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Conspiracy from enemies — effective rituals

We live in a brutal and complex modern world, in which danger may even lie in wait for those whose lives seem safe and serene. There is a lot of human envy and malice around us — and this is the worst thing in this world.

And even a man can become a victim, he who does not cause evil to anyone and does not want it. Detractors may want to take revenge on him for his very existence, happiness and well-being.

Conspiracies from enemies help free you, your home and those who are dear to you from evil, the evil eye and other black magic rites. Correctly set magical protection helps to repel the blow and return it to the one who inflicted it.

Conspiracy from enemies - effective rituals

There is a huge variety of conspiracies from enemies, but they all allow you to put reliable protection against external negative. If you know that you may be subject to an energetic attack, it is best to conduct the rite in advance.

A large number of rituals are universal, they are suitable for many life situations.

The conspiracy from evil people on the charm is very powerful. The plot must be written on a small white piece of paper.

The text of the plot is:

Fold this piece of paper in four and pin it to the belt that you always wear on yourself. This will be your amulet. If someone’s rage threatens your home, you can hide the same ward (piece of paper with a plot punctured with a pin) under the threshold.

Then the charm will not allow damage to your home.

A conspiracy from enemies on a handkerchief is also a sufficiently strong protective measure, but it must be repeated every time you go to where you think you can jinx or damage you. To do this, you need a new, completely clean handkerchief, which has never been used.

Before leaving the house, bring this handkerchief close to your face and in a whisper speak into it:

Wipe your face with a handkerchief and put the handkerchief in your pocket. After that, feel free to go where you were going.

No damage to you will stick. Before the next exit, you can repeat the conspiracy from evil people in the same handkerchief, but it certainly needs to be washed.

The evil directed at you is collected in a scarf and, wiping your face with a non-washed scarf, you can let the filth in you.

Conspiracy from enemies - effective rituals

Very often, the advancement of the career ladder is hampered by the machinations of ill-willed colleagues. With the help of magic you can easily get rid of their negative impact.

To do this, use a photo of a colleague who gives you trouble. You can take a picture of him secretly on a mobile phone, and if you can not do this, you can cut the image of the right person from the group picture, which is always in the team.

You need to retire in a separate room, and light a candle.

The foe’s snapshot needs to be strung on a black thread and say these magic words:

After reading the plot, you need to take the ends of the thread and tie them into three strong knots.

In the process, you should say these words:

After this, the plotted image needs to be burned. To do this, you can use a candle, but it is better to do it on an open fire on the street.

This is a very strong ceremony, so in no case can you use a group photo for it in its entirety.

It often happens that you feel evil around you, you do not know from whom it comes. This usually manifests itself externally in an endless series of various troubles that do not fit the definition of the black life line. That is, the white bar does not come for a long time.

In this case, you need to hold a special ceremony, which will get rid of the negativity emanating from an unknown ill-wisher. The rite should be conducted only in the period of the waning moon.

To do this, you need to retire in a separate room and, standing by the window, utter the following conspiracy:

This is a very strong rite of white magic and can be held several times a week without fear of negative consequences.

Conspiracy from enemies - effective rituals

Get rid of the evil around you, you can use the energy of fire. Its cleaning properties have been known since ancient times.

This rite should be held in full moon and refers to the means of black magic. It should be remembered that the impact is very powerful and allows you to quickly get rid of the influence of the worst enemy.

But at the same time it is very important to refrain from own negative emotions towards the ill-wisher. If you do not refrain from evil thoughts, you will only aggravate the situation and you can be grasped by big life disappointments.

The rite is held at midnight in a secluded room. It is very important to sit in a comfortable position and frozen to visualize the image of your enemy.

In this case, you only need to see the picture, but do not show any feelings towards it. If this is not achieved, then the ceremony should be abandoned.

Reaching a certain state you need to say these words:

After pronouncing the words, you need to sit for a while in silence in full concentration, but at this moment evil thoughts must be driven away from you. The rite is very fast, but if after a couple of days of bad luck in your life does not stop, the ritual can be repeated.

Conspiracies from enemies cannot be combined with the desire to take revenge on them. This is very dangerous, above all, for the performer of the ceremony. Applying magical rites to eliminate enemies, you need to set a goal to protect against the enemy, and give him the opportunity to make their own life choices.

As a rule, after such rites, an enemy simply loses interest in you, switching to other classes.

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