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Conspiracy for the new month — the discovery of new ways

When conducting magical rituals of different directions, the night light plays a huge role. Therefore, certain types of rituals are recommended in a particular phase of the moon.

The new moon or the young moon symbolizes the completion of all old affairs and the discovery of new paths. Therefore, effective in this period are magical rites, aimed at healing the body and attracting vitality. In addition, the ceremonies held in the new moon, will help attract money and success.

Various rituals of love magic are also considered effective during this period.

Conspiracy for the new month - the discovery of new ways

The rituals in which the plot is used for the new month are very diverse. Moreover, a feature of rituals, in the opinion of all professional magicians, is that you can refer to the moon in your own words.

That is, any conspiracy in the new month, given later in the text, is a basic cliché, and it can be strengthened in any arbitrary order.

It should be understood that ceremonies in the new moon are held when you need to attract something to yourself. You can’t read a conspiracy for a new month when your goal is to get rid of something.

When you have a cherished desire associated with bringing something into your life, you can hold a strong ritual on the new moon. The desire itself must contain a request.

The ritual is held at midnight, but before that certain preparatory activities should be carried out. On a sheet of white paper in short form, you must formulate your cherished desire with a black ink pen.

This wording should contain no more than seven words. After that, you need to fold the paper into an envelope, hold it in your palm, and, with your eyes closed, imagine that your desire has already become a reality.

Exactly at midnight you should light a candle and set fire to a sheet with a written desire from the flame of a candle.

While such a note will be burning, it is necessary to say the following words:

After the leaf burns out, the ashes need to be collected and thrown into a glass filled with water and say the following:

After that, a glass of ash must be hidden in a secluded place where he must stand for seven days. On the eighth day, the water pours out in a deserted place, while saying nothing is necessary.

In the new moon, you can spend a very simple bewitching ritual with the use of bread. A small piece of black bread should be put on the window sill, so that it is illuminated by moonlight.

After that, such a plot is pronounced:

After pronouncing the words, the bread should be left on the window sill overnight so that it is saturated with moon power. In the morning, waking up, you need to immediately eat a piece of conspired bread.

Soon true love will come to you.

Conspiracy for the new month - the discovery of new ways

By the new month people often turn to recover from any chronic diseases. But it is important to remember that it is impossible to mention a particular disease in the conspiracy that is pronounced during the new moon period.

As with the wrong formulation, you can achieve the opposite effect, that is, to contribute to the fact that the disease begins to progress.

A magical conspiracy must contain a request for healing and improving overall health. When health strengthens, the disease will recede by themselves.

For example, you can speak water with these words:

Conspired water should be drunk in small sips. If you sincerely believe in magic, then from now on, your health condition will noticeably improve and exacerbations of chronic diseases will make themselves felt much less often.

It is very important to visualize the rites in the new moon, the specifics greatly increases the effectiveness of exposure. It is equally important to believe in magic and that the result will certainly be.

Otherwise, such rituals are simply meaningless.

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