequately. This is the person who tried to send damage to you.

In the future, any relationship with him should be terminated.

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