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Conspiracy from gossip and envy

Gossip and rumors can make human life unbearable. You can protect yourself from slander and stop talking about yourself with the help of magic.

There are special rituals that are easy to conduct and provide reliable protection for a long time.

But besides this, it should be remembered that in order not to provoke the emergence of gossip, you need to talk less about yourself. It is important in society to learn to listen more than speak. Envy should not be aroused when talking about its achievements.

Sharing his anxieties and hopes is only possible with people whose friendship with him has stood the test of time.

Conspiracy from gossip and envy

There is a very large number of protective rituals in which the plot of gossip is used. They need to choose a purely individual, depending on the situation.

After all, sometimes it happens that gossip does not carry a dangerous negative and cause minor troubles. In such cases, you should use simple high-speed rites.

But if you feel that your success in life causes the envy of many people — this already becomes dangerous, can seriously harm and even lead to health problems. In such situations, it is necessary to perform potent protective rites.

Even in ancient times, our grandmothers defended themselves from gossip, using conspiratorial water. This simple rite allows you to successfully resist the evil and guarantees a quiet life.

All that is needed is to speak water and wash it every morning.

The plot sounds like this:

Water you need to start talking every morning and try not to miss a single day. Before washing the water should be crossed three times. It is very important every time, washing, tune in to a positive result.

This will free up their own natural defenses.

Conspiracy from gossip and envy

Probably everyone knows the feeling when involuntarily, on a subconscious level, an understanding comes that at a particular point in time someone is discussing you. For example, suddenly begin to «burn cheeks.»

Another clear sign of gossip about you is a feeling of inner anxiety.

To remove these symptoms you need to use such a conspiracy against gossip:

Before pronouncing the plot it is necessary to cross. If you believe in magic, then such a plot helps instantly.

But it should be understood that it is a short-term protection, for a more reliable barrier to gossip you need to conduct a more powerful ceremony.

If you are sure that it is a specific person who spreads gossip about you, you should use a powerful candle ritual.

For the ritual, you need to get a photo of an unkind gossip. There are no special requirements for the image, so you can quietly take pictures of a person, for example, with a mobile device.

Having retired in a separate room, you need a photo of the person to whom the impact is directed, put it on the table, and you should install three church candles on the photo

Conspiracy from gossip and envy

After this, the candles need to light and speak the following conspiracy:

This is a very powerful conspiracy. Its action is based on the fact that a person who is going to say something bad about you, in order to harm you, will immediately feel very bad.

A very effective magical attribute is a protective amulet that you must carry with you all the time. Any item can be such a talisman. For example, the silver jewelry is considered the best talisman.

You can also order the manufacture of protective amulet from a professional magician.

You should be aware that envy can seriously harm a person who has similar feelings in his or her soul toward other people. And if you are a positive and bright person, then you hardly need to be afraid of gossip and slander about you.

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