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Conspiracy from rival

Love is a very strong feeling that can give people incredible happiness. However, love is also quarrels, quarrels and, what is the most terrible betrayal.

As life shows, even the most devoted person can go astray, and this can turn out to be a tragedy both for a woman who loves him and for himself. However, during the measures taken can save your marital happiness.

The most powerful means — conspiracy from rival, which should be used for “prophylactic” purposes, when a dangerous predator starts spinning near a loved one, and even when a loved one has stumbled or is at a distance, but it is not too late to return him to the path of loyalty and love.

Conspiracy from rival

To commit conspiracy from rival and get her out of your way, take a piece of paper and write her name on it and tear it into small pieces. Then, in windy weather, go outside or onto a balcony.

Develop fragments in the wind with the words:

Other old conspiracy from rival will help eliminate the threat and return the interest of the beloved. In this ceremony, use boiling water.

Place a pot of water on the stove.

When the water turns into boiling water, looking at her say:

Then turn off the stove. Looking at the cooling water say:

When the water gets as cold as possible, divide it into four parts and spray counterclockwise on the four corners of your house.

Next you need to read 40 times such a conspiracy:

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