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Conspiracy from umbilical hernia — a method without surgery

Umbilical hernia is a very serious disease that traditional medicine offers to treat only with the help of surgical methods. But we should not forget that you can get rid of this disease with the help of magic.

For this you need to use a very effective conspiracy against umbilical hernia.

Such methods of treatment of this disease have come to the modern world from ancient times, so we can safely say that they are time tested. There are many facts that people, using prayers and plots, were cured of an umbilical hernia.

Conspiracy from umbilical hernia - a method without surgery

Reading the plot from the umbilical hernia, one must necessarily believe in the effectiveness of the magical effect. If there is no belief in the success of treatment, then with magic words not only will not cure the disease, but it can also be provoked by its progression. Rituals are performed, the action of which is aimed at getting rid of the umbilical hernia, in the period of the decreasing month.

It is also very important to observe the sacrament of the rite, you can not tell anyone about it.

If the magical effect is directed at the child, then its effectiveness can be enhanced if the mother or grandmother reads the plot. Especially this condition must be observed when treating a newborn.

Yeast should be put in a small container and spoken with these words:

After each word definition it is necessary to spit in a container with yeast. Then, it is necessary to smear a hernia on the baby with conspiratorial yeast.

In the process, these words are pronounced:

At the end of the ceremony it is necessary to read the prayer «Our Father». This rite is repeated during the week.

Conspiracy from umbilical hernia - a method without surgery

When you are sure that the hernia has become a consequence of weight lifting, you need to speak sour cream with special magic words. After that, a small amount of the product smears a hernia, and the rest of the sour cream must be given to the cat.

And the animal must eat it, you can not throw out the conspiracy sour cream.

A spell aimed at getting rid of a hernia sounds like this:

The conspiracy is pronounced very clearly three times and after each pronunciation of the magic words you need to spit.

There is a very effective conspiracy, which must begin to read in the initial phase of the descending month and should be continued every day, morning and evening, until that time until the sore disappears.

Conspiracy from umbilical hernia - a method without surgery

With the help of magical conspiracies you can send a hernia from yourself. This rite is universal and can be used for both adults and children.

The ritual is held at the predawn hour during the period of the waning moon. The hand should be put on the sore spot, indicating the location of the hernia.

Next, say the magic spell:

The plot must be repeated three times, and each time after the pronunciation of the magic words, it is necessary to spit over the shoulder.

In combination with the use of magic, you can use other effective traditional methods of treatment. For example, effective are compresses from infusions of natural herbs.

Of course, if you performed the rite and did not feel relieved, it is impossible to postpone treatment by traditional methods offered by modern medicine. It is strictly forbidden to ignore the recommendations of doctors.

It should be remembered that the surgical treatment of this disease is prescribed only in emergency cases.

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